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This file documents various "processes" that are used by Valgrind
developers for development and release activities.
This file contains one section for each process.
A summary of each process is given here. Each process is described
more in details afterwards.
* Update of the NEWS file: NEWS describes fixed bugs and new features.
It is updated and committed together with the code fixing the bug/implementing
the feature.
* Major release production:
See docs/internals/release-HOWTO.txt (currently a bit out of date)
* Minor/correction release production: TBD
Processes detailed descriptions:
Update of the NEWS file.
The NEWS file gives for each release:
- the list of fixed bugs,
- a short description of each functional change,
- a short description of each technical change impacting the users.
The update of the NEWS file should be committed together with the
code change (or as part of the last committed change) that fixes the
bug or implements the new feature/technical change.
The documentation (e.g. user manual) should also be committed as part of
the code change.
Fixing a bug
When fixing a bug, add a line in the 'FIXED BUGS' section of
the NEWS file. Keep the list of bugs sorted by bugzilla entry number.
Once you have commit the change, update the bug status in bugzilla,
adding in the comment the revision number of the commit fixing the bug.
If a bug is not entered in bugzilla (not encouraged), use "n-i-bz"
and add the bug line at the end of the bug list.
The file docs/internals/X_Y_BUGSTATUS.txt (where X_Y is the last
major release e.g. 3_9) contains information/statuses for some bugs.
If a bug is fixed, remove the (possible) bug info from this file.
Implementing a change
When implementing a functional or 'user impacting' technical change,
add a short description of the change in the relevant sub-section
Some special cases:
Some bugs or changes only touch the VEX SVN repository, so it is not
possible to commit the NEWS change together with the code changes.
In such a case, first commit the VEX change. Then just after, commit
the NEWS change. In the bugzilla status, reference (at least) the Valgrind
revision number.
Some changes or bug fixes are very big and might be implemented over
a significant period. In such a case, update the NEWS as part of the
final commit.
If relevant, you might already update the NEWS file as part of
earlier commits, using the word 'PARTIAL' to indicate that the change or
bug fix is not complete yet.
Some bugs are reported more than once in bugzilla.
Also document in NEWS that such duplicated bugs have been fixed, using a line
such as:
308333 == 307106
to indicate that the bug 308333 is a duplicate of 307106, and was thus
fixed in the commit that fixed 307106.
Change also the status of the duplicated bug in bugzilla,
indicating in the comment the commit revision that fixed the 'master bug'.
Minor/correction release:
Describe here how to do changes and bug fixed in a minor (correction) release
and how/when to merge the branch to the trunk.
Proposal to be discussed:
When a bug is fixed on the branch, the NEWS file is updated on the branch
(i.e. a 3.9.1 section is created if needed).
When often to merge the branch to trunk ?
after each fix ?
just after the correction release is produced ?
How is the branch merged to the trunk ?