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// Copyright 2018 syzkaller project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by Apache 2 LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package main
import (
type Stat uint64
type Stats struct {
crashes Stat
crashTypes Stat
crashSuppressed Stat
vmRestarts Stat
newInputs Stat
execTotal Stat
hubSendProgAdd Stat
hubSendProgDel Stat
hubSendRepro Stat
hubRecvProg Stat
hubRecvProgDrop Stat
hubRecvRepro Stat
hubRecvReproDrop Stat
corpusCover Stat
corpusSignal Stat
mu sync.Mutex
namedStats map[string]uint64
func (stats *Stats) all() map[string]uint64 {
m := map[string]uint64{
"crashes": stats.crashes.get(),
"crash types": stats.crashTypes.get(),
"suppressed": stats.crashSuppressed.get(),
"vm restarts": stats.vmRestarts.get(),
"manager new inputs": stats.newInputs.get(),
"exec total": stats.execTotal.get(),
"hub: send prog add": stats.hubSendProgAdd.get(),
"hub: send prog del": stats.hubSendProgDel.get(),
"hub: send repro": stats.hubSendRepro.get(),
"hub: recv prog": stats.hubRecvProg.get(),
"hub: recv prog drop": stats.hubRecvProgDrop.get(),
"hub: recv repro": stats.hubRecvRepro.get(),
"hub: recv repro drop": stats.hubRecvReproDrop.get(),
"cover": stats.corpusCover.get(),
"signal": stats.corpusSignal.get(),
for k, v := range stats.namedStats {
m[k] = v
return m
func (stats *Stats) mergeNamed(named map[string]uint64) {
if stats.namedStats == nil {
stats.namedStats = make(map[string]uint64)
for k, v := range named {
switch k {
case "exec total":
stats.namedStats[k] += v
func (s *Stat) get() uint64 {
return atomic.LoadUint64((*uint64)(s))
func (s *Stat) inc() {
func (s *Stat) add(v int) {
atomic.AddUint64((*uint64)(s), uint64(v))
func (s *Stat) set(v int) {
atomic.StoreUint64((*uint64)(s), uint64(v))