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Three tests of round-trip conversions will be performed.
One test of illegal UTF-32 will be peroformed.
Two illegal result messages are expected; one in test 02A; one in test 03A.
These are for tests of Surrogate conversion.
Begin Test01
******** Test01 succeeded without error. ********
Begin Test02
Test02A for 55296, input 0000d800, output 0000,0000, result 3
!!! Test02A: note expected illegal result for 0x0000D800
******** Test02 succeeded without error. ********
Begin Test03
sourceIllegal Test03A for 55296 (0xd800); output ; result 3
!!! Test03A: note expected illegal result for 0x0000D800
******** Test03 succeeded without error. ********
Begin Test04
******** Test04 succeeded without error. ********