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SWIG (Simplified Wrapper and Interface Generator)
See the CHANGES.current file for changes in the current version.
See the RELEASENOTES file for a summary of changes in each release.
Issue # numbers mentioned below can be found on Github. For more details, add
the issue number to the end of the URL:
Version 4.0.0 (27 Apr 2019)
2019-04-24: vadz
#1517 Fix crash if "@return" Doxygen tag was used on a node without any return type.
2019-04-24: vadz
#1515 Fix parsing of enums with trailing comma when using -doxygen.
2019-04-19: ianlancetaylor
[Go] #1055 When generating Go code, make -cgo the default. Add new -no-cgo option
to disable the default.
2019-04-19: pbecherer
[Tcl] #1508 Fix Visual Studio 2015 and later compilation errors due to snprintf macro
2019-04-09: wsfulton
[C#] Fix FxCop warning CA2002 in SWIGPendingException - a lock on a reference of
type 'Type'.
2019-03-30: wsfulton
[Java, D] Add the parameters typemap attribute to the javadestruct,
javadestruct_derived, ddispose, ddispose_derived typemaps to mirror enhanced
flexibility in the csdisposing and csdisposing_derived (C#) typemaps. If provided
the contents are generated as the delete/dispose method's parameters declaration.
2019-03-30: wsfulton
[C#] #421 Fix FxCop warning CA1063 by implementing the recommended Dispose methods for
the IDisposable interface. Previously just the Dispose() method was generated.
Now the Dispose() and Dispose(bool disposing) methods are generated.
Changes are required if custom "csfinalize", "csdestruct" or "csdestruct_derived"
typemaps are being used. Details in #421 on Github. SWIG will error out if one of
the "csfinalize, "csdestruct" or "csdestruct_derived" typemaps are found. Example
error message:
foo.h:60: Error: A deprecated csfinalize typemap was found for Foo, please remove
it and replace all csdestruct, csdestruct_derived and csfinalize typemaps by the
csdispose, csdispose_derived, csdisposing and csdisposing_derived typemaps.
2019-03-25: Liryna
[C#] #1143 Add std_list.i for std::list support.
The C# std::list<T> wrappers are made to look and feel like a C#
System.Collections.Generic.LinkedList<> collection.
The IEnumerable<> interface is implemented in the proxy class.
The ICollection<> interface can also be implemented to provide enhanced functionality
whenever a C++ operator== is available. This is the case for when T is a
primitive type or a pointer. If T does define an operator==, then use the
SWIG_STD_LIST_ENHANCED macro to obtain this enhanced functionality, for example:
%template(ListKlass) std::list<SomeNamespace::Klass>;
2019-03-18: richardbeare
[R] #1328 Non-trivial enums are working now. The enum values are now obtained from
the C/C++ layer. const reference enums and C++11 enum classes are also now working.
2019-03-14: mochizk
[Javascript] #1500 Fix compilation errors due to deprecating V8 API in Node.js.
New V8 API is used if node.js >= v10.12, or if V8 >= v7.0.
2019-03-12: vadz
[C#] #1495 Add std_set.i for std::set support.
2019-03-11: dirteat,opoplawski
[Octave] Fix compilation errors in Octave 5.1.
error: format not a string literal and no format arguments [-Werror=format-security]
2019-02-28: wsfulton
[Java] std::vector improvements for types that do not have a default constructor.
The std::vector wrappers have been changed to work by default for elements that are
not default insertable, i.e. have no default constructor. This has been achieved by
not wrapping:
vector(size_type n);
Previously the above had to be ignored via %ignore.
If the above constructor is still required it can be added back in again via %extend:
%extend std::vector {
vector(size_type count) { return new std::vector< T >(count); }
Alternatively, the following wrapped constructor could be used as it provides near-enough
equivalent functionality:
vector(jint count, const value_type& value);
2019-02-25: wsfulton
[Python] Fix compile errors wrapping overloaded functions/constructors where a vararg
function is declared after a non-vararg function.
2019-02-23: zphensley42
Use fully qualified name 'java.lang.Object' instead of 'Object' in generated code to
avoid clashes with wrapped C++ classes called 'Object'.
2019-02-23: gtbX
[Java] #1035 Add (const char *STRING, size_t LENGTH) typemaps in addition to the non-const
typemaps (char *STRING, size_t LENGTH) which does not attempt to write back to the const
2019-02-22: tamuratak
[Ruby] #984 Add support for RTypedData introduced in Ruby 1.9.3.
