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/*--- Callgrind ---*/
/*--- ct_costs.h ---*/
/*--- (C) 2004, Josef Weidendorfer ---*/
#ifndef CT_COSTS
#define CT_COSTS
#include "pub_tool_basics.h"
#define CLG_(str) VGAPPEND(vgCallgrind_,str)
extern UInt CLG_(costarray_entries);
extern UInt CLG_(costarray_chunks);
/* Array of 64bit costs. This is separated from other structs
* to support a dynamic number of costs for a cost item.
* Chunks are allocated on demand, and deallocated at program termination.
typedef struct _CostChunk CostChunk;
struct _CostChunk {
Int size;
Int used;
CostChunk *next, *prev;
ULong data[0];
/* Allocate a number of 64bit cost values.
* Typically used from ct_events.c */
ULong* CLG_(get_costarray)(Int size);
void CLG_(free_costarrays)(void);
#endif /* CT_COSTS */