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Akaros support

Akaros support is incomplete.

See Akaros getting started re kernel building/running.

Akaros does not support Go at the moment (except for a broken 1.3 port). Full Go support is planned for Akaros. Until that happens running on Akaros is challening. However, syz-stress can be run as follows:

make TARGETOS=linux syz-stress
make TARGETOS=akaros SOURCEDIR=/akaros/checkout executor
scp -P 5555 -i akaros_id_rsa -o IdentitiesOnly=yes bin/akaros_amd64/syz-executor  root@localhost:/
bin/linux_amd64/syz-stress -os=akaros -ipc=pipe -procs=8 -executor "/usr/bin/ssh -p 5555 -i akaros_id_rsa -o IdentitiesOnly=yes root@localhost /syz-executor"