2019-02-22: ZackerySpytz
#1483 Fix compilation failures when a director class has final methods.
2019-02-21: wsfulton
[Java] #1240 Suppress Java 9 deprecation warnings on finalize method.
2019-02-21: ZackerySpytz
#1480 Fix some rejections of valid floating-point literals.
2019-02-19: wsfulton
#1475 Fix regression parsing gcc preprocessor linemarkers in the form:
# linenum filename flags
2019-02-18: jakecobb
[Python] #945 #1234 Elements in std::vector memory access fix.
Accessing an element in a std::vector obtains a reference to the element via an
iterator pointing to the element in the container. If the vector is garbage collected,
the SWIG wrapper containing the pointer to the element becomes invalid. The fix is
to obtain a back-reference to the container by the wrapper to the element in the Python
layer to prevent the garbage collector from destroying the underlying container.
2019-02-17: wsfulton
Fix typemap matching to expand template parameters when the name contains
template parameters. In the %typemap below the type is T and the name is X<T>::make
and the name now expands correctly to X< int >::make
template<typename T> struct X {
%typemap(out) T X<T>::make "..."
T make();
%template(Xint) X<int>;
2019-02-16: wsfulton
Fix parser error containing multiple #define statements inside an enum.
The second #define fails to parse:
enum FooEnum {
ENUM1 = 0,
ENUM2 = 1,
#define MACRO_DEF1 "Hello"
#define MACRO_DEF2 "World!"
ENUM3 = 2,
ENUM4 = 3,
Bug mentioned at
2019-02-14: wsfulton
Add some missing copy constructors into STL containers.
2019-02-14: bkotzz
[Java] #1356 Add STL containers:
2019-02-14: bkotzz
[Java] #1356 std::map wrappers have been modified. Now the Java proxy class
extends java.util.AbstractMap. The std::map container looks and feels much like
a java.util.HashMap from Java.
A few members have changed their names. If the old method signatures are needed,
then copy std_map.i from swig-3.0.12 and use that instead. Alternatively,
add the old missing methods to the new methods by using the following %proxycode:
%extend std::map {
%proxycode %{
// Old API
public boolean empty() {
return isEmpty();
public void set($typemap(jboxtype, K) key, $typemap(jboxtype, T) x) {
put(key, x);
public void del($typemap(jboxtype, K) key) {
public boolean has_key($typemap(jboxtype, K) key) {
return containsKey(key);
2019-02-13: ZackerySpytz
#1469 Add support for C++17 hexadecimal floating literals.
2019-02-11: wsfulton
[OCaml] #1437 OCaml has been give the 'Experimental' language status. The examples work
and most of the test-suite is also working, so it is quite close to being a 'Supported' language.
2019-02-10: ZackerySpytz
#1464 Add support for C++14 binary integer literals.
2019-02-10: ZackerySpytz
#1450 Add support for C++11 UCS-2 and UCS-4 character literals. Also, add support for
C++17 UTF-8 character literals.
2019-02-10: wsfulton
[MzScheme] #1437 MzScheme/Racket is now an 'Experimental' language. The examples work
and a large portion of the test-suite is also working.
2019-02-10: wsfulton
[MzScheme] Destructor wrappers were not being generated.
2019-02-10: wsfulton
[MzScheme] Static variable wrappers fixed - $argnum was not expanded.
2019-02-10: sethrj
#1452 Fix %apply for anonymous template instantiations
2019-02-09: olly
[PHP] Fix access to already released memory during PHP module
shutdown, which often didn't cause visible problems, but could
result in segmentation faults, bus errors, etc. Fixes #1170,
reported by Jitka Plesníková.
2019-02-09: olly
[PHP] A renamed constructor is now wrapped as a static method in
2019-02-08: olly
[PHP] Don't generate code which references $r when $r hasn't been
defined. This could happen in overloaded methods which returned
void and took at least one const std::string& parameter.
2019-02-08: olly
[PHP] The generated code is now compatible with PHP 7.3, and the
testsuite now runs cleanly with this version too.
2019-02-05: wsfulton
#1437 SWIG now classifies the status of target languages into either 'Experimental' or
'Supported'. This status is provided to indicate the level of maturity to expect when using
a particular target language as not all target languages are fully developed. Details are
in the Introduction.html chapter of the documentation.
2019-02-04: wsfulton
[CFFI] #1447 Common Lisp CFFI has been disabled as a target language in SWIG as part of a
clean up to remove target languages that have been neglected/not functional.
