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toybox - Build toybox.
COMMANDNAME - Build individual toybox command as a standalone binary.
list - List COMMANDNAMEs you can build standalone.
list_pending - List unfinished COMMANDNAMEs out of toys/pending.
change - Build each command standalone under change/.
baseline - Create toybox_old for use by bloatcheck.
bloatcheck - Report size differences between old and current versions
test_COMMAND - Run tests for COMMAND (test_ps, test_cat, etc.)
tests - Run test suite against all compiled commands.
export TEST_HOST=1 to test host command, VERBOSE=1
to show diff, VERBOSE=fail to stop after first failure.
clean - Delete temporary files.
distclean - Delete everything that isn't shipped.
install_airlock - Install toybox and host toolchain into $PREFIX directory
(providing $PATH for hermetic builds).
install_flat - Install toybox into $PREFIX directory.
install - Install toybox into subdirectories of $PREFIX.
uninstall_flat - Remove toybox from $PREFIX directory.
uninstall - Remove toybox from subdirectories of $PREFIX.
example: CFLAGS="--static" CROSS_COMPILE=armv5l- make defconfig toybox install