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/*--- LibHB: a library for implementing and checking ---*/
/*--- the happens-before relationship in concurrent programs. ---*/
/*--- libhb_main.c ---*/
This file is part of LibHB, a library for implementing and checking
the happens-before relationship in concurrent programs.
Copyright (C) 2008-2013 OpenWorks Ltd
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as
published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the
License, or (at your option) any later version.
This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
General Public License for more details.
You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA
02111-1307, USA.
The GNU General Public License is contained in the file COPYING.
#ifndef __LIBHB_H
#define __LIBHB_H
/* Abstract to user: thread identifiers */
/* typedef struct _Thr Thr; */ /* now in hg_lock_n_thread.h */
/* Abstract to user: synchronisation objects */
/* typedef struct _SO SO; */ /* now in hg_lock_n_thread.h */
/* Initialise library; returns Thr* for root thread. 'shadow_alloc'
should never return NULL, instead it should simply not return if
they encounter an out-of-memory condition. */
Thr* libhb_init (
void (*get_stacktrace)( Thr*, Addr*, UWord ),
ExeContext* (*get_EC)( Thr* )
/* Shut down the library, and print stats (in fact that's _all_
this is for.) */
void libhb_shutdown ( Bool show_stats );
/* Thread creation: returns Thr* for new thread */
Thr* libhb_create ( Thr* parent );
/* Thread async exit */
void libhb_async_exit ( Thr* exitter );
void libhb_joinedwith_done ( Thr* exitter );
/* Synchronisation objects (abstract to caller) */
/* Allocate a new one (alloc'd by library) */
SO* libhb_so_alloc ( void );
/* Dealloc one */
void libhb_so_dealloc ( SO* so );
/* Send a message via a sync object. If strong_send is true, the
resulting inter-thread dependency seen by a future receiver of this
message will be a dependency on this thread only. That is, in a
strong send, the VC inside the SO is replaced by the clock of the
sending thread. For a weak send, the sender's VC is joined into
that already in the SO, if any. This subtlety is needed to model
rwlocks: a strong send corresponds to releasing a rwlock that had
been w-held (or releasing a standard mutex). A weak send
corresponds to releasing a rwlock that has been r-held.
(rationale): Since in general many threads may hold a rwlock in
r-mode, a weak send facility is necessary in order that the final
SO reflects the join of the VCs of all the threads releasing the
rwlock, rather than merely holding the VC of the most recent thread
to release it. */
void libhb_so_send ( Thr* thr, SO* so, Bool strong_send );
/* Recv a message from a sync object. If strong_recv is True, the
resulting inter-thread dependency is considered adequate to induce
a h-b ordering on both reads and writes. If it is False, the
implied h-b ordering exists only for reads, not writes. This is
subtlety is required in order to support reader-writer locks: a
thread doing a write-acquire of a rwlock (or acquiring a normal
mutex) models this by doing a strong receive. A thread doing a
read-acquire of a rwlock models this by doing a !strong_recv. */
void libhb_so_recv ( Thr* thr, SO* so, Bool strong_recv );
/* Has this SO ever been sent on? */
Bool libhb_so_everSent ( SO* so );
/* Memory accesses (1/2/4/8 byte size). They report a race if one is
found. */
#define LIBHB_CWRITE_1(_thr,_a) zsm_sapply08_f__msmcwrite((_thr),(_a))
#define LIBHB_CWRITE_2(_thr,_a) zsm_sapply16_f__msmcwrite((_thr),(_a))
#define LIBHB_CWRITE_4(_thr,_a) zsm_sapply32_f__msmcwrite((_thr),(_a))
#define LIBHB_CWRITE_8(_thr,_a) zsm_sapply64_f__msmcwrite((_thr),(_a))
#define LIBHB_CWRITE_N(_thr,_a,_n) zsm_sapplyNN_f__msmcwrite((_thr),(_a),(_n))
#define LIBHB_CREAD_1(_thr,_a) zsm_sapply08_f__msmcread((_thr),(_a))
#define LIBHB_CREAD_2(_thr,_a) zsm_sapply16_f__msmcread((_thr),(_a))
#define LIBHB_CREAD_4(_thr,_a) zsm_sapply32_f__msmcread((_thr),(_a))
#define LIBHB_CREAD_8(_thr,_a) zsm_sapply64_f__msmcread((_thr),(_a))
#define LIBHB_CREAD_N(_thr,_a,_n) zsm_sapplyNN_f__msmcread((_thr),(_a),(_n))
void zsm_sapply08_f__msmcwrite ( Thr* thr, Addr a );
void zsm_sapply16_f__msmcwrite ( Thr* thr, Addr a );
void zsm_sapply32_f__msmcwrite ( Thr* thr, Addr a );
void zsm_sapply64_f__msmcwrite ( Thr* thr, Addr a );
void zsm_sapplyNN_f__msmcwrite ( Thr* thr, Addr a, SizeT len );
void zsm_sapply08_f__msmcread ( Thr* thr, Addr a );
void zsm_sapply16_f__msmcread ( Thr* thr, Addr a );
void zsm_sapply32_f__msmcread ( Thr* thr, Addr a );
void zsm_sapply64_f__msmcread ( Thr* thr, Addr a );
void zsm_sapplyNN_f__msmcread ( Thr* thr, Addr a, SizeT len );
void libhb_Thr_resumes ( Thr* thr );
/* Set memory address ranges to new (freshly allocated), or noaccess
(no longer accessible). NB: "AHAE" == "Actually Has An Effect" :-) */
void libhb_srange_new ( Thr*, Addr, SizeT );
void libhb_srange_untrack ( Thr*, Addr, SizeT );
void libhb_srange_noaccess_NoFX ( Thr*, Addr, SizeT ); /* IS IGNORED */
void libhb_srange_noaccess_AHAE ( Thr*, Addr, SizeT ); /* IS NOT IGNORED */
/* Get and set the hgthread (pointer to corresponding Thread
structure). */
Thread* libhb_get_Thr_hgthread ( Thr* );
void libhb_set_Thr_hgthread ( Thr*, Thread* );
/* Low level copy of shadow state from [src,src+len) to [dst,dst+len).
Overlapping moves are checked for and asserted against. */
void libhb_copy_shadow_state ( Thr* thr, Addr src, Addr dst, SizeT len );
/* Call this periodically to give libhb the opportunity to
garbage-collect its internal data structures. */
void libhb_maybe_GC ( void );
/* Extract info from the conflicting-access machinery. */
Bool libhb_event_map_lookup ( /*OUT*/ExeContext** resEC,
/*OUT*/Thr** resThr,
/*OUT*/SizeT* resSzB,
/*OUT*/Bool* resIsW,
/*OUT*/WordSetID* locksHeldW,
Thr* thr, Addr a, SizeT szB, Bool isW );
/* ------ Exported from hg_main.c ------ */
/* Yes, this is a horrible tangle. Sigh. */
/* Get the univ_lset (universe for locksets) from hg_main.c. Sigh. */
WordSetU* HG_(get_univ_lsets) ( void );
/* Get the the header pointer for the double linked list of locks
(admin_locks). */
Lock* HG_(get_admin_locks) ( void );
#endif /* __LIBHB_H */
/*--- end libhb.h ---*/