2019-02-04: wsfulton
[Allegrocl] #1447 Allegro Common Lisp has been disabled as a target language in SWIG as part of a
clean up to remove target languages that have been neglected/not functional.
2019-02-04: wsfulton
[Chicken] #1447 CHICKEN has been disabled as a target language in SWIG as part of a
clean up to remove target languages that have been neglected/not functional.
2019-02-04: wsfulton
[CLISP] #1447 GNU Common Lisp has been disabled as a target language in SWIG as part of a
clean up to remove target languages that have been neglected/not functional.
2019-02-04: wsfulton
[S-EXP] #1447 Common Lisp S-Exp has been disabled as a target language in SWIG as part of a
clean up to remove target languages that have been neglected/not functional.
2019-02-04: wsfulton
[UFFI] #1447 Common Lisp UFFI has been disabled as a target language in SWIG as part of a
clean up to remove target languages that have been neglected/not functional.
2019-02-04: wsfulton
[Pike] #1447 Pike has been disabled as a target language in SWIG as part of a
clean up to remove target languages that have been neglected/not functional.
2019-02-04: wsfulton
[Modula3] #1447 Modula3 has been disabled as a target language in SWIG as part of a
clean up to remove target languages that have been neglected/not functional.
2019-02-02: ahnolds
[Python] Documentation enhancements for Python:
#728 Fixed the handling of autodoc when using -fastproxy.
#1367 Added documentation to wrapped member variables using the
property(... doc="...") construct.
Only show a single documentation entry for functions with default arguments when
using autodoc.
Fixed a bug where a cached doxygen docstring could be deleted while still in use,
causing swig to segfault.
2019-01-31: olly
SWIG now requires a target language to be specified instead of
defaulting to wrapping for Tcl. Specifying swig --help without
a target language now just shows the generic help. The -nolang
option has been removed.
2019-01-28: ZackerySpytz
[OCaml] #1429 Remove support for OCaml versions < 3.12.0.
2019-01-22: vadz
[Ruby, Octave] #1424 Improve autodoc parameter naming.
2019-01-22: vadz
[Python] #1271 #1423 Always include default parameter values in autodoc strings.
2019-01-19: vadz
#1272, #1421 When a function's parameter is a keyword, the name of the paramater is
no longer simply changed to argN, where N is the argument number. Instead the
parameter name is changed to the renaming rules for keywords that normally apply to
symbols such as classes/functions etc. Note that unlike other symbol renaming,
parameter renaming does not issue a warning when the parameter is renamed. This
change only affects languages where the parameter names are actually used, for example,
Java function parameter lists in the proxy class or Python documentation comments.
2019-01-18: wsfulton
#1420 Fix gdb debugger functions 'swigprint' and 'locswigprint' from swig.gdb to
work with newer versions of gdb-8. Fixes errors when debugging SWIG source with gdb:
(gdb) swigprint n
Undefined command: "Printf". Try "help".
2019-01-16: wsfulton
Python static method wrapper changes
- Static method wrappers were using the 'fastproxy' approach by default.
This is inconsistent with instance method wrappers. The fastproxy approach
is now turned off by default to be consistent with instance methods.
Static method wrappers can now also be controlled using the -fastproxy and
-olddefs options.
struct Klass {
static int statmethod(int a = 2);
generates by default:
class Klass(object):
def statmethod(a=2):
return _example.Klass_statmethod(a)
instead of the following (which can be restored by using -fastproxy):
class Klass(object):
statmethod = staticmethod(_example.Klass_statmethod)
- Modernise wrappers for static methods to use decorator syntax - @staticmethod.
- Add missing runtime test for static class methods and using the actual class method.
2019-01-12: ZackerySpytz
[OCaml] #1403 #1194 Fix compilation problems for OCaml >= 4.03.0 due to OCaml using
int64_t instead of int64.
2019-01-11: ZackerySpytz
[OCaml] #1400 Fix the getters and setters of non-static member variables.
2019-01-07: wsfulton
#358 Add VOID to windows.i
2019-01-05: wsfulton
#948 #1019 #1273 Fix for C++11 raw strings where the delimiters were mistakenly left
in the string contents in situations where the string was copied into generated code.
For example, %constant, the "docstring" feature and for C#/Java/D constants turned on
with %javaconst/%csconst/%dmanifestconst.
2019-01-05: wsfulton
[Ruby] #538. Fix Ruby support for %feature("docstring").
2019-01-03: wsfulton
#1202 Fix overloading of non-pointer class types in scripting languages when overloaded
with a pointer and a NULL scripting language equivalent is used, eg None in Python.
