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# Copyright 2019 syzkaller project authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by Apache 2 LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file.
include <sys/types.h>
include <sys/time.h>
include <sys/fcntl.h>
include <sys/ioctl.h>
include <net/bpf.h>
include <net/if.h>
resource fd_bpf[fd]
openat$bpf(fd const[AT_FDCWD], file ptr[in, string["/dev/bpf"]], flags flags[open_flags], mode const[0]) fd_bpf
ioctl$BIOCFLUSH(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCFLUSH])
ioctl$BIOCGBLEN(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCGBLEN], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$BIOCGDIRFILT(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCGDIRFILT], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$BIOCGDLTLIST(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCGDLTLIST], arg ptr[out, bpf_dltlist])
ioctl$BIOCGETIF(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCGETIF], arg ptr[out, ifreq])
ioctl$BIOCGFILDROP(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCGFILDROP], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$BIOCGHDRCMPLT(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCGHDRCMPLT], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$BIOCGRSIG(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCGRSIG], arg ptr[out, int32])
ioctl$BIOCGRTIMEOUT(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCGRTIMEOUT], arg ptr[out, timeval])
ioctl$BIOCGSTATS(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCGSTATS], arg ptr[out, bpf_stat])
ioctl$BIOCIMMEDIATE(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCIMMEDIATE], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$BIOCLOCK(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCLOCK])
ioctl$BIOCPROMISC(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCPROMISC])
ioctl$BIOCSBLEN(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCSBLEN], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$BIOCSDIRFILT(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCSDIRFILT], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$BIOCSDLT(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCSDLT], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$BIOCSETF(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCSETF], arg ptr[in, bpf_program])
ioctl$BIOCSETIF(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCSETIF], arg ptr[in, ifreq_name])
ioctl$BIOCSETWF(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCSETWF], arg ptr[in, bpf_program])
ioctl$BIOCSFILDROP(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCSFILDROP], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$BIOCSHDRCMPLT(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCSHDRCMPLT], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$BIOCSRSIG(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCSRSIG], arg ptr[in, int32])
ioctl$BIOCSRTIMEOUT(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCSRTIMEOUT], arg ptr[in, timeval])
ioctl$BIOCVERSION(fd fd_bpf, cmd const[BIOCVERSION], arg ptr[out, bpf_version])
bpf_dltlist {
bfl_len len[bfl_list, int32]
bfl_list ptr[in, array[int32]]
bf_insns {
code int16
jt int8
jf int8
k int32
bpf_program {
bf_len len[bf_insns, int32]
bf_insns ptr[in, array[bf_insns]]
bpf_stat {
bs_recv int32
bs_drop int32
bpf_version {
bv_major int16
bv_minor int16
ifreq {
ifr_name string[filename, IFNAMSIZ]
ifr_ifru ifr_ifru
ifreq_name {
ifr_name stringnoz["tap"]
tapindex proc['0', 1, int8]
z const[0, int8]
} [size[IFREQ_SIZE]]
define IFREQ_SIZE sizeof(struct ifreq)
ifr_ifru [
ifru_addr sockaddr_storage
ifru_dstaddr sockaddr_storage
ifru_broadaddr sockaddr_storage
ifru_flags int16
ifru_metric int32
ifru_vnetid int64
ifru_media int64
ifru_data buffer[in]
ifru_index int32
] [varlen]