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/*--- High-level memory management. pub_core_mallocfree.h ---*/
This file is part of Valgrind, a dynamic binary instrumentation
Copyright (C) 2000-2013 Julian Seward
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA
02111-1307, USA.
The GNU General Public License is contained in the file COPYING.
#include "pub_tool_mallocfree.h"
// PURPOSE: high-level memory allocation (malloc/free), for the core and
// tools.
/* Allocation arenas.
CORE for the core's and tools' general use.
DINFO for debug info (symbols, line #s, CFI, etc) storage.
CLIENT for the client's mallocs/frees, if the tool replaces glibc's
malloc() et al -- redzone size is chosen by the tool.
DEMANGLE for the C++ demangler.
TTAUX for storing TT/TC auxiliary structures (address range
equivalence classes).
When adding a new arena, remember also to add it to ensure_mm_init().
typedef Int ArenaId;
#define VG_N_ARENAS 5
#define VG_AR_CORE 0
#define VG_AR_DINFO 1
#define VG_AR_CLIENT 2
#define VG_AR_DEMANGLE 3
#define VG_AR_TTAUX 4
// This is both the minimum payload size of a malloc'd block, and its
// minimum alignment. Must be a power of 2 greater than 4, and should be
// greater than 8.
#if defined(VGP_x86_linux) || \
defined(VGP_arm_linux) || \
# define VG_MIN_MALLOC_SZB 8
// Nb: We always use 16 bytes for Darwin, even on 32-bits, so it can be used
// for any AltiVec- or SSE-related type. This matches the Darwin libc.
// Also, use 16 bytes for any PPC variant, since 16 is required to make
// Altiveccery work right.
#elif defined(VGP_amd64_linux) || \
defined(VGP_ppc32_linux) || \
defined(VGP_ppc64be_linux) || \
defined(VGP_ppc64le_linux) || \
defined(VGP_s390x_linux) || \
defined(VGP_mips64_linux) || \
defined(VGP_x86_darwin) || \
defined(VGP_amd64_darwin) || \
defined(VGP_arm64_linux) || \
# define VG_MIN_MALLOC_SZB 16
# error Unknown platform
/* This struct definition MUST match the system one. */
/* SVID2/XPG mallinfo structure */
struct vg_mallinfo {
int arena; /* total space allocated from system */
int ordblks; /* number of non-inuse chunks */
int smblks; /* unused -- always zero */
int hblks; /* number of mmapped regions */
int hblkhd; /* total space in mmapped regions */
int usmblks; /* unused -- always zero */
int fsmblks; /* unused -- always zero */
int uordblks; /* total allocated space */
int fordblks; /* total non-inuse space */
int keepcost; /* top-most, releasable (via malloc_trim) space */
extern void* VG_(arena_malloc) ( ArenaId arena, const HChar* cc, SizeT nbytes );
extern void VG_(arena_free) ( ArenaId arena, void* ptr );
extern void* VG_(arena_calloc) ( ArenaId arena, const HChar* cc,
SizeT nmemb, SizeT bytes_per_memb );
extern void* VG_(arena_realloc) ( ArenaId arena, const HChar* cc,
void* ptr, SizeT size );
extern void* VG_(arena_memalign)( ArenaId aid, const HChar* cc,
SizeT req_alignB, SizeT req_pszB );
extern HChar* VG_(arena_strdup) ( ArenaId aid, const HChar* cc,
const HChar* s);
/* Specialised version of realloc, that shrinks the size of the block ptr from
its current size to req_pszB.
req_pszB must be <= to the current size of ptr (otherwise it will assert).
Compared to VG_(arena_realloc):
* VG_(arena_realloc_shrink) cannot increase the size of ptr.
* If large enough, the unused memory is made usable for other allocation.
* ptr is shrunk in place, so as to avoid temporary allocation and memcpy. */
extern void VG_(arena_realloc_shrink) ( ArenaId aid,
void* ptr, SizeT req_pszB);
extern SizeT VG_(arena_malloc_usable_size) ( ArenaId aid, void* payload );
extern SizeT VG_(arena_redzone_size) ( ArenaId aid );
extern void VG_(mallinfo) ( ThreadId tid, struct vg_mallinfo* mi );
// VG_(arena_perm_malloc) is for permanent allocation of small blocks.
// See VG_(perm_malloc) in pub_tool_mallocfree.h for more details.
// Do not call any VG_(arena_*) functions with these permanent blocks.
extern void* VG_(arena_perm_malloc) ( ArenaId aid, SizeT nbytes, Int align );
extern void VG_(sanity_check_malloc_all) ( void );
extern void VG_(print_all_arena_stats) ( void );
extern void VG_(print_arena_cc_analysis) ( void );
struct _AddrArenaInfo
struct _AddrArenaInfo {
ArenaId aid;
const HChar* name; // arena name, !NULL if Addr a points in an arena.
SizeT block_szB;
PtrdiffT rwoffset;
Bool free; // True if this is in the arena free zone.
/* If Addr a points in one of the allocation arenas, describes Addr a in *aai
otherwise sets *aai to 0/NULL/...
Note that no information is produced for addresses allocated with
VG_(arena_perm_malloc). */
extern void VG_(describe_arena_addr) ( Addr a, /*OUT*/AddrArenaInfo* aai );
/*--- end ---*/