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// Copyright 2019 syzkaller project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by Apache 2 LICENSE that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package build
import (
type freebsd struct{}
func (ctx freebsd) build(targetArch, vmType, kernelDir, outputDir, compiler, userspaceDir,
cmdlineFile, sysctlFile string, config []byte) error {
confDir := fmt.Sprintf("%v/sys/%v/conf/", kernelDir, targetArch)
confFile := "SYZKALLER"
if config == nil {
config = []byte(`
include "./GENERIC"
options COVERAGE
options KCOV
if err := osutil.WriteFile(filepath.Join(confDir, confFile), config); err != nil {
return err
objPrefix := filepath.Join(kernelDir, "obj")
if err := ctx.make(kernelDir, objPrefix, "kernel-toolchain", "-DNO_CLEAN"); err != nil {
return err
if err := ctx.make(kernelDir, objPrefix, "buildkernel", fmt.Sprintf("KERNCONF=%v", confFile)); err != nil {
return err
kernelObjDir := filepath.Join(objPrefix, kernelDir, fmt.Sprintf("%v.%v", targetArch, targetArch), "sys", confFile)
for _, s := range []struct{ dir, src, dst string }{
{userspaceDir, "image", "image"},
{userspaceDir, "key", "key"},
{kernelObjDir, "kernel.full", "obj/kernel.full"},
} {
fullSrc := filepath.Join(s.dir, s.src)
fullDst := filepath.Join(outputDir, s.dst)
if err := osutil.CopyFile(fullSrc, fullDst); err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("failed to copy %v -> %v: %v", fullSrc, fullDst, err)
script := fmt.Sprintf(`
set -eux
md=$(sudo mdconfig -a -t vnode image)
partn=$(gpart show /dev/${md} | awk '/freebsd-ufs/{print $3}' | head -n 1)
tmpdir=$(mktemp -d)
sudo mount /dev/${md}p${partn} $tmpdir
sudo MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=%s make -C %s installkernel KERNCONF=%s DESTDIR=$tmpdir
echo 'pf_load="YES"' | sudo tee -a /boot/loader.conf
sudo umount $tmpdir
sudo mdconfig -d -u ${md#md}
`, objPrefix, kernelDir, confFile)
if debugOut, err := osutil.RunCmd(10*time.Minute, outputDir, "/bin/sh", "-c", script); err != nil {
return fmt.Errorf("error copying kernel: %v\n%v", err, debugOut)
return nil
func (ctx freebsd) clean(kernelDir, targetArch string) error {
objPrefix := filepath.Join(kernelDir, "obj")
return ctx.make(kernelDir, objPrefix, "cleanworld")
func (ctx freebsd) make(kernelDir string, objPrefix string, makeArgs ...string) error {
args := append([]string{
fmt.Sprintf("MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=%v", objPrefix),
"-C", kernelDir,
"-j", strconv.Itoa(runtime.NumCPU()),
}, makeArgs...)
_, err := osutil.RunCmd(3*time.Hour, kernelDir, "sh", "-c", strings.Join(args, " "))
return err