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// This file was extracted from the TCG Published
// Trusted Platform Module Library
// Part 3: Commands
// Family "2.0"
// Level 00 Revision 01.16
// October 30, 2014
#include "InternalRoutines.h"
#include "NV_UndefineSpace_fp.h"
// Error Returns Meaning
// TPM_RC_ATTRIBUTES TPMA_NV_POLICY_DELETE is SET in the Index referenced by
// nvIndex so this command may not be used to delete this Index (see
// TPM2_NV_UndefineSpaceSpecial())
// TPM_RC_NV_AUTHORIZATION attempt to use ownerAuth to delete an index created by the platform
NV_UndefineSpace_In *in // IN: input parameter list
TPM_RC result;
NV_INDEX nvIndex;
// The command needs NV update. Check if NV is available.
// A TPM_RC_NV_UNAVAILABLE or TPM_RC_NV_RATE error may be returned at
// this point
result = NvIsAvailable();
if(result != TPM_RC_SUCCESS) return result;
// Input Validation
// Get NV index info
NvGetIndexInfo(in->nvIndex, &nvIndex);
// This command can't be used to delete an index with TPMA_NV_POLICY_DELETE SET
if(SET == nvIndex.publicArea.attributes.TPMA_NV_POLICY_DELETE)
return TPM_RC_ATTRIBUTES + RC_NV_UndefineSpace_nvIndex;
// The owner may only delete an index that was defined with ownerAuth. The
// platform may delete an index that was created with either auth.
if( in->authHandle == TPM_RH_OWNER
&& nvIndex.publicArea.attributes.TPMA_NV_PLATFORMCREATE == SET)
// Internal Data Update
// Call implementation dependent internal routine to delete NV index