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relaying data between gdb and process ....
vgdb-error value changed from 0 to 999999
general valgrind monitor commands:
help [debug] : monitor command help. With debug: + debugging commands
v.wait [<ms>] : sleep <ms> (default 0) then continue all_errors : show all errors found so far last_error : show last error found location <addr> : show information about location <addr> n_errs_found [msg] : show the nr of errors found so far and the given msg open_fds : show open file descriptors (only if --track-fds=yes)
v.kill : kill the Valgrind process
v.set gdb_output : set valgrind output to gdb
v.set log_output : set valgrind output to log
v.set mixed_output : set valgrind output to log, interactive output to gdb
v.set merge-recursive-frames <num> : merge recursive calls in max <num> frames
v.set vgdb-error <errornr> : debug me at error >= <errornr>
massif monitor commands:
snapshot [<filename>]
detailed_snapshot [<filename>]
takes a snapshot (or a detailed snapshot)
and saves it in <filename>
default <filename> is massif.vgdb.out
all_snapshots [<filename>]
saves all snapshot(s) taken so far in <filename>
default <filename> is massif.vgdb.out
monitor command request to kill this process
Remote connection closed