The implementation changes the SWIGTYPE, SWIGTYPE& and SWIGTYPE&& typecheck typemaps to
prevent accepting a conversion to a NULL pointer.
2019-01-03: ZackerySpytz
[OCaml] #1386 Fix the OCaml examples and test suite for out-of-source builds.
2019-01-01: wsfulton
[Python] #639 remove duplicate proxy method definitions for global function wrappers.
Global functions previously generated two definitions, eg:
def foo():
foo =
The first definition is replaced by the second definition and so the second definition
is the one used when the method is actually called. Now just the first definition is
generated by default and if the -fastproxy command line option is used, just the second
definition is generated. The second definition is faster as it avoids the proxy Python
method as it calls the low-level C wrapper directly. Using both -fastproxy and -olddefs
command line options will restore the previously generated code as it will generate both
method definitions.
With this change, the wrappers for global C/C++ functions and C++ class methods now work
in the same way wrt to generating just a proxy method by default and control via
-fastproxy/-olddefs options.
2018-12-20: hasinoff,wsfulton
[Java] #1334 Set Java thread name to native thread name when using directors.
Default is to use name "Thread-XXX" and is still works like this by default. However,
adding the following will turn on the thread name setting (works for more recent
versions of Linux and MacOS):
%begin %{
2018-12-20: chlandsi
[Python] #1357. Fix overriding __new__ in Python 3.6.
Fixes SystemError: Objects/tupleobject.c:81: bad argument to internal function"
2018-12-16: wsfulton
[Python] #848 #1343 The module import logic has changed to stop obfuscating real ImportError
problems. Only one import of the low-level C/C++ module from the pure Python module is
attempted now. Previously a second import of the low-level C/C++ module was attempted
after an ImportError occurred and was done to support 'split modules'. A 'split module' is
a configuration where the pure Python module is a module within a Python package and the
low-level C/C++ module is a global Python module. Now a 'split module' configuration is
no longer supported by default. This configuration can be supported with a simple
customization, such as:
%module(package="mypackage", moduleimport="import $module") foo
or if using -builtin:
%module(package="mypackage", moduleimport="from $module import *") foo
instead of
%module(package="mypackage") foo
See the updated Python chapter titled "Location of modules" in the documentation.
2018-12-11: tlby
[Perl] #1374 repair EXTEND() handling in typemaps
2018-12-06: vadz
#1359 #1364 Add missing nested class destructor wrapper when the nested class is
inside a template. Removes associated bogus 'Illegal destructor name' warning. Only
occurred when the nested class' destructor is explicitly specified.
2018-12-04: adr26
[Python] #1368 #1369 Access Violation in tp_print caused by mismatched Python/extension
CRT usage
Remove all use of tp_print, as this API uses a FILE*, which can be
mismatched when modules are built with different C libraries from
the main python executable.
This change also brings consistent output between Python 2 and 3 for the 'cvar' SWIG
object (that contains the global variables) and SWIG packed objects (such as callback
2018-12-04: wsfulton
[Python] #1282 Fix running 'python -m' when using 'swig -builtin'
Similar to the earlier PEP 366 conforming fix for non-builtin.
2018-11-29: adr26
[Python] #1360 Leak of SWIG var link object
Fix reference counting on _SWIG_globals to allow var link to be freed on module unload.
2018-11-28: wsfulton
[Python] When using -builtin, the two step C-extension module import is now
one step and the wrapped API is only available once and not in an underlying
module attribute like it is without -builtin. To understand this, consider a
module named 'example' (using: %module example). The C-extension is compiled into
a Python module called '_example' and a pure Python module provides the actual
API from the module called 'example'. It was previously possible to additionally
access the API from the module attribute 'example._example'. The latter was an
implementation detail and is no longer available. It shouldn't have been used, but
if necessary it can be resurrected using the moduleimport attribute described in the
Python chapter of the documentation. If both modules are provided in a Python
package, try:
%module(moduleimport="from . import _example\nfrom ._example import *") example
or more generically:
%module(moduleimport="from . import $module\nfrom .$module import *") example
and if both are provided as global modules, try:
%module(moduleimport="import _example\nfrom _example import *") example
or more generically:
%module(moduleimport="import $module\nfrom $module import *") example
The module import code shown will appear in the file.
2018-11-24: vadz
#1358 Fix handling of abstract base classes nested inside templates
Correct detecting of whether a derived class method overrides a pure virtual
base class method when both classes are nested inside a template class: this
notably didn't work correctly for methods taking parameters of the base class
2018-11-22: rupertnash
[Python] #1282 Make generated module runnable via python -m (PEP 366 conforming)
Previously any SWIG generated modules in a package would fail with an ImportError
when using 'python -m' for example 'python -m mypkg.mymodule'.
