The function mk_AvDuplicateRI() stores 16 bytes to memory and then
fetches the data into a vector register.  The load was being 
generated as a lvewx instead of a lvx instruction by the code:

      /* Effectively splat the r_src value to dst */
      addInstr(env, PPCInstr_AvLdSt( True/*ld*/, 4, dst, am_offset_zero ) );

The second argument controls which load instruction is generated.  The
second argument should have been 16 to generate the lvx instruction not
the lvewx instruction.  The issue was reported on the Freescale processor
for the vsptlb instruction.  The issue was not detected before because 
the backend code generation used the same vector register to load into 
as was used previously to create the data.  However, the code generation
is dependent on the HW/Distro/compiler.  If the same register isn't used
the bug appears.  The issue was found with Valgrind 3.10.0 on the Freescale
processor as the Valgrind code generation didn't happen to pick the same
register to do the load into.  

The issue was reported in bugzilla 339182.

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