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# Copyright 2015 syzkaller project authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by Apache 2 LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file.
include <linux/kvm.h>
include <linux/kvm_host.h>
include <uapi/linux/fcntl.h>
include <asm/kvm.h>
include <asm/mce.h>
resource fd_kvm[fd]
resource fd_kvmvm[fd]
resource fd_kvmcpu[fd]
resource fd_kvmdev[fd]
openat$kvm(fd const[AT_FDCWD], file ptr[in, string["/dev/kvm"]], flags flags[open_flags], mode const[0]) fd_kvm
ioctl$KVM_CREATE_VM(fd fd_kvm, cmd const[KVM_CREATE_VM], type const[0]) fd_kvmvm
ioctl$KVM_GET_MSR_INDEX_LIST(fd fd_kvm, cmd const[KVM_GET_MSR_INDEX_LIST], arg ptr[in, kvm_msr_list])
ioctl$KVM_CHECK_EXTENSION(fd fd_kvm, cmd const[KVM_CHECK_EXTENSION], arg intptr)
ioctl$KVM_GET_VCPU_MMAP_SIZE(fd fd_kvm, cmd const[KVM_GET_VCPU_MMAP_SIZE])
ioctl$KVM_GET_SUPPORTED_CPUID(fd fd_kvm, cmd const[KVM_GET_SUPPORTED_CPUID], arg buffer[out])
ioctl$KVM_GET_EMULATED_CPUID(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_GET_EMULATED_CPUID], arg buffer[out])
ioctl$KVM_X86_GET_MCE_CAP_SUPPORTED(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_X86_GET_MCE_CAP_SUPPORTED], arg buffer[out])
ioctl$KVM_GET_API_VERSION(fd fd_kvm, cmd const[KVM_GET_API_VERSION], type const[0])
ioctl$KVM_CREATE_VCPU(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_CREATE_VCPU], id intptr[0:2]) fd_kvmcpu
ioctl$KVM_CHECK_EXTENSION_VM(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_CHECK_EXTENSION], arg intptr)
ioctl$KVM_GET_DIRTY_LOG(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_GET_DIRTY_LOG], arg ptr[in, kvm_dirty_log])
ioctl$KVM_CREATE_IRQCHIP(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_CREATE_IRQCHIP])
ioctl$KVM_IRQ_LINE(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_IRQ_LINE], arg ptr[in, kvm_irq_level])
ioctl$KVM_IRQ_LINE_STATUS(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_IRQ_LINE_STATUS], arg ptr[in, kvm_irq_level])
ioctl$KVM_GET_IRQCHIP(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_GET_IRQCHIP], arg ptr[out, kvm_irqchip])
ioctl$KVM_SET_IRQCHIP(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_SET_IRQCHIP], arg ptr[in, kvm_irqchip])
ioctl$KVM_XEN_HVM_CONFIG(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_XEN_HVM_CONFIG], arg ptr[in, kvm_xen_hvm_config])
ioctl$KVM_GET_CLOCK(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_GET_CLOCK], arg ptr[out, kvm_clock_data])
ioctl$KVM_SET_CLOCK(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_SET_CLOCK], arg ptr[in, kvm_clock_data])
ioctl$KVM_SET_USER_MEMORY_REGION(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_SET_USER_MEMORY_REGION], arg ptr[in, kvm_userspace_memory_region])
ioctl$KVM_SET_TSS_ADDR(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_SET_TSS_ADDR], arg flags[kvm_x86_tss_addr])
ioctl$KVM_ENABLE_CAP(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_ENABLE_CAP], arg ptr[in, kvm_enable_cap_vm])
ioctl$KVM_SET_IDENTITY_MAP_ADDR(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_SET_IDENTITY_MAP_ADDR], arg ptr[in, flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]])
ioctl$KVM_SET_BOOT_CPU_ID(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_SET_BOOT_CPU_ID], arg ptr[in, intptr[0:2]])
ioctl$KVM_PPC_GET_PVINFO(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_PPC_GET_PVINFO], arg buffer[out])
ioctl$KVM_ASSIGN_PCI_DEVICE(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_ASSIGN_PCI_DEVICE], arg ptr[in, kvm_assigned_pci_dev])
ioctl$KVM_DEASSIGN_PCI_DEVICE(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_DEASSIGN_PCI_DEVICE], arg ptr[in, kvm_assigned_pci_dev])
ioctl$KVM_ASSIGN_DEV_IRQ(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_ASSIGN_DEV_IRQ], arg ptr[in, kvm_assigned_irq])
ioctl$KVM_DEASSIGN_DEV_IRQ(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_DEASSIGN_DEV_IRQ], arg ptr[in, kvm_assigned_irq])
ioctl$KVM_SET_GSI_ROUTING(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_SET_GSI_ROUTING], arg ptr[in, kvm_irq_routing])
ioctl$KVM_ASSIGN_SET_MSIX_NR(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_ASSIGN_SET_MSIX_NR], arg ptr[in, kvm_assigned_msix_nr])
ioctl$KVM_ASSIGN_SET_MSIX_ENTRY(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_ASSIGN_SET_MSIX_ENTRY], arg ptr[in, kvm_assigned_msix_entry])
ioctl$KVM_IOEVENTFD(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_IOEVENTFD], arg ptr[in, kvm_ioeventfd])
ioctl$KVM_ASSIGN_SET_INTX_MASK(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_ASSIGN_SET_INTX_MASK], arg ptr[in, kvm_assigned_pci_dev])
ioctl$KVM_SIGNAL_MSI(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_SIGNAL_MSI], arg ptr[in, kvm_msi])
ioctl$KVM_CREATE_PIT2(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_CREATE_PIT2], arg ptr[in, kvm_pit_config])
ioctl$KVM_GET_PIT(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_GET_PIT], arg ptr[out, kvm_pit_state2])
ioctl$KVM_SET_PIT(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_SET_PIT], arg ptr[in, kvm_pit_state2])
ioctl$KVM_GET_PIT2(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_GET_PIT2], arg ptr[out, kvm_pit_state2])
ioctl$KVM_SET_PIT2(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_SET_PIT2], arg ptr[in, kvm_pit_state2])
ioctl$KVM_PPC_GET_SMMU_INFO(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_PPC_GET_SMMU_INFO], arg buffer[out])
ioctl$KVM_IRQFD(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_IRQFD], arg ptr[in, kvm_irqfd])
ioctl$KVM_PPC_ALLOCATE_HTAB(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_PPC_ALLOCATE_HTAB], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$KVM_CREATE_DEVICE(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_CREATE_DEVICE], arg ptr[inout, kvm_create_device])
ioctl$KVM_REGISTER_COALESCED_MMIO(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_REGISTER_COALESCED_MMIO], arg ptr[in, kvm_coalesced_mmio_zone])
ioctl$KVM_UNREGISTER_COALESCED_MMIO(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_UNREGISTER_COALESCED_MMIO], arg ptr[in, kvm_coalesced_mmio_zone])
ioctl$KVM_SET_NR_MMU_PAGES(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_SET_NR_MMU_PAGES], arg intptr)
ioctl$KVM_GET_NR_MMU_PAGES(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_GET_NR_MMU_PAGES], arg intptr)
ioctl$KVM_REINJECT_CONTROL(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_REINJECT_CONTROL], arg ptr[in, kvm_reinject_control])
ioctl$KVM_HYPERV_EVENTFD(fd fd_kvmvm, cmd const[KVM_HYPERV_EVENTFD], arg ptr[in, kvm_hyperv_eventfd])
ioctl$KVM_RUN(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_RUN], arg const[0])
ioctl$KVM_GET_REGS(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_REGS], arg ptr[out, kvm_regs])
ioctl$KVM_SET_REGS(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_REGS], arg ptr[in, kvm_regs])
ioctl$KVM_GET_SREGS(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_SREGS], arg ptr[out, kvm_sregs])
ioctl$KVM_SET_SREGS(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_SREGS], arg ptr[in, kvm_sregs])
ioctl$KVM_TRANSLATE(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_TRANSLATE], arg ptr[in, kvm_translation])
ioctl$KVM_INTERRUPT(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_INTERRUPT], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$KVM_GET_MSRS(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_MSRS], arg ptr[out, kvm_msrs])
ioctl$KVM_SET_MSRS(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_MSRS], arg ptr[in, kvm_msrs])
ioctl$KVM_SET_CPUID(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_CPUID], arg ptr[in, kvm_cpuid])
# NEED: we should be able to read kvm_cpuid2 with KVM_GET_CPUID2, alter few bits and then call KVM_SET_CPUID2 with that object.