This fix also allows the SWIG generated module to be placed into a directory and
then renamed to convert the module into a package again. This ability
stopped working in swig-3.0.9. However, only Python 2.7 or 3.3 and later work. If
Python 3.2 support is needed, use moduleimport in %module to customise the import
2018-11-13: wsfulton
#1340 Remove -cppcast and -nocppcast command line options (this was an option
available to the scripting language targets).
The -cppcast option is still turned on by default. The -nocppcast option
to turn off the use of c++ casts (const_cast, static_cast etc) has been
removed. However, defining SWIG_NO_CPLUSPLUS_CAST will still generate C casts
instead of C++ casts for C++ wrappers.
2018-11-13: wsfulton
[Python] #1340 Remove -outputtuple and -nooutputtuple command line options.
Both the command line and %module options of the same name have been
removed. These were undocumented. The -outputtuple option returned a
Python tuple instead of a list, mostly typically in the OUTPUT
typemap implementations.
It unclear why a tuple instead of a list return type is needed and
hence this option has been removed as part of the simplification of
the SWIG Python command line options for SWIG 4.
2018-11-13: wsfulton
[Python] #1340 Remove -noproxyimport command line option.
This option turned off the insertion of Python import statements
derived from a %import directive. For example given:
%module module_b
%import "module_a.i"
then will contain:
import module_a
2018-10-29: AlexanderGabriel
[PHP] The following PHP7 reserved keywords are now only renamed by
SWIG when used as function names in the API being wrapper:
__halt_compiler array die echo empty eval exit include include_once
isset list print require require_once return unset
2018-10-22: olly,wsfulton
[Python] #1261 #1340 Turn on many optimisation options by default and rationalise the
number of command line options.
There were an unnecessary number of command line options and many of these have now
been removed in a drive for simplification. Some were needed to support older versions
of Python (2.6 and earlier).
Many of the options could be turned on individually and when using -O. Previously -O
resulted in turning on a set of options:
-modern -fastdispatch -nosafecstrings -fvirtual -noproxydel
-fastproxy -fastinit -fastunpack -fastquery -modernargs -nobuildnone
Now -O results in turning on this reduced set:
-fastdispatch -fastproxy -fvirtual
The following options are now on by default, a deprecated warning is displayed if they
are used:
-fastinit Class initialisation code done in C/C++ rather than in Python code.
-fastquery Python dictionary used for lookup of types.
-fastunpack Faster unpacking of function arguments in C/C++ wrappers.
-modern Use Python 2.3 features such as object and property.
-modernargs Use Python 2.3 C APIs for unpacking arguments in tuples.
-noproxydel Stop generating a proxy __del__ method for backwards compatiblity.
-safecstrings No discernable difference
The following options have been removed altogether:
-new_vwm is no longer supported. Use the -newvwm alias instead.
2018-10-22: olly
[Python] #1261 Remove command line option no longer needed as Python 2.3 and earlier
are no longer supported:
2018-10-09: wsfulton
[D, Go, Guile, Lua, Mzscheme, Ocaml, Perl5, Php, Scilab, Tcl]
Allow wrapping of std::map using non-default comparison function.
2018-10-09: vadz
[Java] #1274 Allow wrapping of std::map using non-default comparison function.
2018-10-04: wsfulton
[Python] #1126 Fix C default arguments with -builtin and -fastunpack and -modernargs.
Problem occurred when there is just one (defaulted) parameter in the parameter list.
2018-09-24: wsfulton
[Python] #1319 C++11 hash tables implementation is finished now (including for -builtin):
2018-09-21: wsfulton
[Python] Fix when using -builtin and wrapping std::map, std::set, std::unordered_map or
std::unordered_set to ensure __contains__ is called. This is a wrapper for the STL
container's find method. Without it, Python will do its own slower sequence search.
2018-09-19: wsfulton
[Python] Fix functors (wrapped as __call__) when using -builtin -modern -fastunpack.
2018-09-02: andreas.gaeer,tkrasnukha
[Python] #1321 Fix assert in PyTuple_GET_SIZE in debug interpreter builds of python-3.7
when calling tp_new.
2018-09-01: ChristopherHogan
[Guile] #1288 Fix garbage collection for guile >= 2.0.12.
2018-08-31: wsfulton
[Python] #1319 C++11 hash tables support:
is now compiling and working (sorting using -builtin not fully functional yet though).
