Patch adding (or showing the proper/not confusing) helgrind thread nr for block
and stack address description.

* A race condition on an allocated block shows the stacktrace, but
  does not show the thread # that allocated the block.
  This patch adds the output of the thread # that allocated the block.

*  The patch also fixes the confusion that might appear between
  the core threadid and the helgrind thread nr in Stack address description:
  A printed stack addrinfo was containing a thread id, while all other helgrind
  messages are using (supposed to use) an 'helgrind thread #' which
  is used in the thread announcement.

    Basically, the idea is to let a tool set a "tool specific thread nr'
    in an addrinfo.
    The pretty printing of the addrinfo is then by preference showing this
    thread nr (if it was set, i.e. different of 0).
    Currently, only helgrind uses this addrinfo tnr.

    Note: in xml mode, the output is matching the protocol description.
    I.e., GUI should not be impacted by this change, if they properly implement
    the xml protocol.

* Also, make the output produced by m_addrinfo consistent:
  The  message 'block was alloc'd at'  is changed to be like all other
  output : one character indent, and starting with an uppercase

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