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# Copyright 2018 syzkaller project authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by Apache 2 LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file.
include <linux/socket.h>
include <linux/net.h>
include <uapi/linux/caif/caif_socket.h>
resource sock_caif[sock]
socket$caif_seqpacket(domain const[AF_CAIF], type const[SOCK_SEQPACKET], proto int32[CAIFPROTO_AT:CAIFPROTO_DEBUG]) sock_caif
socket$caif_stream(domain const[AF_CAIF], type const[SOCK_STREAM], proto int32[CAIFPROTO_AT:CAIFPROTO_DEBUG]) sock_caif
connect$caif(fd sock_caif, addr ptr[in, sockaddr_caif], addrlen len[addr])
setsockopt$CAIFSO_LINK_SELECT(fd sock_caif, level const[SOL_CAIF], opt const[CAIFSO_LINK_SELECT], arg ptr[in, int32], arglen len[arg])
setsockopt$CAIFSO_REQ_PARAM(fd sock_caif, level const[SOL_CAIF], opt const[CAIFSO_REQ_PARAM], arg ptr[in, array[int8, 0:256]], arglen len[arg])
sockaddr_caif [
at sockaddr_caif_at
util sockaddr_caif_util
dgm sockaddr_caif_dgm
rfm sockaddr_caif_rfm
dbg sockaddr_caif_dbg
sockaddr_caif_at {
family const[AF_CAIF, int16]
type const[CAIF_ATTYPE_PLAIN, int8]
sockaddr_caif_util {
family const[AF_CAIF, int16]
# TODO: what is caif service?
service array[int8, 16]
sockaddr_caif_dgm {
family const[AF_CAIF, int16]
connection_id int32
nsapi int8
sockaddr_caif_rfm {
family const[AF_CAIF, int16]
connection_id int32
volume array[int8, 16]
sockaddr_caif_dbg {
family const[AF_CAIF, int16]
type int8
service int8