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/* chvt.c - switch virtual terminals
* Copyright (C) 2008 David Anders <>
config CHVT
bool "chvt"
default y
usage: chvt N
Change to virtual terminal number N. (This only works in text mode.)
Virtual terminals are the Linux VGA text mode displays, ordinarily
switched between via alt-F1, alt-F2, etc. Use ctrl-alt-F1 to switch
from X to a virtual terminal, and alt-F6 (or F7, or F8) to get back.
#include "toys.h"
void chvt_main(void)
int vtnum, fd = fd;
char *consoles[]={"/dev/console", "/dev/vc/0", "/dev/tty", NULL}, **cc;
for (cc = consoles; *cc; cc++)
if (-1 != (fd = open(*cc, O_RDWR))) break;
// These numbers are VT_ACTIVATE and VT_WAITACTIVE from linux/vt.h
if (!*cc || fd < 0 || ioctl(fd, 0x5606, vtnum) || ioctl(fd, 0x5607, vtnum))