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<chapter id="nl-manual" xreflabel="Nulgrind">
<title>Nulgrind: the minimal Valgrind tool</title>
<para>To use this tool, you must specify
<option>--tool=none</option> on the Valgrind
command line.</para>
<sect1 id="ms-manual.overview" xreflabel="Overview">
<para>Nulgrind is the simplest possible Valgrind tool. It performs no
instrumentation or analysis of a program, just runs it normally. It is
mainly of use for Valgrind's developers for debugging and regression
<para>Nonetheless you can run programs with Nulgrind. They will run
roughly 5 times more slowly than normal, for no useful effect. Note
that you need to use the option <option>--tool=none</option> to run
Nulgrind (ie. not <option>--tool=nulgrind</option>).</para>