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<title>Tremor - Build</title>
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<td><p class=tiny>Tremor documentation</p></td>
<td align=right><p class=tiny>Tremor version 1.0 - 20020403</p></td>
<h1>Tremor: Building libvorbisidec</h1>
The C source in the Tremor package will build on any ANSI C compiler
and function completely and properly on any platform. The included
build system assumes GNU build system and make tools (m4, automake,
autoconf, libtool and gmake). GCC is not required, although GCC is
the most tested compiler. To build using GNU tools, type in the
source directory:
or if GNU make is the standard make on the build system:
Currently, the source implements playback in pure C on all platforms
except ARM, where a [currently] small amount of assembly (see the file
asm_arm.h) is used to implement 64 bit math operations and
fast LSP computation. If building on ARM without the benefit of GNU
build system tools, be sure that <tt>_ARM_ASSEM_</tt> is #defined by
the build system if this assembly is desired, else the resulting
library will use whatever 64 bit math builtins the compiler
No math library is required by this source. No floating point
operations are used at any point in either setup or decode. This
decoder library will properly decode any past, current or future
Vorbis I file or stream.
The GNU build system produces static and, when supported by the OS,
dynamic libraries named 'libvorbisidec'. This library exposes an API
nearly identical to the BSD reference library's 'libvorbisfile',
including all the features familiar to users of vorbisfile. This API
is similar enough that the proper header file to include is named
'ivorbisfile.h', included in the source build directory.
Lower level libvorbis-style headers and structures are
in 'ivorbiscodec.h', also included in the source build directory. A
simple example program, ivorbisfile_example.c, can be built with 'make
(We've summarized <a href="diff.html">differences between the free,
reference vorbisfile library and Tremor's libvorbisidec in a separate
<p>Tremor requires a native 64 bit integer type to compile and
function; The GNU build system will locate and typedef
<tt>ogg_int64_t</tt> to the appropriate native type. If not using the
GNU build tools, you will need to define <tt>ogg_int64_t</tt> as a
64-bit type inside your system's project file/Makefile, etc. On win32,
for example, this should be defined as <tt>__int64</tt>.
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<td><p class=tiny>Tremor documentation</p></td>
<td align=right><p class=tiny>Tremor version 1.0 - 20020403</p></td>