2018-08-20: wkalinin
#1305 Fix nested structure symbol tables in C mode to fix member name conflicts
in different structs with the same nested struct member name.
2018-08-18: wsfulton
[Python] #688 Fix makefile recursion when running python test-suite.
2018-08-18: wsfulton
[Python] #1310 Re-implement Python -fastproxy option.
The previous implementation failed with Python 3 and abstract base clases.
The new implementation replaces the Python 2 implementation using
new.instancemethod with the C API PyMethod_New to match the equivalent Python 3
implementation which uses PyInstanceMethod_New.
The new approach runs slightly faster. See #1310.
2018-08-12: gmazzamuto
[Python] #1283 Update pybuffer.i library to use new-style Python buffer C API.
2018-08-12: brianhatwood,wsfulton
[Java] #1303 #1304 Fix crash in directors when using OUTPUT and INOUT typemaps in typemaps.i and
passing NULL pointers in C++ to director method overloaded and implemented in Java.
2018-08-10: wsfulton
[Python] #1293 Improve TypeError message inconsistencies between default and fastdispatch
mode when handling overloaded C++ functions. Previously the error message did not always
display the possible C/C++ prototypes in fastdispatch mode.
2018-08-02: furylynx,jacobwgillespie,p2k
[Javascript] #1290, #968. Add support for NodeJS versions 2-10.
2018-07-31: wsfulton
[Python] #1293 Overloaded C++ function wrappers now raise a TypeError instead
of NotImplementedError when the types passed are incorrect. This change means
there is now consistency with non-overloaded function wrappers which have always
raised TypeError when the incorrect types are passed. The error message remains
the same and is for example now:
TypeError: Wrong number or type of arguments for overloaded function 'f'.
Possible C/C++ prototypes are:
f(char const *)
instead of:
NotImplementedError: Wrong number or type of arguments for overloaded function 'f'.
Possible C/C++ prototypes are:
f(char const *)
2018-06-23: wsfulton
[Python] #718 Fix pythonnondynamic feature for modern classes
Fixes nondynamic mode when an instance variable is set with the same
name as a class variable in a class derived from a SWIG proxy class.
This corner case set an instance variable instead of raising an AttributeError.
Also fix %pythonnondynamic in Python 3 with -modern. The metaclass
containing the implementation was previously not being applied in Python 3.
2018-07-17: petrmitrichev,wsfulton
[Python] #1275 #1279 Initialize function-local statics (singletons) that call Python
code during Python module initialization in order to avoid deadlocks with subsequent
multi-threaded usage.
2018-06-15: wsfulton
[Python] Fix seg fault using Python 2 when passing a Python string, containing
invalid utf-8 content, to a wstring or wchar * parameter. A TypeError is thrown instead, eg:
%include <std_wstring.i>
void instring(const std::wstring& s);
instring(b"h\xe9llooo") # Python
2018-06-15: wsfulton
[Python] Python 3.7 support: Replace use of deprecated PyUnicode_GetSize with
PyUnicode_GetLength to remove deprecated warnings compiling the C/C++ wrappers.
2018-06-12: wsfulton
[Python] Python 3.7 support: The %pythonabc feature in pyabc.i now uses base classes
instead of
as the latter are deprecated in Python 3.7 and are due to be removed in Python 3.8.
The classes in* are available from Python 3.3 onwards. If you
require support for Python 3.2, then copy the pyabc.i file and modify by removing
the few instances of the .abc sub-module.
2018-06-12: olly,wsfulton
[Python] #701 Remove support for Python versions < 2.7 and 3.0 and 3.1.
2018-06-11: olly
[Python] Fix new GCC8 warnings in generated code by avoiding casts
between incompatible function types where possible, and by
suppressing the warning when it's due to the design of Python's C
API. Fixes #1259.
2018-06-08: philippkraft
[Python] Stop exposing <CLASS>_swigregister to Python. It's not
useful for user Python code to call this, and it just clutters the
API unnecessarily. Fixes #1225.
2018-06-07: cmfoil, kabbi, Jamie Kirkpatrick, markok314, vadz, wsfulton, Yann Diorcet
#170 Doxygen documentation support added. This allows translation of Doxygen comments
into JavaDoc and PyDoc documentation. It is enabled via the -doxygen command line
option. See the Doxygen.html chapter in the documentation for further information.
2018-06-07: olly
[PHP] We've finally removed support for %pragma(php4) which was
deprecated back in 2008. Use %pragma(php) instead, which has been
supported since at least 2005.
