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/* Point of this test is to generate some very long 'stabs' debug
strings, via the use of these exponentially large template types.
When compiled with -gstabs, this causes 3.1.1 to segfault at
#include <stdio.h>
template <class T, class U>
class Stack
Stack(int = 10) { size=5; top=6; stackPtr=(T*)6; };
~Stack() { }
int push(const T&, const U&);
int popT(T&);
int popU(U&);
int isEmpty() const { return top == -1; }
int isFull() const { return top == size - 1; }
int size;
int top;
T* stackPtr;
} ;
typedef Stack<int,char> Foo;
typedef Stack<Foo,Foo> Foo2;
typedef Stack<Foo2,Foo2> Foo3;
typedef Stack<Foo3,Foo3> Foo4;
typedef Stack<Foo4,Foo4> Foo5;
typedef Stack<Foo5,Foo5> Foo6;
typedef Stack<Foo6,Foo6> Foo7;
typedef Stack<Foo7,Foo7> Foo8;
typedef Stack<Foo8,Foo8> Foo9;
typedef Stack<Foo9,Foo9> Foo10;
typedef Stack<Foo10,Foo10> Foo11;
typedef Stack<Foo11,Foo11> Foo12;
int main ( int argc, char** argv )
Stack<Foo12,Foo12> * x = new Stack<Foo12,Foo12>(3);
if (x == NULL)
printf("It's NULL (?!)\n");
printf("It's not NULL. How DULL.\n");
delete x;
return 0;