Add Iop_Add8, Iop_Add16 and other 8 or 16 bit ALU Iop
in the host_tilegx_isel.c

They were removed during the code review. But without
them, the memcheck's vbit-test failed. So, simply add
them back.

-This line, and those below, will be ignored--

M    host_tilegx_isel.c

git-svn-id: svn:// 8f6e269a-dfd6-0310-a8e1-e2731360e62c
diff --git a/priv/host_tilegx_isel.c b/priv/host_tilegx_isel.c
index 46830a7..7e4e6eb 100644
--- a/priv/host_tilegx_isel.c
+++ b/priv/host_tilegx_isel.c
@@ -480,26 +480,36 @@
     switch (e->Iex.Binop.op) {
+    case Iop_Add8:
+    case Iop_Add16:
     case Iop_Add32:
     case Iop_Add64:
       aluOp = GXalu_ADD;
+    case Iop_Sub8:
+    case Iop_Sub16:
     case Iop_Sub32:
     case Iop_Sub64:
       aluOp = GXalu_SUB;
+    case Iop_And8:
+    case Iop_And16:
     case Iop_And32:
     case Iop_And64:
       aluOp = GXalu_AND;
+    case Iop_Or8:
+    case Iop_Or16:
     case Iop_Or32:
     case Iop_Or64:
       aluOp = GXalu_OR;
+    case Iop_Xor8:
+    case Iop_Xor16:
     case Iop_Xor32:
     case Iop_Xor64:
       aluOp = GXalu_XOR;