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# Copyright 2019 syzkaller project authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by Apache 2 LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file.
# Hafnium is a hypervisor.
# See and docs/hafnium/
include <uapi/linux/socket.h>
include <linux/socket.h>
include <linux/net.h>
resource sock_hf[sock]
socket$hf(domain const[AF_HF], type const[SOCK_DGRAM], proto const[0]) sock_hf
connect$hf(fd sock_hf, addr ptr[in, sockaddr_hf], addrlen len[addr])
sendmsg$hf(fd sock_hf, msg ptr[in, send_msghdr], f flags[send_flags])
recvmsg$hf(fd sock_hf, msg ptr[inout, recv_msghdr], f flags[recv_flags])
sockaddr_hf {
family const[AF_HF, int16]
vm_id proc[1, 2, int32]
port int64