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# This is the official list of the syzkaller project authors for copyright purposes.
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Google Inc.
Baozeng Ding
Lorenzo Stoakes
Jeremy Huang
Shuai Bai
Alexander Popov
Jean-Baptiste Cayrou
Yuzhe Han
Thomas Garnier
Utkarsh Anand
Tobias Klauser
Tim Tianyang Chen
Ed Maste
Sumukha PK
Mitchell Horne
Hangbin Liu
Denis Efremov
Ondrej Mosnacek
Chi Pham
Anton Lindqvist
Greg Steuck
Shankara Pailoor
Michael Tuexen
Kamil Rytarowski
Siddharth Muralee
Dan Robertson
Mark Johnston
Mellanox Technologies
Cody Holliday
JinWoo Lee
Andrew Turner