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This repository contains source code derived from the TCG TPM 2.0 library
The specification consists of four separate PDF files, two of them, part 3 and
part 4 contain sample C code.
To extract the C code from PDF files, first they were converted to text using
the pdftotext utility available in poppler-utils Ubuntu package:
pdftotext -eol unix -layout 'TPM/2.0/TPM Rev 2.0 Part 3 - Commands 01.16-code.pdf' part3.txt
pdftotext -eol unix -layout 'TPM Rev 2.0 Part 4 - Supporting Routines 01.16-code.pdf' part4.txt
A newline needed to be added to each of the text files to make sure the last
function in the file is processed properly.
echo >> part3.txt
echo >> part4.txt
Then the two scripts included in this directory for references were used to
pull out code from the text files. The two files format source code
differently, the easiest way to pull out the code is to use two different
./parsep3 part3.txt
./parsep4 part4.txt
See LICENSE file for details.