ioctl$KVM_GET_CPUID2(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_CPUID2], arg ptr[out, kvm_cpuid2])
ioctl$KVM_SET_CPUID2(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_CPUID2], arg ptr[in, kvm_cpuid2])
ioctl$KVM_SET_SIGNAL_MASK(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_SIGNAL_MASK], arg ptr[in, kvm_signal_mask])
ioctl$KVM_GET_FPU(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_FPU], arg ptr[out, kvm_fpu])
ioctl$KVM_SET_FPU(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_FPU], arg ptr[in, kvm_fpu])
ioctl$KVM_GET_VCPU_EVENTS(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_VCPU_EVENTS], arg ptr[out, kvm_vcpu_events])
ioctl$KVM_SET_VCPU_EVENTS(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_VCPU_EVENTS], arg ptr[in, kvm_vcpu_events])
ioctl$KVM_GET_DEBUGREGS(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_DEBUGREGS], arg ptr[out, kvm_debugregs])
ioctl$KVM_SET_DEBUGREGS(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_DEBUGREGS], arg ptr[in, kvm_debugregs])
ioctl$KVM_ENABLE_CAP_CPU(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_ENABLE_CAP], arg ptr[in, kvm_enable_cap_cpu])
ioctl$KVM_GET_MP_STATE(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_MP_STATE], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$KVM_SET_MP_STATE(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_MP_STATE], arg ptr[in, flags[kvm_mp_state, int32]])
ioctl$KVM_GET_XSAVE(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_XSAVE], arg ptr[out, kvm_xsave])
ioctl$KVM_SET_XSAVE(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_XSAVE], arg ptr[in, kvm_xsave])
ioctl$KVM_GET_XCRS(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_XCRS], arg ptr[in, kvm_xcrs])
ioctl$KVM_SET_XCRS(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_XCRS], arg ptr[in, kvm_xcrs])
ioctl$KVM_SET_TSC_KHZ(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_TSC_KHZ], arg intptr)
ioctl$KVM_GET_TSC_KHZ(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_TSC_KHZ])
ioctl$KVM_GET_LAPIC(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_LAPIC], arg ptr[in, kvm_lapic_state])
ioctl$KVM_SET_LAPIC(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_LAPIC], arg ptr[in, kvm_lapic_state])
ioctl$KVM_DIRTY_TLB(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_DIRTY_TLB], arg ptr[in, kvm_dirty_tlb])
ioctl$KVM_NMI(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_NMI])
ioctl$KVM_S390_UCAS_MAP(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_S390_UCAS_MAP], arg ptr[in, kvm_s390_ucas_mapping])
ioctl$KVM_S390_UCAS_UNMAP(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_S390_UCAS_UNMAP], arg ptr[in, kvm_s390_ucas_mapping])
ioctl$KVM_S390_VCPU_FAULT(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_S390_VCPU_FAULT], arg ptr[in, int64])
ioctl$KVM_SET_ONE_REG(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_ONE_REG], arg ptr[in, kvm_one_reg])
ioctl$KVM_GET_ONE_REG(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_ONE_REG], arg ptr[in, kvm_one_reg])
ioctl$KVM_KVMCLOCK_CTRL(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_KVMCLOCK_CTRL])
ioctl$KVM_S390_INTERRUPT_CPU(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_S390_INTERRUPT], arg ptr[in, kvm_s390_interrupt])
ioctl$KVM_GET_REG_LIST(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_REG_LIST], arg ptr[in, kvm_reg_list])
ioctl$KVM_SET_GUEST_DEBUG(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_GUEST_DEBUG], arg ptr[in, kvm_guest_debug])
ioctl$KVM_SMI(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SMI])
ioctl$KVM_TPR_ACCESS_REPORTING(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_TPR_ACCESS_REPORTING], arg ptr[in, kvm_tpr_access_ctl])
ioctl$KVM_SET_VAPIC_ADDR(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_VAPIC_ADDR], arg ptr[in, flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]])
ioctl$KVM_X86_SETUP_MCE(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_X86_SETUP_MCE], arg ptr[in, kvm_mce_cap])
ioctl$KVM_X86_SET_MCE(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_X86_SET_MCE], arg ptr[in, kvm_x86_mce])
ioctl$KVM_ARM_VCPU_INIT(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_ARM_VCPU_INIT], arg ptr[in, kvm_vcpu_init])
ioctl$KVM_ARM_SET_DEVICE_ADDR(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_ARM_SET_DEVICE_ADDR], arg ptr[in, kvm_arm_device_addr])
ioctl$KVM_GET_NESTED_STATE(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_GET_NESTED_STATE], arg ptr[out, kvm_nested_state])
ioctl$KVM_SET_NESTED_STATE(fd fd_kvmcpu, cmd const[KVM_SET_NESTED_STATE], arg ptr[in, kvm_nested_state])
ioctl$KVM_SET_DEVICE_ATTR(fd fd_kvmdev, cmd const[KVM_SET_DEVICE_ATTR], arg ptr[in, kvm_device_attr])
ioctl$KVM_GET_DEVICE_ATTR(fd fd_kvmdev, cmd const[KVM_GET_DEVICE_ATTR], arg ptr[in, kvm_device_attr])
ioctl$KVM_HAS_DEVICE_ATTR(fd fd_kvmdev, cmd const[KVM_HAS_DEVICE_ATTR], arg ptr[in, kvm_device_attr])
kvm_ioeventfd_len = 0, 1, 2, 4, 8
kvm_device_flags = 0, KVM_CREATE_DEVICE_TEST
kvm_cpu_function = 0, 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, KVM_CPUID_SIGNATURE, KVM_CPUID_FEATURES, 0x80000000, 0x80000001, 0x80000007, 0x80000008, 0x80000019, 0xc0000000, 0xc0000001
kvm_guest_selector = 0, 3, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
kvm_mce_flags = 1, 2, 4
kvm_cpu_caps = KVM_CAP_HYPERV_SYNIC
kvm_mem_slots = 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 509, 510, 511, 10000, 65536, 65537, 65538, 65539, 65540, 66047, 66048, 66049
kvm_guest_addrs = 0, 1, 2, 4, 0x1000, 0x2000, 0x3000, 0x4000, 0x5000, 0x6000, 0xd000, 0xf000, 0x100000, 0x10000
kvm_guest_addr_size = 0x1000, 0x2000, 0x4000, 0x8000, 0x10000, 0x100000
kvm_x86_tss_addr = 0xd000
kvm_x86_cr0 = 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 65536, 262144, 536870912, 1073741824, 2147483648
kvm_x86_cr4 = 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 8192, 16384, 65536, 131072, 262144, 1048576, 2097152, 4194304
kvm_x86_efer = 1, 256, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768
kvm_x86_dr7 = 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128
kvm_x86_rflags = 1, 2, 4, 16, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, 65536, 131072, 262144, 524288, 1048576, 2097152
