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/* useradd.c - add a new user
* Copyright 2013 Ashwini Kumar <>
* Copyright 2013 Kyungwan Han <>
* See
config USERADD
bool "useradd"
default n
usage: useradd [-SDH] [-h DIR] [-s SHELL] [-G GRP] [-g NAME] [-u UID] USER [GROUP]
Create new user, or add USER to GROUP
-D Don't assign a password
-g NAME Real name
-G GRP Add user to existing group
-h DIR Home directory
-H Don't create home directory
-s SHELL Login shell
-S Create a system user
-u UID User id
#define FOR_useradd
#include "toys.h"
char *dir;
char *gecos;
char *shell;
char *u_grp;
long uid;
long gid;
void useradd_main(void)
char *s = *toys.optargs, *entry;
struct passwd pwd;
// Act like groupadd?
if (toys.optc == 2) {
if (toys.optflags) help_exit("options with USER GROUP");
xexec((char *[]){"groupadd", toys.optargs[0], toys.optargs[1], 0});
// Sanity check user to add
if (s[strcspn(s, ":/\n")] || strlen(s) > LOGIN_NAME_MAX)
error_exit("bad username");
// race condition: two adds at same time?
if (getpwnam(s)) error_exit("'%s' in use", s);
// Add a new group to the system, if UID is given then that is validated
// to be free, else a free UID is choosen by self.
// SYSTEM IDs are considered in the range 100 ... 999
// add_user(), add a new entry in /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow files
pwd.pw_name = s;
pwd.pw_passwd = "x";
pwd.pw_gecos = TT.gecos ? TT.gecos : "Linux User,";
pwd.pw_dir = TT.dir ? TT.dir : xmprintf("/home/%s", *toys.optargs);
if (! { = getenv("SHELL");
if (! {
struct passwd *pw = getpwuid(getuid());
if (pw && pw->pw_shell && *pw->pw_shell) = xstrdup(pw->pw_shell);
else = "/bin/sh";
pwd.pw_shell =;
if (toys.optflags & FLAG_u) {
if (TT.uid > INT_MAX) error_exit("bad uid");
if (getpwuid(TT.uid)) error_exit("uid '%ld' in use", TT.uid);
} else {
if (toys.optflags & FLAG_S) TT.uid = CFG_TOYBOX_UID_SYS;
//find unused uid
while (getpwuid(TT.uid)) TT.uid++;
pwd.pw_uid = TT.uid;
if (toys.optflags & FLAG_G) TT.gid = xgetgrnam(TT.u_grp)->gr_gid;
else {
// Set the GID for the user, if not specified
if (toys.optflags & FLAG_S) TT.gid = CFG_TOYBOX_UID_SYS;
if (getgrnam(pwd.pw_name)) error_exit("group '%s' in use", pwd.pw_name);
//find unused gid
while (getgrgid(TT.gid)) TT.gid++;
pwd.pw_gid = TT.gid;
// Create a new group for user
if (!(toys.optflags & FLAG_G)) {
char *s = xmprintf("-g%ld", (long)pwd.pw_gid);
if (xrun((char *[]){"groupadd", *toys.optargs, s, 0}))
error_msg("addgroup -g%ld fail", (long)pwd.pw_gid);
/*add user to system
* 1. add an entry to /etc/passwd and /etcshadow file
* 2. Copy /etc/skel dir contents to use home dir
* 3. update the user passwd by running 'passwd' utility
// 1. add an entry to /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow file
entry = xmprintf("%s:%s:%ld:%ld:%s:%s:%s", pwd.pw_name, pwd.pw_passwd,
(long)pwd.pw_uid, (long)pwd.pw_gid, pwd.pw_gecos, pwd.pw_dir,
if (update_password("/etc/passwd", pwd.pw_name, entry)) error_exit("updating passwd file failed");
if (toys.optflags & FLAG_S)
entry = xmprintf("%s:!!:%u::::::", pwd.pw_name,
(unsigned)(time(NULL))/(24*60*60)); //passwd is not set initially
else entry = xmprintf("%s:!!:%u:0:99999:7:::", pwd.pw_name,
(unsigned)(time(0))/(24*60*60)); //passwd is not set initially
update_password("/etc/shadow", pwd.pw_name, entry);
// create home dir & copy skel dir to home
if (!(toys.optflags & (FLAG_S|FLAG_H))) {
char *skel = "/etc/skel", *p = pwd.pw_dir;
// Copy and change ownership
if (access(p, F_OK)) {
if (!access(skel, R_OK))
toys.exitval = xrun((char *[]){"cp", "-R", skel, p, 0});
else toys.exitval = xrun((char *[]){"mkdir", "-p", p, 0});
if (!toys.exitval)
toys.exitval |= xrun((char *[]){"chown", "-R",
xmprintf("%lu:%lu", TT.uid, TT.gid), p, 0});
wfchmodat(AT_FDCWD, p, 0700);
} else fprintf(stderr, "'%s' exists, not copying '%s'", p, skel);
//3. update the user passwd by running 'passwd' utility
if (!(toys.optflags & FLAG_D))
if (xrun((char *[]){"passwd", pwd.pw_name, 0})) error_exit("passwd");
if (toys.optflags & FLAG_G) {
/*add user to the existing group, invoke addgroup command */
if (xrun((char *[]){"groupadd", *toys.optargs, TT.u_grp, 0}))