arm64: enable test cases for
FRECPS  d_d_d, s_s_s 
FRSQRTS d_d_d, s_s_s 
FRECPE  d_d, s_s 
FRSQRTE d_d, s_s 
FRECPX  d_d, s_s 
FRECPS  2d_2d_2d, 4s_4s_4s, 2s_2s_2s 
FRSQRTS 2d_2d_2d, 4s_4s_4s, 2s_2s_2s 
FRECPE  2d_2d, 4s_4s, 2s_2s 
FRSQRTE 2d_2d, 4s_4s, 2s_2s 
 --This line, and those below, will be ignored--

M    none/tests/arm64/fp_and_simd.c
M    none/tests/arm64/fp_and_simd.stdout.exp

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