This patch further reduces the memory used by TT/TC (by about 15Mb
on 32 bits memcheck default nr of sectors).

Memory is reduced by using UShort typedef-s for Sector no and TTE no.
Note that for TTE no, we had a mixture of UShort, UInt and Int used
depending on the place (a TTE no was in any case constrained to be an UShort).

The bss memory/startup space is also reduced by allocating the htt on demand
(like tt and tc), using mmap the first time a sector is initialised.

* pub_core_transtab.h :
   * 2 typedef to identify a sector and a tt entry (these 2 types are UShort)
   * add 2 #define 'invalid values' for these types
   * change the interface to use these types rather than UInt
* m_transtab.c
   * use wherever relevant these 2 new types rather than UInt or UShort
   * replace the use of -1 by INV_SNO or INV_TTE
   * remove now useless typecast from Int/UInt to UShort for tte
* schedule.c: use the new types

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3 files changed