# Pseudo call that setups VCPU into a reasonable interesting state for execution.
# The interface is designed for extensibility so that addition of new options does not invalidate all existing programs.
syz_kvm_setup_cpu$x86(fd fd_kvmvm, cpufd fd_kvmcpu, usermem vma[24], text ptr[in, array[kvm_text_x86, 1]], ntext len[text], flags flags[kvm_setup_flags], opts ptr[in, array[kvm_setup_opt_x86, 0:2]], nopt len[opts])
syz_kvm_setup_cpu$arm64(fd fd_kvmvm, cpufd fd_kvmcpu, usermem vma[24], text ptr[in, array[kvm_text_arm64, 1]], ntext len[text], flags const[0], opts ptr[in, array[kvm_setup_opt_arm64, 1]], nopt len[opts])
kvm_text_x86 [
textreal kvm_text_x86_real
text16 kvm_text_x86_16
text32 kvm_text_x86_32
text64 kvm_text_x86_64
kvm_text_x86_real {
typ const[8, intptr]
text ptr[in, text[x86_real]]
size len[text, intptr]
kvm_text_x86_16 {
typ const[16, intptr]
text ptr[in, text[x86_16]]
size len[text, intptr]
kvm_text_x86_32 {
typ const[32, intptr]
text ptr[in, text[x86_32]]
size len[text, intptr]
kvm_text_x86_64 {
typ const[64, intptr]
text ptr[in, text[x86_64]]
size len[text, intptr]
kvm_text_arm64 {
typ const[0, intptr]
text ptr[in, text[arm64]]
size len[text, intptr]
kvm_setup_opt_x86 [
cr0 kvm_setup_opt_cr0
cr4 kvm_setup_opt_cr4
efer kvm_setup_opt_efer
flags kvm_setup_opt_flags
cstype0 kvm_setup_opt_cstype0
cstype3 kvm_setup_opt_cstype3
dstype0 kvm_setup_opt_dstype0
dstype3 kvm_setup_opt_dstype3
vmwrite kvm_setup_opt_vmwrite
kvm_setup_opt_cr0 {
typ const[0, int64]
val flags[kvm_x86_cr0, int64]
kvm_setup_opt_cr4 {
typ const[1, int64]
val flags[kvm_x86_cr4, int64]
kvm_setup_opt_efer {
typ const[2, int64]
val flags[kvm_x86_efer, int64]
kvm_setup_opt_flags {
typ const[3, int64]
val flags[kvm_x86_rflags, int64]
kvm_setup_opt_cstype0 {
typ const[4, int64]
val int64[0:15]
kvm_setup_opt_cstype3 {
typ const[5, int64]
val int64[0:15]
kvm_setup_opt_dstype0 {
typ const[6, int64]
val int64[0:15]
kvm_setup_opt_dstype3 {
typ const[7, int64]
val int64[0:15]
kvm_setup_opt_vmwrite {
typ const[8, int64]
# Low 16 bits are field index, high 48 bits are value.
sz const[0, int64:1]
fld int64:5
pad0 const[0, int64:4]
ftyp int64:2
pad1 const[0, int64:1]
fsz int64:2
pad2 const[0, int64:1]
val int64:48
kvm_setup_opt_arm64 [
# unions need at least 2 fields, but we have only 1 now, but we want to have it as union for future extention
featur1 kvm_setup_opt_feature
featur2 kvm_setup_opt_feature
kvm_setup_opt_feature {
typ const[1, int64]
val flags[kvm_vcpu_features_arm64, int64]
define KVM_SETUP_PAGING (1<<0)
define KVM_SETUP_PAE (1<<1)
define KVM_SETUP_CPL3 (1<<3)
define KVM_SETUP_VIRT86 (1<<4)
define KVM_SETUP_SMM (1<<5)
define KVM_SETUP_VM (1<<6)
kvm_guest_debug {
ctrl flags[kvm_guest_debug_flags, int32]
pad const[0, int32]
reg array[int64, 8]
kvm_arm_device_addr {
id int64
addr flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
kvm_reg_list {
n len[reg, int64]
reg array[int64]
kvm_device_attr {
flags const[0, int32]
group int32
attr int64
addr ptr64[in, int64]
kvm_create_device {
type flags[kvm_device_type, int32]
fd fd_kvmdev[opt]
flags flags[kvm_device_flags, int32]
kvm_s390_interrupt {
type int32
parm int32
parm64 int64
kvm_irqfd {
fd fd_event
gsi int32
flags int32
rfd fd_event
pad array[const[0, int8], 16]
kvm_pit_state2 {
chans array[kvm_pit_channel_state, 3]
flags int32
pad array[const[0, int32], 9]
kvm_pit_channel_state {
count int32
lcount int16
latched int8
lstatus int8
status int8
rstate int8
wstate int8
wlatch int8
rw int8
mode int8
bcd int8
gate int8
ltime int64
kvm_pit_config {
flags int32
pad array[const[0, int32], 15]
kvm_msi {
addrlo flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int32]
addrhi flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int32]
data int32
flags int32
devid int32
pad array[const[0, int8], 12]
kvm_one_reg {
id int64
addr int64
kvm_s390_ucas_mapping {
uaddr int64
vaddr int64
len int64
kvm_dirty_tlb {
bitmap int64
n int32
kvm_ioeventfd {
