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# test that signals that must be "directly" passed by gdbserver
# are properly handled.
# GDB optimises "handle SIGNAL nostop noprint pass"
# by telling gdbserver (with QPassSignals packet) to pass
# it directly to the process, without roundtrip to gdb.
prog: passsigalrm
vgopts: --tool=none --vgdb=yes --vgdb-error=0 --vgdb-prefix=./vgdb-prefix-nlpasssigalrm
stderr_filter: filter_stderr
prereq: test -e gdb
progB: gdb
argsB: --quiet -l 60 --nx ./passsigalrm
stdinB: nlpasssigalrm.stdinB.gdb
stdoutB_filter: filter_gdb
stderrB_filter: filter_gdb