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<title>Tremor - function - ov_bitrate</title>
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<td><p class=tiny>Tremor documentation</p></td>
<td align=right><p class=tiny>Tremor version 1.0 - 20020403</p></td>
<p><i>declared in "ivorbisfile.h";</i></p>
<p>This function returns the average bitrate for the specified logical bitstream. This may be different from the <a href=ov_info.html>ov_info->nominal_bitrate</a> value, as it is based on the actual average for this bitstream if the file is seekable.
<p>Nonseekable files will return the nominal bitrate setting or the average of the upper and lower bounds, if any of these values are set.
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long ov_bitrate(OggVorbis_File *vf,int i);
<dd>A pointer to the OggVorbis_File structure--this is used for ALL the externally visible libvorbisidec
<dd>Link to the desired logical bitstream. For nonseekable files, this argument is ignored. To retrieve the bitrate for the entire bitstream, this parameter should be set to -1.</dd>
<h3>Return Values</h3>
<li>OV_EINVAL indicates that an invalid argument value was submitted or that the stream represented by <tt>vf</tt> is not open.</li>
<li>OV_FALSE means the call returned a 'false' status, which in this case most likely indicates that the file is nonseekable and the upper, lower, and nominal bitrates were unset.
<li><i>n</i> indicates the bitrate for the given logical bitstream or the entire
physical bitstream. If the file is open for random (seekable) access, it will
find the *actual* average bitrate. If the file is streaming (nonseekable), it
returns the nominal bitrate (if set) or else the average of the
upper/lower bounds (if set).</li>
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<td><p class=tiny>Tremor documentation</p></td>
<td align=right><p class=tiny>Tremor version 1.0 - 20020403</p></td>