datam flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
addr ptr64[out, int64]
len flags[kvm_ioeventfd_len, int32]
fd fd_event
flags flags[kvm_ioeventfd_flags, int32]
pad array[const[0, int8], 36]
kvm_lapic_state {
regs array[int8, 1024]
kvm_assigned_msix_entry {
devid int32
gsi int32
entry int16
kvm_assigned_msix_nr {
devid int32
entnr int16
kvm_irq_routing {
nr len[entries, int32]
flags const[0, int32]
entries array[kvm_irq_routing_entry]
kvm_irq_routing_entry {
gsi int32
type flags[kvm_irq_routing_entry_type, int32]
flags const[0, int32]
pad const[0, int32]
u kvm_irq_routing_entry_u
kvm_irq_routing_entry_u [
irqchip kvm_irq_routing_irqchip
msi kvm_irq_routing_msi
adapter kvm_irq_routing_s390_adapter
sint kvm_irq_routing_hv_sint
kvm_irq_routing_irqchip {
irqchip int32
pin int32
kvm_irq_routing_msi {
addrlo int32
addrhi int32
data int32
kvm_irq_routing_s390_adapter {
indaddr int64
saddr int64
indoff int64
soff int32
aid int32
kvm_irq_routing_hv_sint {
vcpu int32
sint int32
kvm_assigned_irq {
devid int32
hirq int32
girq int32
flags flags[kvm_assigned_irq_flags, int32]
kvm_assigned_pci_dev {
devid int32
busnr int32
devfn int32
flags flags[kvm_dev_flags, int32]
segnr int32
kvm_xcr {
xcr int32
reserv const[0, int32]
val int64
kvm_xcrs {
nr len[xcrs, int32]
flags int32
xcrs array[kvm_xcr]
kvm_xsave {
region array[int8, 1024]
kvm_enable_cap_cpu {
cap flags[kvm_cpu_caps, int32]
flags const[0, int32]
args array[int64, 4]
pad array[const[0, int8], 64]
kvm_enable_cap_vm {
cap flags[kvm_vm_caps, int32]
flags const[0, int32]
args array[int64, 4]
pad array[const[0, int8], 64]
kvm_userspace_memory_region {
slot flags[kvm_mem_slots, int32]
flags flags[kvm_mem_region_flags, int32]
paddr flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
size len[addr, int64]
addr vma[1:2]
kvm_vcpu_events {
exinjec int8
exnr int8
exhec int8
pad1 const[0, int8]
exec int32
ininjec int8
innr int8
insoft int8
inshad int8
nmiinj int8
nmipend int8
nmimask int8
pad2 const[0, int8]
sipi int32
flags int32
smismm int8
smipend int8
smiinsi int8
smilatc int8
kvm_clock_data {
clock int64
flags int32
pad array[const[0, int32], 9]
kvm_xen_hvm_config {
flags int32
msr flags[msr_index, int32]
addr32 buffer[in]
addr64 buffer[in]
size32 len[addr32, int8]
size64 len[addr64, int8]
pad array[const[0, int8], 30]
kvm_irq_level {
irq int32
level int32
kvm_signal_mask {
len len[sigset, int32]
sigset array[int8]
kvm_cpuid_entry {
func flags[kvm_cpu_function, int32]
eax int32
ebx int32
ecx int32
edx int32
pad const[0, int32]
kvm_cpuid {
n len[entries, int32]
pad const[0, int32]
entries array[kvm_cpuid_entry]
kvm_cpuid_entry2 {
func flags[kvm_cpu_function, int32]
index int32
flags flags[kvm_cpuid_flags, int32]
eax int32
ebx int32
ecx int32
edx int32
pad array[const[0, int32], 3]
kvm_cpuid2 {
n len[entries, int32]
pad const[0, int32]
entries array[kvm_cpuid_entry2]
kvm_translation {
laddr flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
paddr flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
valid int8
write int8
umode int8
kvm_dirty_log {
slot flags[kvm_mem_slots, int32]
pad const[0, int32]
bitmap vma
kvm_msr_list {
n len[indices, int32]
indices array[const[0, int32]]
kvm_regs {
gp array[int64, 16]
rip flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
rflags flags[kvm_x86_rflags, int64]
kvm_sregs {
cs kvm_segment
ds kvm_segment
es kvm_segment
fs kvm_segment
gs kvm_segment
ss kvm_segment
tr kvm_segment
ldt kvm_segment
gdt kvm_dtable
idt kvm_dtable
cr0 flags[kvm_x86_cr0, int64]
cr2 const[0, int64]
# TODO: this should point to page table
cr3 flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
cr4 flags[kvm_x86_cr4, int64]
cr8 int64[0:15]
efer flags[kvm_x86_efer, int64]
apic flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
intr array[int64, 4]
kvm_segment {
base flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
limit flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int32]
