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TRAPpy Build Status Version

TRAPpy (Trace Analysis and Plotting in Python) is a visualization tool to help analyze data generated on a device. It parses ftrace-like logs and creates in-memory data structures to be used for plotting and data analysis.


The following instructions are for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS but they should also work with Debian jessie. Older versions of Ubuntu or Debian (e.g. Ubuntu 12.04 or Debian wheezy) will likely require to install more packages from pip as the ones present in Ubuntu 12.04 or Debian wheezy will probably be too old.

Required dependencies

Install additional tools required for some tests and functionalities
$ sudo apt install trace-cmd kernelshark
Install the Python package manager
$ sudo apt install python-pip python-dev
Install required python packages
$ sudo apt install libfreetype6-dev libpng12-dev python-nose
$ sudo pip install numpy matplotlib pandas ipython[all]
Install TRAPpy
$ sudo pip install --upgrade trappy


Now launch the ipython notebook server:

$ ipython notebook

This should pop up a browser. If it doesn't, open a web browser and go to http://localhost:8888/tree/

In the doc/ folder there's a 00 - Quick start which describes how to run TRAPpy. Other notebooks in that directory describe other functions of TRAPpy.


API reference can be found in

For developers

Clone the repository

The code of the TRAPpy toolkit with all the supported tests and Notebooks can be cloned from the official GitHub repository with this command:

$ git clone

Testing your installation

An easy way to test your installation is to use the nosetests command from TRAPpy's home directory:

$ nosetests

If the installation is correct all tests will succeed.