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// This file was extracted from the TCG Published
// Trusted Platform Module Library
// Part 3: Commands
// Family "2.0"
// Level 00 Revision 01.16
// October 30, 2014
#include "InternalRoutines.h"
#include "RSA_Decrypt_fp.h"
#ifdef TPM_ALG_RSA
// Error Returns Meaning
// TPM_RC_ATTRIBUTES If the key is restricted or the key is not a decryption key
// TPM_RC_BINDING The public an private parts of the key are not properly bound
// TPM_RC_KEY keyHandle does not reference an unrestricted decrypt key
// TPM_RC_SCHEME incorrect input scheme, or the chosen scheme is not a valid RSA
// decrypt scheme
// TPM_RC_SIZE cipherText is not the size of the modulus of key referenced by
// keyHandle
// TPM_RC_VALUE label is not a null terminated string or the value of cipherText is
// greater that the modulus of keyHandle
RSA_Decrypt_In *in, // IN: input parameter list
RSA_Decrypt_Out *out // OUT: output parameter list
TPM_RC result;
OBJECT *rsaKey;
char *label = NULL;
// Input Validation
rsaKey = ObjectGet(in->keyHandle);
// The selected key must be an RSA key
if(rsaKey->publicArea.type != TPM_ALG_RSA)
return TPM_RC_KEY + RC_RSA_Decrypt_keyHandle;
// The selected key must be an unrestricted decryption key
if( rsaKey->publicArea.objectAttributes.restricted == SET
|| rsaKey->publicArea.objectAttributes.decrypt == CLEAR)
return TPM_RC_ATTRIBUTES + RC_RSA_Decrypt_keyHandle;
// NOTE: Proper operation of this command requires that the sensitive area
// of the key is loaded. This is assured because authorization is required
// to use the sensitive area of the key. In order to check the authorization,
// the sensitive area has to be loaded, even if authorization is with policy.
// If label is present, make sure that it is a NULL-terminated string
if(in->label.t.size > 0)
// Present, so make sure that it is NULL-terminated
if(in->label.t.buffer[in->label.t.size - 1] != 0)
return TPM_RC_VALUE + RC_RSA_Decrypt_label;
label = (char *)in->label.t.buffer;
// Command Output
// Select a scheme for decrypt.
scheme = CryptSelectRSAScheme(in->keyHandle, &in->inScheme);
if(scheme == NULL)
return TPM_RC_SCHEME + RC_RSA_Decrypt_inScheme;
// Decryption. TPM_RC_VALUE, TPM_RC_SIZE, and TPM_RC_KEY error may be
// returned by CryptDecryptRSA.
// NOTE: CryptDecryptRSA can also return TPM_RC_ATTRIBUTES or TPM_RC_BINDING
// when the key is not a decryption key but that was checked above.
out->message.t.size = sizeof(out->message.t.buffer);
result = CryptDecryptRSA(&out->message.t.size, out->message.t.buffer, rsaKey,
scheme, in->cipherText.t.size,
return result;