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// Copyright 2012 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef V8_CODEGEN_H_
#define V8_CODEGEN_H_
#include "src/code-stubs.h"
#include "src/globals.h"
#include "src/runtime/runtime.h"
// Include the declaration of the architecture defined class CodeGenerator.
// The contract to the shared code is that the the CodeGenerator is a subclass
// of Visitor and that the following methods are available publicly:
// MakeCode
// MakeCodePrologue
// MakeCodeEpilogue
// masm
// frame
// script
// has_valid_frame
// SetFrame
// DeleteFrame
// allocator
// AddDeferred
// in_spilled_code
// set_in_spilled_code
// RecordPositions
// These methods are either used privately by the shared code or implemented as
// shared code:
// CodeGenerator
// ~CodeGenerator
// Generate
// ComputeLazyCompile
// ProcessDeclarations
// DeclareGlobals
// CheckForInlineRuntimeCall
// AnalyzeCondition
// CodeForFunctionPosition
// CodeForReturnPosition
// CodeForStatementPosition
// CodeForDoWhileConditionPosition
// CodeForSourcePosition
#include "src/ia32/codegen-ia32.h" // NOLINT
#elif V8_TARGET_ARCH_X64
#include "src/x64/codegen-x64.h" // NOLINT
#include "src/arm64/codegen-arm64.h" // NOLINT
#include "src/arm/codegen-arm.h" // NOLINT
#include "src/ppc/codegen-ppc.h" // NOLINT
#include "src/mips/codegen-mips.h" // NOLINT
#include "src/mips64/codegen-mips64.h" // NOLINT
#elif V8_TARGET_ARCH_S390
#include "src/s390/codegen-s390.h" // NOLINT
#elif V8_TARGET_ARCH_X87
#include "src/x87/codegen-x87.h" // NOLINT
#error Unsupported target architecture.
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
class CompilationInfo;
class EhFrameWriter;
class CodeGenerator {
// Printing of AST, etc. as requested by flags.
static void MakeCodePrologue(CompilationInfo* info, const char* kind);
// Allocate and install the code.
static Handle<Code> MakeCodeEpilogue(MacroAssembler* masm,
EhFrameWriter* unwinding,
CompilationInfo* info,
Handle<Object> self_reference);
// Print the code after compiling it.
static void PrintCode(Handle<Code> code, CompilationInfo* info);
// Results of the library implementation of transcendental functions may differ
// from the one we use in our generated code. Therefore we use the same
// generated code both in runtime and compiled code.
typedef double (*UnaryMathFunctionWithIsolate)(double x, Isolate* isolate);
UnaryMathFunctionWithIsolate CreateSqrtFunction(Isolate* isolate);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE double modulo(double x, double y);
// Custom implementation of math functions.
double fast_sqrt(double input, Isolate* isolate);
void lazily_initialize_fast_sqrt(Isolate* isolate);
class CodeAgingHelper {
explicit CodeAgingHelper(Isolate* isolate);
uint32_t young_sequence_length() const { return young_sequence_.length(); }
bool IsYoung(byte* candidate) const {
return memcmp(candidate,
young_sequence_.length()) == 0;
void CopyYoungSequenceTo(byte* new_buffer) const {
CopyBytes(new_buffer, young_sequence_.start(), young_sequence_.length());
#ifdef DEBUG
bool IsOld(byte* candidate) const;
const EmbeddedVector<byte, kNoCodeAgeSequenceLength> young_sequence_;
#ifdef DEBUG
const EmbeddedVector<byte, kNoCodeAgeSequenceLength> old_sequence_;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8
#endif // V8_CODEGEN_H_