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Julian Seward was the original founder, designer and author of
Valgrind, created the dynamic translation frameworks, wrote Memcheck,
the 3.X versions of Helgrind, SGCheck, DHAT, and did lots of other
Nicholas Nethercote did the core/tool generalisation, wrote
Cachegrind and Massif, and tons of other stuff.
Tom Hughes did a vast number of bug fixes, helped out with support for
more recent Linux/glibc versions, set up the present build system, and has
helped out with test and build machines.
Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote Helgrind (in the 2.X line) and totally
overhauled low-level syscall/signal and address space layout stuff,
among many other things.
Josef Weidendorfer wrote and maintains Callgrind and the associated
KCachegrind GUI.
Paul Mackerras did a lot of the initial per-architecture factoring
that forms the basis of the 3.0 line and was also seen in 2.4.0.
He also did UCode-based dynamic translation support for PowerPC, and
created a set of ppc-linux derivatives of the 2.X release line.
Greg Parker wrote the Mac OS X port.
Dirk Mueller contributed the malloc/free mismatch checking
and other bits and pieces, and acts as our KDE liaison.
Robert Walsh added file descriptor leakage checking, new library
interception machinery, support for client allocation pools, and minor
other tweakage.
Bart Van Assche wrote and maintains DRD.
Cerion Armour-Brown worked on PowerPC instruction set support in the
Vex dynamic-translation framework. Maynard Johnson improved the
Power6 support.
Kirill Batuzov and Dmitry Zhurikhin did the NEON instruction set
support for ARM. Donna Robinson did the v6 media instruction support.
Donna Robinson created and maintains the very excellent
Vince Weaver wrote and maintains BBV.
Frederic Gobry helped with autoconf and automake.
Daniel Berlin modified readelf's dwarf2 source line reader, written by Nick
Clifton, for use in Valgrind.o
Michael Matz and Simon Hausmann modified the GNU binutils demangler(s) for
use in Valgrind.
David Woodhouse has helped out with test and build machines over the course
of many releases.
Florian Krohm and Christian Borntraeger wrote and maintain the
S390X/Linux port. Florian improved and ruggedised the regression test
system during 2011.
Philippe Waroquiers wrote and maintains the embedded GDB server. He
also made a bunch of performance and memory-reduction fixes across
diverse parts of the system.
Carl Love and Maynard Johnson contributed IBM Power6 and Power7
support, and generally deal with ppc{32,64}-linux issues.
Petar Jovanovic and Dejan Jevtic wrote and maintain the mips32-linux
Dragos Tatulea modified the arm-android port so it also works on
Jakub Jelinek helped out extensively with the AVX and AVX2 support.
Mark Wielaard fixed a bunch of bugs and acts as our Fedora/RHEL
Maran Pakkirisamy implemented support for decimal floating point on
Many, many people sent bug reports, patches, and helpful feedback.
Development of Valgrind was supported in part by the Tri-Lab Partners
(Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Los Alamos National
Laboratory, and Sandia National Laboratories) of the U.S. Department
of Energy's Advanced Simulation & Computing (ASC) Program.