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// This file was extracted from the TCG Published
// Trusted Platform Module Library
// Part 3: Commands
// Family "2.0"
// Level 00 Revision 01.16
// October 30, 2014
#include "InternalRoutines.h"
#include "ObjectChangeAuth_fp.h"
#include "Object_spt_fp.h"
// Error Returns Meaning
// TPM_RC_SIZE newAuth is larger than the size of the digest of the Name algorithm of
// objectHandle
// TPM_RC_TYPE the key referenced by parentHandle is not the parent of the object
// referenced by objectHandle; or objectHandle is a sequence object.
ObjectChangeAuth_In *in, // IN: input parameter list
ObjectChangeAuth_Out *out // OUT: output parameter list
OBJECT *object;
TPM2B_NAME objectQN, QNCompare;
TPM2B_NAME parentQN;
// Input Validation
// Get object pointer
object = ObjectGet(in->objectHandle);
// Can not change auth on sequence object
return TPM_RC_TYPE + RC_ObjectChangeAuth_objectHandle;
// Make sure that the auth value is consistent with the nameAlg
if( MemoryRemoveTrailingZeros(&in->newAuth)
> CryptGetHashDigestSize(object->publicArea.nameAlg))
return TPM_RC_SIZE + RC_ObjectChangeAuth_newAuth;
// Check parent for object
// parent handle must be the parent of object handle. In this
// implementation we verify this by checking the QN of object. Other
// implementation may choose different method to verify this attribute.
ObjectGetQualifiedName(in->parentHandle, &parentQN);
ObjectComputeQualifiedName(&parentQN, object->publicArea.nameAlg,
&object->name, &QNCompare);
ObjectGetQualifiedName(in->objectHandle, &objectQN);
if(!Memory2BEqual(&objectQN.b, &QNCompare.b))
return TPM_RC_TYPE + RC_ObjectChangeAuth_parentHandle;
// Command Output
// Copy internal sensitive area
sensitive = object->sensitive;
// Copy authValue
sensitive.authValue = in->newAuth;
// Prepare output private data from sensitive
SensitiveToPrivate(&sensitive, &object->name, in->parentHandle,