select flags[kvm_guest_selector, int16]
type int8
present int8
dpl int8
db int8
s int8
l int8
g int8
avl int8
unusabl int8
padding const[0, int8]
kvm_dtable {
base flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
limit flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int16]
pad array[const[0, int16], 3]
kvm_fpu {
fpr array[const[0, int64], 16]
fcw int16
fsw int8
ftws int8
pad1 const[0, int8]
opcode int16
lastip flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
lastdp flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
xmm array[const[0, int64], 32]
mxcsr int32
pad2 const[0, int32]
kvm_debugregs {
db array[flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64], 4]
dr6 int64
dr7 flags[kvm_x86_dr7, int64]
flags int64
reserv array[const[0, int64], 9]
kvm_msrs {
nmsrs len[entries, int32]
pad const[0, int32]
entries array[kvm_msr_entry]
} [packed]
kvm_msr_entry {
index flags[msr_index, int32]
reserv const[0, int32]
data int64
kvm_irqchip {
chipid flags[kvm_chip_id, int32]
pad const[0, int32]
chip kvm_irq_chip
kvm_irq_chip [
pic kvm_pic_state
ioapic kvm_ioapic_state
kvm_pic_state {
lastirr int8
irr int8
imr int8
isr int8
padd int8
irqbase int8
readreg int8
poll int8
special int8
initst int8
autoeoi int8
rotate int8
nestedm int8
init4 int8
elcr int8
elcrmas int8
kvm_ioapic_state {
base flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
ioregs int32
id int32
irr int32
pad const[0, int32]
redir array[kvm_ioapic_redir, 24]
kvm_ioapic_redir {
vector int8
f0 int8
f1 int8
reserv array[const[0, int8], 4]
destid int8
kvm_tpr_access_ctl {
enabled int32
flags int32
reserv array[const[0, int32], 8]
kvm_mce_cap {
banks int8[0:32]
flags flags[kvm_mce_flags, int8]
count int8
pad const[0, int8]
kvm_x86_mce {
status flags[kvm_mce_status, int64]
addr flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
misc int64
mcg flags[kvm_mcg_status, int64]
bank int8[0:32]
pad1 array[const[0, int8], 7]
pad2 array[const[0, int64], 3]
kvm_reinject_control {
reinjec int8
reserv array[const[0, int8], 31]
kvm_coalesced_mmio_zone {
addr flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
size flags[kvm_guest_addr_size, int32]
pad const[0, int32]
kvm_vcpu_init {
target flags[kvm_vcpu_target, int32]
feature flags[kvm_vcpu_features_arm64, int32]
pad array[const[0, int32], 6]
kvm_hyperv_eventfd {
conn_id int32[0:4]
fd fd_event
flags bool32
padding array[const[0, int32], 3]
kvm_nested_state {
flags flags[kvm_nested_state_flags, int16]
format const[0, int16]
size bytesize[parent, int32]
vmx kvm_vmx_nested_state
pad array[const[0, int8], 96]
current_vmcs array[int8, VMCS12_SIZE]
shadow_vmcs array[int8, VMCS12_SIZE]
kvm_vmx_nested_state {
vmxon_pa flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
vmcs_pa flags[kvm_guest_addrs, int64]
smm_flags flags[kvm_nested_smm_flags, int16]
# pkg/ifuzz/pseudo.go also knows this list
msr_index = 0x0, 0x1, 0x10, 0x11, 0x12, 0x13, 0x17, 0x1b, 0x20, 0x21, 0x28, 0x29, 0x2a, 0x2c, 0x33, 0x34, 0x3a, 0x3b, 0x40, 0x60, 0x79, 0x88, 0x89, 0x8a, 0x8b, 0x9b, 0x9e, 0xc1, 0xc2, 0xcd, 0xce, 0xe2, 0xe7, 0xe8, 0xfe, 0x116, 0x118, 0x119, 0x11a, 0x11b, 0x11e, 0x174, 0x175, 0x176, 0x179, 0x17a, 0x17b, 0x180, 0x181, 0x182, 0x183, 0x184, 0x185, 0x186, 0x187, 0x188, 0x189, 0x18a, 0x198, 0x199, 0x19a, 0x19b, 0x19c, 0x19d, 0x1a0, 0x1a2, 0x1a6, 0x1a7, 0x1aa, 0x1ad, 0x1ae, 0x1af, 0x1b0, 0x1b1, 0x1b2, 0x1c8, 0x1c9, 0x1d9, 0x1db, 0x1dc, 0x1dd, 0x1de, 0x1e0, 0x1fc, 0x200, 0x201, 0x202, 0x203, 0x204, 0x205, 0x206, 0x207, 0x208, 0x209, 0x20a, 0x20b, 0x20c, 0x20d, 0x20e, 0x20f, 0x210, 0x211, 0x212, 0x213, 0x214, 0x215, 0x216, 0x217, 0x218, 0x219, 0x21a, 0x21b, 0x21c, 0x21d, 0x21e, 0x21f, 0x220, 0x221, 0x222, 0x223, 0x224, 0x225, 0x226, 0x227, 0x228, 0x229, 0x22a, 0x22b, 0x22c, 0x22d, 0x22e, 0x22f, 0x230, 0x231, 0x232, 0x233, 0x234, 0x235, 0x236, 0x237, 0x238, 0x239, 0x23a, 0x23b, 0x23c, 0x23d, 0x23e, 0x23f, 0x240, 0x241, 0x242, 0x243, 0x244, 0x245, 0x246, 0x247, 0x248, 