2018-06-07: olly
[PHP5] Support for PHP5 has been removed. PHP5 is no longer
actively supported by the PHP developers and security support for
it ends completely at the end of 2018, so it doesn't make sense
to include support for it in the upcoming SWIG 4.0.0 release.
2018-06-06: olly
[Lua] Improve configure probes for Lua headers and libs used in testsuite.
2018-05-15: kwwette
[Octave] add support for version 4.4
- Should not introduce any user-visible incompatibilities
2018-05-15: wsfulton
[C#, D, Java] Fix lookup of csconstruct, dconstruct and javaconstruct typemaps.
The C++ namespace was previously ignored when looking up the typemap.
2018-05-15: wsfulton
[Javascript] Fix generated C++ code when using %nspace on namespaces that are more
than two levels deep.
2018-05-14: wsfulton
Issue #1251 Add support for C++17 nested namespace definitions,
for example:
namespace A::B { ... }
2018-05-11: wsfulton
[C#, D, Java] Add support so that the %csmethodmodifiers, %dmethodmodifiers,
%javamethodmodifiers can modify the method modifiers for the destructor wrappers
in the proxy class: dispose, Dispose, delete. With this feature, it is now possible
to make a C# proxy class sealed, eg when wrapping a class X, the virtual method modifiers
can be removed using:
%typemap(csclassmodifiers) X "public sealed class"
%csmethodmodifiers X::~X "public /*virtual*/";
2018-04-18: olly
[Python] Suppress new pycodestyle warning:
E252 missing whitespace around parameter equals
2018-04-07: goatshriek
[Ruby] #1213 Fix ruby %alias directive for global C/C++ functions.
2018-04-03: olly
[Ruby] Fix to pass Qnil instead of NULL to rb_funcall(), which silences GCC
-Wconversion-null warning (on by default with recent GCC).
2018-03-09: wsfulton
[Java] #1184 Fix swigReleaseOwnership() and swigTakeOwnership() regression
for non-director classes. Restores a dynamic_cast which was previously removed.
2018-03-07: llongi
Github PR #1166 - Fix preprocessor handling of macros with commas
in a // comment.
2018-02-18: JPEWdev
Patch #1164 - Add support for a command-line options file, also sometimes
called a response file. This is useful if the command-line options exceed
the system command-line length limit. To use, put the command-line options
into a file, then provide the file name prefixed with @, for example using
a file called args.txt:
swig @args.txt
2018-02-11: wsfulton
[Javascript] #1187 Fix compilation error wrapping std::complex via
2018-01-30: smarchetto
[Scilab] add type name argument in SWIG_ptr() function to cast from pointer address to typed pointers
2018-01-16: wsfulton
Expressions following a preprocessor directive must now be separated by whitespace
or non-numeric characters. This syntax change makes the SWIG preprocessor work like
the C preprocessor in this area.
For example, the following code used be accepted as valid syntax:
#define ABC 123
Now you get an error:
example.h:1: Error: Unknown SWIG preprocessor directive: if1 (if this is a block of
target language code, delimit it with %{ and %})
example.h:3: Error: Extraneous #endif.
The following is the correct syntax:
#if 1
#define ABC 123
The following of course also works:
#define ABC 123
2018-01-15: wsfulton
Fix issue #1183. Floating point exception evaluating preprocessor expressions
resulting in division by zero.
2018-01-14: wsfulton
Fix issue #1172. Seg fault parsing invalid exponents in the preprocessor.
2018-01-12: Liryna
[C#] Patch #1128. Add ToArray function to std::vector wrappers.
2018-01-12: wsfulton
[Java] Fix issue #1156. Add missing throws clause for interfaces when using the
%interface family of macros.
2018-01-05: wsfulton
Fix default arguments using expressions containing -> syntax error. Problem reported on
swig-user mailing list.
2017-12-30: wsfulton
[Python] Replace pep8 with pycodestyle for checking the Python code style when
running Python tests.
2017-12-30: davedissian
Fixed a symbol lookup issue when encountering a typedef of a symbol from the tag
namespace to the global namespace when the names are identical, such as 'typedef
struct Foo Foo;'.
2017-12-13: wsfulton
[Perl] add missing support for directorfree typemaps.
2017-12-13: wsfulton
Issue #1167 Fix directorout typemaps which were causing undefined behaviour when
returning pointers by reference.
2017-12-08: olly
[PHP] Use ZEND_MODULE_GLOBALS_ACCESSOR to access globals so the
generated code builds when PHP was built with ZTS enabled.
