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# Copyright 2018 syzkaller project authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by Apache 2 LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file.
# AF_RDS support.
include <linux/socket.h>
include <linux/net.h>
include <uapi/linux/in6.h>
include <uapi/linux/rds.h>
resource sock_rds[sock]
socket$rds(domain const[AF_RDS], type const[SOCK_SEQPACKET], proto const[0]) sock_rds
bind$rds(fd sock_rds, addr ptr[in, sockaddr_in], addrlen len[addr])
connect$rds(fd sock_rds, addr ptr[in, sockaddr_in], addrlen len[addr])
sendmsg$rds(fd sock_rds, msg ptr[in, msghdr_rds], f flags[send_flags])
setsockopt$RDS_CANCEL_SENT_TO(fd sock_rds, level const[SOL_RDS], opt const[RDS_CANCEL_SENT_TO], val ptr[in, sockaddr_in], len len[val])
setsockopt$RDS_GET_MR(fd sock_rds, level const[SOL_RDS], opt const[RDS_GET_MR], val ptr[in, rds_get_mr_args], len len[val])
setsockopt$RDS_GET_MR_FOR_DEST(fd sock_rds, level const[SOL_RDS], opt const[RDS_GET_MR_FOR_DEST], val ptr[in, rds_get_mr_for_dest_args], len len[val])
setsockopt$RDS_FREE_MR(fd sock_rds, level const[SOL_RDS], opt const[RDS_FREE_MR], val ptr[in, rds_free_mr_args], len len[val])
setsockopt$RDS_RECVERR(fd sock_rds, level const[SOL_RDS], opt const[RDS_RECVERR], val ptr[in, bool32], len len[val])
setsockopt$RDS_CONG_MONITOR(fd sock_rds, level const[SOL_RDS], opt const[RDS_CONG_MONITOR], val ptr[in, bool32], len len[val])
setsockopt$SO_RDS_TRANSPORT(fd sock_rds, level const[SOL_RDS], opt const[SO_RDS_TRANSPORT], val ptr[in, flags[rds_transport, int32]], len len[val])
setsockopt$SO_RDS_MSG_RXPATH_LATENCY(fd sock_rds, level const[SOL_RDS], opt const[SO_RDS_MSG_RXPATH_LATENCY], val ptr[in, rds_rx_trace_so], len len[val])
msghdr_rds {
addr ptr[in, sockaddr_in, opt]
addrlen len[addr, int32]
vec ptr[in, array[iovec[out, array[int8]]]]
vlen len[vec, intptr]
ctrl ptr[in, array[cmsghdr_rds], opt]
ctrllen bytesize[ctrl, intptr]
f flags[send_flags, int32]
cmsghdr_rds [
rdma_args cmsghdr_rds_t[RDS_CMSG_RDMA_ARGS, rds_rdma_args]
rdma_dest cmsghdr_rds_t[RDS_CMSG_RDMA_DEST, rds_rdma_cookie_t]
rdma_map cmsghdr_rds_t[RDS_CMSG_RDMA_MAP, rds_get_mr_args]
fadd cmsghdr_rds_t[RDS_CMSG_ATOMIC_FADD, rds_atomic_args]
cswp cmsghdr_rds_t[RDS_CMSG_ATOMIC_CSWP, rds_atomic_args]
mask_fadd cmsghdr_rds_t[RDS_CMSG_MASKED_ATOMIC_FADD, rds_atomic_args]
mask_cswp cmsghdr_rds_t[RDS_CMSG_MASKED_ATOMIC_CSWP, rds_atomic_args]
zcopy_cookie cmsghdr_rds_t[RDS_CMSG_ZCOPY_COOKIE, int32]
] [varlen]
type cmsghdr_rds_t[TYPE, DATA] {
cmsg_len len[parent, intptr]
cmsg_level const[SOL_RDS, int32]
cmsg_type const[TYPE, int32]
data DATA
} [align_ptr]
rds_rdma_args {
cookie rds_rdma_cookie_t
remote_vec rds_iovec
local_vec ptr64[in, array[rds_iovec]]
nr_local len[local_vec, int64]
flags flags[rds_rdma_flags, int64]
user_token int64
rds_atomic_args {
cookie rds_rdma_cookie_t
local_addr ptr64[in, int64]
remote_addr ptr64[in, int64]
arg1 int64
arg2 int64
mask1 int64
mask2 int64
flags flags[rds_rdma_flags, int64]
user_token int64
rds_get_mr_args {
vec rds_iovec
cookie_addr ptr[out, int8]
flags flags[rds_rdma_flags, int64]
rds_get_mr_for_dest_args {
dest_addr sockaddr_storage
vec rds_iovec
cookie_addr ptr[out, int8]
flags flags[rds_rdma_flags, int64]
} [packed]
rds_free_mr_args {
cookie rds_rdma_cookie_t
flags flags[rds_rdma_flags, int64]
rds_rx_trace_so {
rx_traces len[rx_trace_pos, int8]
rx_trace_pos array[int8, 0:RDS_MSG_RX_DGRAM_TRACE_MAX]
rds_iovec {
addr ptr64[out, array[int8]]
bytes len[addr, int64]
rds_rdma_cookie_t {
# This should be a resource, but it's unclear how to obtain it.
key int32
off int32
} [align_8]