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# test that vgdb can invoke a process when all threads are in WaitSys mode.
# If the test goes wrong, it might be blocked during 10000 seconds.
prog: sleepers
args: 1 10000000 0 -S-S-S-S
vgopts: --tool=memcheck --vgdb=yes --vgdb-prefix=./vgdb-prefix-mcinvokeWS
stderr_filter: filter_make_empty
prereq: test -f vgdb.invoker
progB: invoker
argsB: 10 --vgdb-prefix=./vgdb-prefix-mcinvokeWS --wait=60 -c v.wait 0
# if the --wait is not enough, the test will fail or block
stdoutB_filter: filter_memcheck_monitor
stderrB_filter: filter_vgdb