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Created Mon Sep 8 13:22:16 CEST 2014. All new bugs after this point
go in here.
Bugs that didn't make 3.10.0, that might be considered for 3.10.1
335618 mov.w rN, pc/sp (ARM32)
335440 arm64 LD1
335713 arm64 prfm
327427 ifunc crash when symbols are discarded
330321 debuginfo readers complain about DT_AT_signature
330147 libmpiwrap PMPI_Get_count
326487 child of debugged process exits without becoming zombie
338781 OSX: unable to read debug info
arm64 critical regtest fails:
getregset.stderr.out sys 117, ptrace
proc-auxv no auxv?
memcheck/tests/linux/stack_changes asserts
sigaltstack.stderr.out segfaults -- host seems broken too
recursive signal delivery (!)
Commits on the trunk that should be considered for merging to 3.10.1
(write here :-)
(mjw comments from 30 Sept 2014)
there are some mips fixes that might be interesting, but I don't
have a mips setup atm.
There were patches for the PTRACE_GETSIGINFO issue, which would be
nice to get thing to build out of the box on some older setups
silly, but ugly: Add missing ]] to terminate CDATA. (r14561).
r14559 maybe (Fix wrong checking of ARG2 of getrlimit).
Nice to have (but ask Philippe) #339156/r14556.
Maybe r14549 (DRD/arm, ask Bart?).
ppc/ stfdpx #339020/r14545
The lxvw4x would be nice, but I think the fix is not correct yet
(see endian issue I reported today)
Bug 339182 Vex r2960
Bug 339336 Vex r2957
Check Vex r2953 (are those real bugs or just cleanup?)
(consider): backwards-compatibility-special-sequence-on-ppc32
New bugs reported in 3.10.0
338731 ppc testsuite does not build in case compiler does not
support -maltivec
249435 Analyzing wine programs with callgrind triggers a crash
211529 valgrind doesn't show proper call stacks for programs compiled
by newer versions of visual c++
339020 ppc64: memcheck/tests/ppc64/power_ISA2_05 failing in nightly build
339156 gdbsrv not called for fatal signal
339160 Running signal handler with alternate stack allocated on current
stack crashes callgrind
339163 Valgrind 3.10.0 fails to mmap() hugepages because it requests
4K alignment
339182 New: POWER AvSplat ought to load destination vector register
with 16/16 bytes stored prior.
339215 Valgrind 3.10.0 contain 2013 in copyrights notice
339218 AVX2 binaries compiled with the Intel compiler fail to
run under Valgrind 3.10.0
339288 support Cavium Octeon MIPS specific BBIT*32 instructions
339330 Feature request: Add support for C++11's std::atomic
339336 PPC64 store quad instruction (stq) is not supposed to
change the address register contents
339405 Adds ability to invoke a script in order to determine a
log-file name for a child being forked
339416 unhandled instruction bytes 0xC5 0xF1 0xEF 0xC9
339424 Full support of KVM ioctl
339433 power lxvw4x instruction uses 4 32 byte loads
__builtin_popcountll in the source ([Valgrind-users] valgrind-3.10
does not link on)
339442 OS X 10.9 testsuite build failure: threadname.c:6:10:
fatal error: 'sys/prctl.h' file not found
339499 memcheck does not always detect access beyond mmaped page
339537 two threads hang in pthread_spin_lock and pthread_spin_unlock
339542 Experiences with compiling valgrind with ICC
339563 The DVB demux DMX_STOP ioctl doesn't have a wrapper
339566 valgrind reports memory leaks at glibc's getdelim()
339596 vex amd64->IR: 0x8F 0xE8 0x78 0xCD 0xC1 0x4 0xC5 0xF9
339605 is not liked to
and can't find sched_yield, pthread_self and so on
339636 Use fxsave64 and fxrstor64 mnemonics instead of rex64 prefix
339645 linux_dirent has no place in syswrap-generic.c
339677 L3 cache size is not supported
339688 Mac-specific ASM does not support .version directive (cpuid,
tronical and pushfpopf tests)
339706 [PATCH] add TIOCSIG annotation on linux
339721 assertion failed in m_debuginfo/readdwarf3.c when parsing
.debug_info for memcheck/tests/dw4
339744 warning: evaluate_Dwarf3_Expr: unhandled DW_OP_ 0xf2
339745 Valgrind crash when check Marmalade app
339755 Valgrind on Mac 10.9 should suppress setenv() mem leak
339762 missing replacement alias for glibc __strchr_sse42, __strcpy_sse2,
339778 Linux/TileGx platform support to Valgrind
339780 [PATCH] Valgrind on Mac 10.9 should suppress pthread_rwlock_init()
339789] [PATCH] Fix none/tests/execve test on Mac OS X 10.9
339808] [PATCH] Fix none/tests/rlimit64_nofile test on Mac OS X 10.9
339820 vex amd64->IR: 0x66 0xF 0x3A 0x63 0xA 0x42 0x74 0x9
(pcmpistrix $0x42, (%rdx), %xmm1)
339853 arm64 times syscall unknown
339855 arm64 unhandled getsid/setsid syscalls
339858 arm64 dmb sy not implemented
339861 Remove Elf32_Nhdr definition for Android
339862 v6intThumb.c does not compile when -pie options is specified
Sat Oct 11 17:43:20 CEST 2014