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# Copyright 2015 syzkaller project authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by Apache 2 LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file.
include <asm/ioctls.h>
include <uapi/linux/kd.h>
include <uapi/linux/vt.h>
include <uapi/linux/fcntl.h>
resource fd_tty[fd]
openat$ptmx(fd const[AT_FDCWD], file ptr[in, string["/dev/ptmx"]], flags flags[open_flags], mode const[0]) fd_tty
syz_open_pts(fd fd_tty, flags flags[open_flags]) fd_tty
ioctl$TCGETS(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TCGETS], arg ptr[out, termios])
ioctl$TCSETS(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TCSETS], arg ptr[in, termios])
ioctl$TCSETSW(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TCSETSW], arg ptr[in, termios])
ioctl$TCSETSF(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TCSETSF], arg ptr[in, termios])
ioctl$TCGETA(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TCGETA], arg ptr[out, termio])
ioctl$TCSETA(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TCSETA], arg ptr[in, termio])
ioctl$TCSETAW(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TCSETAW], arg ptr[in, termio])
ioctl$TCSETAF(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TCSETAF], arg ptr[in, termio])
ioctl$TIOCGLCKTRMIOS(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCGLCKTRMIOS], arg ptr[in, termios])
ioctl$TIOCSLCKTRMIOS(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCSLCKTRMIOS], arg ptr[out, termios])
ioctl$TIOCGWINSZ(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCGWINSZ], arg ptr[out, winsize])
ioctl$TIOCSWINSZ(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCSWINSZ], arg ptr[in, winsize])
ioctl$TCSBRK(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TCSBRK], arg intptr)
ioctl$TCSBRKP(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TCSBRKP], arg intptr)
ioctl$TIOCSBRK(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCSBRK])
ioctl$TIOCCBRK(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCCBRK])
ioctl$TCXONC(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TCXONC], arg intptr)
ioctl$FIONREAD(fd fd_tty, cmd const[FIONREAD], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$TIOCOUTQ(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCOUTQ], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$TCFLSH(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TCFLSH], arg intptr)
ioctl$TIOCGPTPEER(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCGPTPEER], arg intptr)
ioctl$TIOCSTI(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCSTI], arg intptr)
ioctl$TIOCCONS(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCCONS])
ioctl$TIOCSCTTY(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCSCTTY], arg intptr)
ioctl$TIOCNOTTY(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCNOTTY])
ioctl$TIOCGPGRP(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCGPGRP], arg ptr[out, pid])
ioctl$TIOCSPGRP(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCSPGRP], arg ptr[in, pid])
ioctl$TIOCGSID(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCGSID], arg ptr[out, pid])
ioctl$TIOCEXCL(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCEXCL])
ioctl$TIOCNXCL(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCNXCL])
ioctl$TIOCGETD(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCGETD], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$TIOCSETD(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCSETD], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$TIOCPKT(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCPKT], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$TIOCMGET(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCMGET], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$TIOCMSET(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCMSET], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$TIOCMBIC(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCMBIC], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$TIOCMBIS(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCMBIS], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$TIOCGSOFTCAR(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCGSOFTCAR], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$TIOCSSOFTCAR(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCSSOFTCAR], arg ptr[in, int32])
# For the TIOCLINUX ioctl, see console_ioctl(4).
ioctl$KDGETLED(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDGETLED], arg ptr[out, int8])
ioctl$KDSETLED(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDSETLED], arg intptr)
ioctl$KDGKBLED(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDGKBLED], arg ptr[out, int8])
ioctl$KDSKBLED(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDSKBLED], arg intptr)
ioctl$KDGKBTYPE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDGKBTYPE], arg ptr[out, int8])
ioctl$KDADDIO(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDADDIO], arg intptr)
ioctl$KDDELIO(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDDELIO], arg intptr)
ioctl$KDENABIO(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDENABIO])
ioctl$KDDISABIO(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDDISABIO])