0x249, 0x24a, 0x24b, 0x24c, 0x24d, 0x24e, 0x24f, 0x250, 0x251, 0x252, 0x253, 0x254, 0x255, 0x256, 0x257, 0x258, 0x259, 0x25a, 0x25b, 0x25c, 0x25d, 0x25e, 0x25f, 0x260, 0x261, 0x262, 0x263, 0x264, 0x265, 0x266, 0x267, 0x268, 0x269, 0x26a, 0x26b, 0x26c, 0x26d, 0x26e, 0x26f, 0x270, 0x271, 0x272, 0x273, 0x274, 0x275, 0x276, 0x277, 0x278, 0x279, 0x27a, 0x27b, 0x27c, 0x27d, 0x27e, 0x27f, 0x280, 0x281, 0x282, 0x283, 0x284, 0x285, 0x286, 0x287, 0x288, 0x289, 0x28a, 0x28b, 0x28c, 0x28d, 0x28e, 0x28f, 0x290, 0x291, 0x292, 0x293, 0x294, 0x295, 0x296, 0x297, 0x298, 0x299, 0x29a, 0x29b, 0x29c, 0x29d, 0x29e, 0x29f, 0x2a0, 0x2a1, 0x2a2, 0x2a3, 0x2a4, 0x2a5, 0x2a6, 0x2a7, 0x2a8, 0x2a9, 0x2aa, 0x2ab, 0x2ac, 0x2ad, 0x2ae, 0x2af, 0x2b0, 0x2b1, 0x2b2, 0x2b3, 0x2b4, 0x2b5, 0x2b6, 0x2b7, 0x2b8, 0x2b9, 0x2ba, 0x2bb, 0x2bc, 0x2bd, 0x2be, 0x2bf, 0x2c0, 0x2c1, 0x2c2, 0x2c3, 0x2c4, 0x2c5, 0x2c6, 0x2c7, 0x2c8, 0x2c9, 0x2ca, 0x2cb, 0x2cc, 0x2cd, 0x2ce, 0x2cf, 0x2d0, 0x2d1, 0x2d2, 0x2d3, 0x2d4, 0x2d5, 0x2d6, 0x2d7, 0x2d8, 0x2d9, 0x2da, 0x2db, 0x2dc, 0x2dd, 0x2de, 0x2df, 0x2e0, 0x2e1, 0x2e2, 0x2e3, 0x2e4, 0x2e5, 0x2e6, 0x2e7, 0x2e8, 0x2e9, 0x2ea, 0x2eb, 0x2ec, 0x2ed, 0x2ee, 0x2ef, 0x2f0, 0x2f1, 0x2f2, 0x2f3, 0x2f4, 0x2f5, 0x2f6, 0x2f7, 0x2f8, 0x2f9, 0x2fa, 0x2fb, 0x2fc, 0x2fd, 0x2fe, 0x2ff, 0x300, 0x301, 0x302, 0x303, 0x304, 0x305, 0x306, 0x307, 0x308, 0x309, 0x30a, 0x30b, 0x30c, 0x30d, 0x30e, 0x30f, 0x310, 0x311, 0x312, 0x313, 0x314, 0x315, 0x316, 0x317, 0x318, 0x319, 0x31a, 0x31b, 0x31c, 0x31d, 0x31e, 0x31f, 0x320, 0x321, 0x322, 0x323, 0x324, 0x325, 0x326, 0x327, 0x328, 0x329, 0x32a, 0x32b, 0x32c, 0x32d, 0x32e, 0x32f, 0x330, 0x331, 0x332, 0x333, 0x334, 0x335, 0x336, 0x337, 0x338, 0x339, 0x33a, 0x33b, 0x33c, 0x33d, 0x33e, 0x33f, 0x340, 0x341, 0x342, 0x343, 0x344, 0x345, 0x346, 0x347, 0x348, 0x349, 0x34a, 0x34b, 0x34c, 0x34d, 0x34e, 0x34f, 0x350, 0x351, 0x352, 0x353, 0x354, 0x355, 0x356, 0x357, 0x358, 0x359, 0x35a, 0x35b, 0x35c, 0x35d, 0x35e, 0x35f, 0x360, 0x361, 0x362, 0x363, 0x364, 0x365, 0x366, 0x367, 0x368, 0x369, 0x36a, 0x36b, 0x36c, 0x36d, 0x36e, 0x36f, 0x370, 0x371, 0x372, 0x373, 0x374, 0x375, 0x376, 0x377, 0x378, 0x379, 0x37a, 0x37b, 0x37c, 0x37d, 0x37e, 0x37f, 0x380, 0x381, 0x382, 0x383, 0x384, 0x385, 0x386, 0x387, 0x388, 0x389, 0x38a, 0x38b, 0x38c, 0x38d, 0x38e, 0x38f, 0x390, 0x391, 0x392, 0x393, 0x394, 0x395, 0x396, 0x397, 0x398, 0x399, 0x39a, 0x39b, 0x39c, 0x39d, 0x39e, 0x39f, 0x3a0, 0x3a1, 0x3a2, 0x3a3, 0x3a4, 0x3a5, 0x3a6, 0x3a7, 0x3a8, 0x3a9, 0x3aa, 0x3ab, 0x3ac, 0x3ad, 0x3ae, 0x3af, 0x3b0, 0x3b1, 0x3b2, 0x3b3, 0x3b4, 0x3b5, 0x3b6, 0x3b7, 0x3b8, 0x3b9, 0x3ba, 0x3bb, 0x3bc, 0x3bd, 0x3be, 0x3bf, 0x3c2, 0x3c3, 0x3c4, 0x3c5, 0x3f1, 0x3f2, 0x3f6, 0x3f7, 0x3f8, 0x3f9, 0x3fa, 0x3fc, 0x3fd, 0x3fe, 0x3ff, 0x400, 0x401, 0x402, 0x403, 0x404, 0x405, 0x406, 0x407, 0x408, 0x409, 0x40a, 0x40b, 0x40c, 0x40d, 0x40e, 0x40f, 0x410, 0x411, 0x412, 0x413, 0x480, 0x481, 0x482, 0x483, 0x484, 0x485, 0x486, 0x487, 0x488, 0x489, 0x48a, 0x48b, 0x48c, 0x48d, 0x48e, 0x48f, 0x490, 0x491, 0x4c1, 0x4d0, 0x560, 0x561, 0x570, 0x571, 0x572, 0x580, 0x581, 0x582, 0x583, 0x584, 0x585, 0x586, 0x587, 0x600, 0x606, 0x60a, 0x60b, 0x60c, 0x60d, 0x610, 0x611, 0x613, 0x614, 0x618, 0x619, 0x61b, 0x61c, 0x630, 0x631, 0x632, 0x633, 0x634, 0x635, 0x638, 0x639, 0x63a, 0x63b, 0x640, 0x641, 0x642, 0x648, 0x649, 0x64a, 0x64b, 0x64c, 0x64d, 0x64e, 0x64f, 0x658, 0x659, 0x65a, 0x65b, 0x660, 0x668, 0x669, 0x680, 0x690, 0x6b0, 0x6b1, 0x6c0, 0x6e0, 0x770, 0x771, 0x772, 0x773, 0x774, 0x777, 0x800, 0x801, 0x802, 0x803, 0x804, 0x805, 0x806, 0x807, 0x808, 0x809, 0x80a, 0x80b, 0x80c, 0x80d, 0x80e, 0x80f, 0x810, 0x811, 0x812, 0x813, 0x814, 0x815, 0x816, 0x817, 0x818, 0x819, 0x81a, 0x81b, 0x81c, 0x81d, 0x81e, 0x81f, 0x820, 0x821, 0x822, 0x823, 0x824, 0x825, 0x826, 0x827, 0x828, 0x829, 0x82a, 0x82b, 0x82c, 0x82d, 0x82e, 0x82f, 0x830, 0x831, 0x832, 0x833, 0x834, 0x835, 0x836, 0x837, 0x838, 0x839, 0x83a, 0x83b, 0x83c, 0x83d, 0x83e, 0x83f, 0x840, 