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<title>Tremor - Vorbisfile Differences</title>
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<h1>Tremor / Vorbisfile API Differences</h1>
The Tremor libvorbisidec library exposes an API intended to be as
similar as possible to the familiar 'vorbisfile' library included with
the open source Vorbis reference libraries distributed for free by Differences are summarized below.<p>
<h2>OggVorbis_File structure</h2>
The <tt>bittrack</tt> and <tt>samptrack</tt> fields in the <a
href="OggVorbis_File.html">OggVorbis_File</a> structure are changed to
64 bit integers in Tremor, from doubles in vorbisfile.
<h2>Time-related seek and tell function calls</h2>
The <a href="ov_time_total.html">ov_time_total()</a> and <a
href="ov_time_tell.html">ov_time_tell()</a> functions return milliseconds as
64 bit integers in Tremor. In vorbisfile, these functions returned
seconds as doubles.<p>
In Tremor, the <a href="ov_time_seek.html">ov_time_seek()</a> and <a
href="ov_time_seek_page.html">ov_time_seek_page()</a> calls take
seeking positions in milliseconds as 64 bit integers, rather than in
seconds as doubles as in Vorbisfile.<p>
<h2>Reading decoded data</h2>
Tremor <a href="ov_read.html">ov_read()</a> always returns data as
signed 16 bit interleaved PCM in host byte order. As such, it does not
take arguments to request specific signedness, byte order or bit depth
as in Vorbisfile.<p>
Tremor does not implement <tt>ov_read_float()</tt>.<p>
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<td><p class=tiny>Tremor documentation</p></td>
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