ioctl$KDSETMODE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDSETMODE], arg intptr)
ioctl$KDGETMODE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDGETMODE], arg ptr[out, intptr])
ioctl$KDMKTONE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDMKTONE], arg intptr)
ioctl$KIOCSOUND(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KIOCSOUND], arg intptr)
ioctl$GIO_CMAP(fd fd_tty, cmd const[GIO_CMAP], arg ptr[out, io_cmap])
ioctl$PIO_CMAP(fd fd_tty, cmd const[PIO_CMAP], arg ptr[in, io_cmap])
ioctl$GIO_FONT(fd fd_tty, cmd const[GIO_FONT], arg buffer[out])
ioctl$GIO_FONTX(fd fd_tty, cmd const[GIO_FONTX], arg buffer[out])
ioctl$PIO_FONT(fd fd_tty, cmd const[PIO_FONT], arg buffer[in])
ioctl$PIO_FONTX(fd fd_tty, cmd const[PIO_FONTX], arg buffer[in])
ioctl$PIO_FONTRESET(fd fd_tty, cmd const[PIO_FONTRESET], arg const[0])
ioctl$GIO_SCRNMAP(fd fd_tty, cmd const[GIO_SCRNMAP], arg buffer[out])
ioctl$GIO_UNISCRNMAP(fd fd_tty, cmd const[GIO_UNISCRNMAP], arg buffer[out])
ioctl$PIO_SCRNMAP(fd fd_tty, cmd const[PIO_SCRNMAP], arg buffer[in])
ioctl$PIO_UNISCRNMAP(fd fd_tty, cmd const[PIO_UNISCRNMAP], arg buffer[in])
ioctl$GIO_UNIMAP(fd fd_tty, cmd const[GIO_UNIMAP], arg ptr[in, unimapdesc_out])
ioctl$PIO_UNIMAP(fd fd_tty, cmd const[PIO_UNIMAP], arg ptr[in, unimapdesc_in])
ioctl$PIO_UNIMAPCLR(fd fd_tty, cmd const[PIO_UNIMAPCLR], arg ptr[in, unimapinit])
ioctl$KDGKBMODE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDGKBMODE], arg ptr[out, intptr])
ioctl$KDSKBMODE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDSKBMODE], arg ptr[in, intptr])
ioctl$KDGKBMETA(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDGKBMETA], arg ptr[out, intptr])
ioctl$KDSKBMETA(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDSKBMETA], arg ptr[in, intptr])
ioctl$KDGKBENT(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDGKBENT], arg ptr[in, kbentry])
ioctl$KDGKBSENT(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDGKBSENT], arg ptr[in, kbentry])
ioctl$KDSKBSENT(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDSKBSENT], arg buffer[in])
ioctl$KDGKBDIACR(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDGKBDIACR], arg buffer[out])
ioctl$KDGETKEYCODE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDGETKEYCODE], arg ptr[in, kbkeycode])
ioctl$KDSETKEYCODE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDSETKEYCODE], arg ptr[in, kbkeycode])
ioctl$KDSIGACCEPT(fd fd_tty, cmd const[KDSIGACCEPT], arg signalno)
ioctl$VT_OPENQRY(fd fd_tty, cmd const[VT_OPENQRY], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$VT_GETMODE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[VT_GETMODE], arg ptr[out, vt_mode])
ioctl$VT_SETMODE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[VT_SETMODE], arg ptr[in, vt_mode])
ioctl$VT_GETSTATE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[VT_GETSTATE], arg ptr[in, vt_stat])
ioctl$VT_RELDISP(fd fd_tty, cmd const[VT_RELDISP])
ioctl$VT_ACTIVATE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[VT_ACTIVATE], arg intptr)
ioctl$VT_WAITACTIVE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[VT_WAITACTIVE])
ioctl$VT_DISALLOCATE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[VT_DISALLOCATE])
ioctl$VT_RESIZE(fd fd_tty, cmd const[VT_RESIZE], arg ptr[in, vt_sizes])
ioctl$VT_RESIZEX(fd fd_tty, cmd const[VT_RESIZEX], arg ptr[in, vt_consize])
ioctl$TIOCLINUX2(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCLINUX], arg ptr[in, tiocl_selection])
ioctl$TIOCLINUX3(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCLINUX], arg ptr[in, const[3, int8]])
ioctl$TIOCLINUX4(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCLINUX], arg ptr[in, const[4, int8]])
ioctl$TIOCLINUX5(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCLINUX], arg ptr[in, loadlut])
ioctl$TIOCLINUX6(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCLINUX], arg ptr[in, tiocl_shift_state])
ioctl$TIOCLINUX7(fd fd_tty, cmd const[TIOCLINUX], arg ptr[in, tiocl_report_mouse])
termios {
iflag int32
oflag int32
cflag int32
lflag int32
line int8
cc0 int8
cc1 int8
cc2 int8
cc3_6 int32
cc7_10 int32
cc11_14 int32
cc15_18 int32
termio {
iflag int16
oflag int16
cflag int16
lflag int16
line int8
cc0 int8
cc1 int8
cc2 int8
cc3_6 int32
cc7 int8
winsize {
row int16
col int16
xpix int16
upix int16
io_cmap {
map0 int64
map1 int64
map2 int64
map3 int64
map4 int64
map5 int64
unimapdesc_in {
cnt len[entries, int16]
entries ptr[in, array[unipair]]
unimapdesc_out {
cnt len[entries, int16]
entries ptr[out, array[unipair]]
unipair {
unicode int16
fontpos int16
unimapinit {
size int16
step int16
level int16
kbentry {
table int8
index int8
value int16
kbkeycode {
scan int32
key int32
vt_mode {
mode int8
waitv int8
relsig int16
acqsig int16
frsig int16
vt_stat {
active int16
signal int16
state int16
vt_sizes {
rows int16
cols int16
scroll int16
vt_consize {
rows int16
cols int16
vlin int16
clin int16
vcol int16
ccol int16
tiocl_selection {
subcode const[2, int8]
xs int16
ys int16
xe int16
ye int16
mode int16
loadlut {
submode const[5, int8]
tab0 int64
tab1 int64
tab2 int64
tab3 int64
tiocl_shift_state {
subcode const[6, int8]
shift int8
tiocl_report_mouse {
subcode const[7, int8]
shift int8