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# Copyright 2018 syzkaller project authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by Apache 2 LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file.
include <linux/rtc.h>
resource fd_rtc[fd]
openat$rtc(fd const[AT_FDCWD], file ptr[in, string["/dev/rtc0"]], flags flags[open_flags], mode const[0]) fd_rtc
syz_open_dev$rtc(dev ptr[in, string["/dev/rtc#"]], id intptr, flags flags[open_flags]) fd_rtc
ioctl$RTC_AIE_OFF(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_AIE_OFF])
ioctl$RTC_AIE_ON(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_AIE_ON])
ioctl$RTC_PIE_OFF(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_PIE_OFF])
ioctl$RTC_PIE_ON(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_PIE_ON])
ioctl$RTC_UIE_OFF(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_UIE_OFF])
ioctl$RTC_UIE_ON(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_UIE_ON])
ioctl$RTC_WIE_ON(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_WIE_ON])
ioctl$RTC_WIE_OFF(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_WIE_OFF])
ioctl$RTC_ALM_READ(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_ALM_READ], arg ptr[out, rtc_time])
ioctl$RTC_ALM_SET(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_ALM_SET], arg ptr[in, rtc_time])
ioctl$RTC_RD_TIME(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_RD_TIME], arg ptr[out, rtc_time])
ioctl$RTC_SET_TIME(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_SET_TIME], arg ptr[in, rtc_time])
ioctl$RTC_IRQP_READ(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_IRQP_READ], arg ptr[out, intptr])
ioctl$RTC_IRQP_SET(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_IRQP_SET], arg intptr[1:RTC_MAX_FREQ])
ioctl$RTC_EPOCH_READ(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_EPOCH_READ], arg ptr[out, intptr])
ioctl$RTC_EPOCH_SET(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_EPOCH_SET], arg intptr)
ioctl$RTC_WKALM_RD(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_WKALM_RD], arg ptr[out, rtc_wkalrm])
ioctl$RTC_WKALM_SET(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_WKALM_SET], arg ptr[in, rtc_wkalrm])
ioctl$RTC_PLL_GET(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_PLL_GET], arg ptr[out, rtc_pll_info])
ioctl$RTC_PLL_SET(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_PLL_SET], arg ptr[in, rtc_pll_info])
ioctl$RTC_VL_READ(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_VL_READ], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$RTC_VL_CLR(fd fd_rtc, cmd const[RTC_VL_CLR])
rtc_time {
tm_sec int32[0:60]
tm_min int32[0:59]
tm_hour int32[0:23]
tm_mday int32[1:31]
tm_mon int32[0:11]
tm_year int32
tm_wday int32[0:6]
tm_yday int32[0:365]
tm_isdst flags[rtc_isdst, int32]
rtc_wkalrm {
enabled bool8
pending bool8
time rtc_time
rtc_pll_info {
pll_ctrl int32
pll_value int32
pll_max int32
pll_min int32
pll_posmult int32
pll_negmult int32
pll_clock intptr
rtc_isdst = 0, 1, -1