0x841, 0x842, 0x843, 0x844, 0x845, 0x846, 0x847, 0x848, 0x849, 0x84a, 0x84b, 0x84c, 0x84d, 0x84e, 0x84f, 0x850, 0x851, 0x852, 0x853, 0x854, 0x855, 0x856, 0x857, 0x858, 0x859, 0x85a, 0x85b, 0x85c, 0x85d, 0x85e, 0x85f, 0x860, 0x861, 0x862, 0x863, 0x864, 0x865, 0x866, 0x867, 0x868, 0x869, 0x86a, 0x86b, 0x86c, 0x86d, 0x86e, 0x86f, 0x870, 0x871, 0x872, 0x873, 0x874, 0x875, 0x876, 0x877, 0x878, 0x879, 0x87a, 0x87b, 0x87c, 0x87d, 0x87e, 0x87f, 0x880, 0x881, 0x882, 0x883, 0x884, 0x885, 0x886, 0x887, 0x888, 0x889, 0x88a, 0x88b, 0x88c, 0x88d, 0x88e, 0x88f, 0x890, 0x891, 0x892, 0x893, 0x894, 0x895, 0x896, 0x897, 0x898, 0x899, 0x89a, 0x89b, 0x89c, 0x89d, 0x89e, 0x89f, 0x8a0, 0x8a1, 0x8a2, 0x8a3, 0x8a4, 0x8a5, 0x8a6, 0x8a7, 0x8a8, 0x8a9, 0x8aa, 0x8ab, 0x8ac, 0x8ad, 0x8ae, 0x8af, 0x8b0, 0x8b1, 0x8b2, 0x8b3, 0x8b4, 0x8b5, 0x8b6, 0x8b7, 0x8b8, 0x8b9, 0x8ba, 0x8bb, 0x8bc, 0x8bd, 0x8be, 0x8bf, 0x8c0, 0x8c1, 0x8c2, 0x8c3, 0x8c4, 0x8c5, 0x8c6, 0x8c7, 0x8c8, 0x8c9, 0x8ca, 0x8cb, 0x8cc, 0x8cd, 0x8ce, 0x8cf, 0x8d0, 0x8d1, 0x8d2, 0x8d3, 0x8d4, 0x8d5, 0x8d6, 0x8d7, 0x8d8, 0x8d9, 0x8da, 0x8db, 0x8dc, 0x8dd, 0x8de, 0x8df, 0x8e0, 0x8e1, 0x8e2, 0x8e3, 0x8e4, 0x8e5, 0x8e6, 0x8e7, 0x8e8, 0x8e9, 0x8ea, 0x8eb, 0x8ec, 0x8ed, 0x8ee, 0x8ef, 0x8f0, 0x8f1, 0x8f2, 0x8f3, 0x8f4, 0x8f5, 0x8f6, 0x8f7, 0x8f8, 0x8f9, 0x8fa, 0x8fb, 0x8fc, 0x8fd, 0x8fe, 0x8ff, 0x900, 0x901, 0x902, 0x903, 0x904, 0x905, 0x906, 0x907, 0x908, 0x909, 0x90a, 0x90b, 0x90c, 0x90d, 0x90e, 0x90f, 0x910, 0x911, 0x912, 0x913, 0x914, 0x915, 0x916, 0x917, 0x918, 0x919, 0x91a, 0x91b, 0x91c, 0x91d, 0x91e, 0x91f, 0x920, 0x921, 0x922, 0x923, 0x924, 0x925, 0x926, 0x927, 0x928, 0x929, 0x92a, 0x92b, 0x92c, 0x92d, 0x92e, 0x92f, 0x930, 0x931, 0x932, 0x933, 0x934, 0x935, 0x936, 0x937, 0x938, 0x939, 0x93a, 0x93b, 0x93c, 0x93d, 0x93e, 0x93f, 0x940, 0x941, 0x942, 0x943, 0x944, 0x945, 0x946, 0x947, 0x948, 0x949, 0x94a, 0x94b, 0x94c, 0x94d, 0x94e, 0x94f, 0x950, 0x951, 0x952, 0x953, 0x954, 0x955, 0x956, 0x957, 0x958, 0x959, 0x95a, 0x95b, 0x95c, 0x95d, 0x95e, 0x95f, 0x960, 0x961, 0x962, 0x963, 0x964, 0x965, 0x966, 0x967, 0x968, 0x969, 0x96a, 0x96b, 0x96c, 0x96d, 0x96e, 0x96f, 0x970, 0x971, 0x972, 0x973, 0x974, 0x975, 0x976, 0x977, 0x978, 0x979, 0x97a, 0x97b, 0x97c, 0x97d, 0x97e, 0x97f, 0x980, 0x981, 0x982, 0x983, 0x984, 0x985, 0x986, 0x987, 0x988, 0x989, 0x98a, 0x98b, 0x98c, 0x98d, 0x98e, 0x98f, 0x990, 0x991, 0x992, 0x993, 0x994, 0x995, 0x996, 0x997, 0x998, 0x999, 0x99a, 0x99b, 0x99c, 0x99d, 0x99e, 0x99f, 0x9a0, 0x9a1, 0x9a2, 0x9a3, 0x9a4, 0x9a5, 0x9a6, 0x9a7, 0x9a8, 0x9a9, 0x9aa, 0x9ab, 0x9ac, 0x9ad, 0x9ae, 0x9af, 0x9b0, 0x9b1, 0x9b2, 0x9b3, 0x9b4, 0x9b5, 0x9b6, 0x9b7, 0x9b8, 0x9b9, 0x9ba, 0x9bb, 0x9bc, 0x9bd, 0x9be, 0x9bf, 0x9c0, 0x9c1, 0x9c2, 0x9c3, 0x9c4, 0x9c5, 0x9c6, 0x9c7, 0x9c8, 0x9c9, 0x9ca, 0x9cb, 0x9cc, 0x9cd, 0x9ce, 0x9cf, 0x9d0, 0x9d1, 0x9d2, 0x9d3, 0x9d4, 0x9d5, 0x9d6, 0x9d7, 0x9d8, 0x9d9, 0x9da, 0x9db, 0x9dc, 0x9dd, 0x9de, 0x9df, 0x9e0, 0x9e1, 0x9e2, 0x9e3, 0x9e4, 0x9e5, 0x9e6, 0x9e7, 0x9e8, 0x9e9, 0x9ea, 0x9eb, 0x9ec, 0x9ed, 0x9ee, 0x9ef, 0x9f0, 0x9f1, 0x9f2, 0x9f3, 0x9f4, 0x9f5, 0x9f6, 0x9f7, 0x9f8, 0x9f9, 0x9fa, 0x9fb, 0x9fc, 0x9fd, 0x9fe, 0x9ff, 0xa00, 0xa01, 0xa02, 0xa03, 0xa04, 0xa05, 0xa06, 0xa07, 0xa08, 0xa09, 0xa0a, 0xa0b, 0xa0c, 0xa0d, 0xa0e, 0xa0f, 0xa10, 0xa11, 0xa12, 0xa13, 0xa14, 0xa15, 0xa16, 0xa17, 0xa18, 0xa19, 0xa1a, 0xa1b, 0xa1c, 0xa1d, 0xa1e, 0xa1f, 0xa20, 0xa21, 0xa22, 0xa23, 0xa24, 0xa25, 0xa26, 0xa27, 0xa28, 0xa29, 0xa2a, 0xa2b, 0xa2c, 0xa2d, 0xa2e, 0xa2f, 0xa30, 0xa31, 0xa32, 0xa33, 0xa34, 0xa35, 0xa36, 0xa37, 0xa38, 0xa39, 0xa3a, 0xa3b, 0xa3c, 0xa3d, 0xa3e, 0xa3f, 0xa40, 0xa41, 0xa42, 0xa43, 0xa44, 0xa45, 0xa46, 0xa47, 0xa48, 0xa49, 0xa4a, 0xa4b, 0xa4c, 0xa4d, 0xa4e, 0xa4f, 0xa50, 0xa51, 0xa52, 0xa53, 0xa54, 0xa55, 0xa56, 0xa57, 0xa58, 0xa59, 0xa5a, 0xa5b, 0xa5c, 0xa5d, 0xa5e, 0xa5f, 0xa60, 0xa61, 0xa62, 0xa63, 0xa64, 0xa65, 0xa66, 0xa67, 0xa68, 0xa69, 0xa6a, 0xa6b, 0xa6c, 0xa6d, 0xa6e, 0xa6f, 0xa70, 0xa71, 0xa72, 0xa73, 0xa74, 0xa75, 0xa76, 0xa77, 0xa78, 0xa79, 0xa7a, 0xa7b, 0xa7c, 0xa7d, 0xa7e, 0xa7f, 0xa80, 0xa81, 0xa82, 0xa83, 0xa84, 0xa85, 0xa86, 0xa87, 0xa88, 0xa89, 0xa8a, 0xa8b, 0xa8c, 0xa8d, 0xa8e, 0xa8f, 0xa90, 0xa91, 0xa92, 0xa93, 0xa94, 0xa95, 0xa96, 0xa97, 0xa98, 0xa99, 0xa9a, 0xa9b, 0xa9c, 0xa9d, 0xa9e, 0xa9f, 0xaa0, 0xaa1, 0xaa2, 0xaa3, 0xaa4, 0xaa5, 0xaa6, 0xaa7, 0xaa8, 0xaa9, 0xaaa, 0xaab, 0xaac, 0xaad, 0xaae, 0xaaf, 0xab0, 0xab1, 0xab2, 0xab3, 0xab4, 0xab5, 0xab6, 0xab7, 0xab8, 0xab9, 0xaba, 0xabb, 0xabc, 0xabd, 0xabe, 0xabf, 0xac0, 0xac1, 0xac2, 0xac3, 0xac4, 0xac5, 0xac6, 0xac7, 0xac8, 0xac9, 0xaca, 0xacb, 0xacc, 0xacd, 0xace, 0xacf, 0xad0, 0xad1, 0xad2, 0xad3, 0xad4, 0xad5, 0xad6, 0xad7, 0xad8, 0xad9, 0xada, 0xadb, 0xadc, 0xadd, 0xade, 0xadf, 0xae0, 0xae1, 0xae2, 0xae3, 0xae4, 0xae5, 0xae6, 0xae7, 0xae8, 0xae9, 0xaea, 0xaeb, 0xaec, 0xaed, 0xaee, 0xaef, 0xaf0, 0xaf1, 0xaf2, 0xaf3, 0xaf4, 0xaf5, 0xaf6, 0xaf7, 0xaf8, 0xaf9, 0xafa, 0xafb, 0xafc, 0xafd, 0xafe, 0xaff, 0xb00, 0xb01, 0xb02, 0xb03, 0xb04, 0xb05, 0xb06, 0xb07, 0xb08, 0xb09, 0xb0a, 0xb0b, 0xb0c, 0xb0d, 0xb0e, 0xb0f, 0xb10, 0xb11, 0xb12, 0xb13, 0xb14, 0xb15, 0xb16, 0xb17, 0xb18, 0xb19, 0xb1a, 0xb1b, 0xb1c, 0xb1d, 0xb1e, 0xb1f, 0xb20, 0xb21, 0xb22, 0xb23, 0xb24, 0xb25, 0xb26, 0xb27, 0xb28, 0xb29, 0xb2a, 0xb2b, 0xb2c, 0xb2d, 0xb2e, 0xb2f, 0xb30, 0xb31, 0xb32, 0xb33, 0xb34, 0xb35, 0xb36, 0xb37, 0xb38, 0xb39, 0xb3a, 0xb3b, 0xb3c, 0xb3d, 0xb3e, 0xb3f, 0xb40, 0xb41, 0xb42, 0xb43, 0xb44, 0xb45, 0xb46, 0xb47, 0xb48, 0xb49, 0xb4a, 0xb4b, 0xb4c, 0xb4d, 0xb4e, 0xb4f, 0xb50, 0xb51, 0xb52, 0xb53, 0xb54, 0xb55, 0xb56, 0xb57, 0xb58, 0xb59, 0xb5a, 0xb5b, 0xb5c, 0xb5d, 0xb5e, 0xb5f, 0xb60, 0xb61, 0xb62, 0xb63, 0xb64, 0xb65, 0xb66, 0xb67, 0xb68, 0xb69, 0xb6a, 0xb6b, 0xb6c, 0xb6d, 0xb6e, 0xb6f, 0xb70, 0xb71, 0xb72, 0xb73, 0xb74, 0xb75, 0xb76, 0xb77, 0xb78, 0xb79, 0xb7a, 0xb7b, 0xb7c, 0xb7d, 0xb7e, 0xb7f, 0xb80, 0xb81, 0xb82, 0xb83, 0xb84, 0xb85, 0xb86, 0xb87, 0xb88, 0xb89, 0xb8a, 0xb8b, 0xb8c, 0xb8d, 0xb8e, 0xb8f, 0xb90, 0xb91, 0xb92, 0xb93, 0xb94, 0xb95, 0xb96, 0xb97, 0xb98, 0xb99, 0xb9a, 0xb9b, 0xb9c, 0xb9d, 0xb9e, 0xb9f, 0xba0, 0xba1, 0xba2, 0xba3, 0xba4, 0xba5, 0xba6, 0xba7, 0xba8, 0xba9, 0xbaa, 0xbab, 0xbac, 0xbad, 0xbae, 0xbaf, 0xbb0, 0xbb1, 0xbb2, 0xbb3, 0xbb4, 0xbb5, 0xbb6, 0xbb7, 0xbb8, 0xbb9, 0xbba, 0xbbb, 0xbbc, 0xbbd, 0xbbe, 0xbbf, 0xbc0, 0xbc1, 0xbc2, 0xbc3, 0xbc4, 0xbc5, 0xbc6, 0xbc7, 0xbc8, 0xbc9, 0xbca, 0xbcb, 0xbcc, 0xbcd, 0xbce, 0xbcf, 0xbd0, 0xbd1, 0xbd2, 0xbd3, 0xbd4, 0xbd5, 0xbd6, 0xbd7, 0xbd8, 0xbd9, 0xbda, 0xbdb, 0xbdc, 0xbdd, 0xbde, 0xbdf, 0xbe0, 0xbe1, 0xbe2, 0xbe3, 0xbe4, 0xbe5, 0xbe6, 0xbe7, 0xbe8, 0xbe9, 0xbea, 0xbeb, 0xbec, 0xbed, 0xbee, 0xbef, 0xbf0, 0xbf1, 0xbf2, 0xbf3, 0xbf4, 0xbf5, 0xbf6, 0xbf7, 0xbf8, 0xbf9, 0xbfa, 0xbfb, 0xbfc, 0xbfd, 0xbfe, 0xbff, 0xd90, 0xda0, 0xdc0, 0xdc1, 0xdc2, 0xdc3, 0xdc4, 0xdc5, 0xdc6, 0xdc7, 0x40000000, 0x40000001, 0x40000002, 0x40000003, 0x40000010, 0x40000020, 0x40000022, 0x40000023, 0x40000070, 0x40000071, 0x40000072, 0x40000073, 0x40000080, 0x40000081, 0x40000082, 0x40000083, 0x40000084, 0x40000090, 0x40000091, 0x40000092, 0x40000093, 0x40000094, 0x40000095, 0x40000096, 0x40000097, 0x40000098, 0x40000099, 0x4000009a, 0x4000009b, 0x4000009c, 0x4000009d, 0x4000009e, 0x4000009f, 0x400000b0, 0x400000b1, 0x400000b2, 0x400000b3, 0x400000b4, 0x400000b5, 0x400000b6, 0x400000b7, 0x40000100, 0x40000101, 0x40000102, 0x40000103, 0x40000104, 0x40000105, 0x4b564d00, 0x4b564d01, 0x4b564d02, 0x4b564d03, 0x4b564d04, 0xc0000080, 0xc0000081, 0xc0000082, 0xc0000083, 0xc0000084, 0xc0000100, 0xc0000101, 0xc0000102, 0xc0000103, 0xc0000104, 0xc001001f, 0xc0010020, 0xc0010044, 0xc0010062, 0xc0010063, 0xc0010064, 0xc0010114, 0xc0010115, 0xc0010117, 0xc0010140, 0xc0010141, 0xc0011020, 0xc0011022, 0xc001102a, 0xc0011030, 0xc0011031, 0xc0011032, 0xc0011033, 0xc0011034, 0xc0011035, 0xc0011036, 0xc0011037, 0xc0011038, 0xc0011039, 0xc001103a, 0xc001103b, 0xc001103d
define VMCS12_SIZE 0x1000