2017-12-04: wsfulton
[Python] Add missing checks for failures in calls to PyUnicode_AsUTF8String. Previously a
seg fault could occur when passing invalid UTF8 strings (low surrogates), eg passing
u"\udcff" to the C layer (Python 3).
2017-11-24: joequant
[R] Fix #1124 and return R_NilValue for null pointers
2017-11-29: wsfulton
[Java] director exception handling improvements.
When a director method throws an exception and it is caught by DirectorException
and passed back to Java using Swig::DirectorException::throwException, the Java
stack trace now contains the original source line that threw the exception.
Deprecate Swig::DirectorException::raiseJavaException, please replace usage with
2017-10-26: wsfulton
Add support for C++11 ref-qualifiers when using directors.
2017-10-26: wsfulton
Fix generated code when using directors and methods returning const ref pointers.
2017-10-26: wsfulton
[C#, D, Java, Octave, R, Scilab] Port director typemaps to these additional languages.
Issue #700.
2017-10-26: radarsat1
[Ruby Python] Patch #1029 - Correct handling of null using directors and shared_ptr.
2017-10-10: joequant
[R] pass enum expressions to R. This will generate
incorrect files when there is an arithmetic expression
in the enum, but this is better than silently generating
incorrect code
2017-10-09: olly
[PHP] Fix incorrect wrapper code generated when there's a
combination of overloading, parameters with a default value
and %newobject. Fixes
2017-10-09: olly
Remove GCJ support. It isn't in a good state and doesn't seem to
be used, and GCC7 dropped GCJ. Closes
2017-10-07: olly
Fix preprocessor handling of empty macro arguments to match that of
C/C++ compilers. Fixes issue #1111 and
2017-10-06: wsfulton
[Python] Issue #1108. Fix platform inconsistency in Python default argument handling.
32 bit and 64 bit compiled versions of SWIG generated different Python files
when default arguments were outside the range of 32 bit signed integers.
The default arguments specified in Python are now only those that are in the
range of a 32 bit signed integer, otherwise the default is obtained from C/C++ code.
2017-10-02: wsfulton
[C#] Fix std::complex types passed by value.
2017-10-02: wsfulton
[Javascript, Python, Ruby] Issue #732 - Missing type information for std::complex
in std_complex.i meant that previously std::complex always had to be fully qualified
in order to be wrapped with the appropriate typemaps.
2017-10-01: joequant
allow R package names with docs
allowing multiple get accessors in R
fix smart-pointer and NAMESPACE support
constructors now returning smart pointers (if class
declared as such)
smart-pointer classes deriving from parent smart-pointers
2017-09-29: wsfulton
Issue #1100 - Allow an instantiated template to have the same name in the target
language as the C++ template name, for example, this is now possible:
template<typename T> struct X { ... };
%template(X) X<int>;
2017-09-23: wsfulton
Issue #1098. Fix overloading of shared_ptr with underlying pointer types, eg:
void m(std::shared_ptr<T> p);
void m(T &p);
void m(T *p);
Only the first method is wrapped and the others are ignored/shadowed.
The implementation is done via a new attribute in the 'typecheck' typemap called
'equivalent'. If specified, it must contain the equivalent pointer type for overloading
and can only be used for the special SWIG_TYPECHECK_POINTER precedence level.
The shared_ptr 'typecheck' typemaps have been modified accordingly.
Here is a simplified version:
%typemap(typecheck, precedence=SWIG_TYPECHECK_POINTER, equivalent="T *")
std::shared_ptr< T >,
std::shared_ptr< T > &,
std::shared_ptr< T > *,
std::shared_ptr< T > *&
{ ... }
Overloading with any of these types will result in SWIG ignoring all but the first
overloaded method by default. Without the 'equivalent' attribute, wrapping the overloaded
methods resulted in types being shadowed (scripting languages) or code that did not
compile (statically typed languages).
2017-09-19: futatuki
[Python] #1003 Add --with-2to3=/path/to/2to3 option to configure.
2017-09-18: wsfulton
Fix type promotion wrapping constant expressions of the form:
# define EXPR_MIXED1 (0x80 + 11.1) - 1
This was previously an integral type instead of a floating point type.
2017-09-17: wsfulton
Fix generated code for constant expressions containing wchar_t L literals such as:
# define __WCHAR_MAX (0x7fffffff + L'\0')
# define __WCHAR_MIN (-__WCHAR_MAX - 1)
2017-09-10: mlamarre
[Python] Patch #1083. Define_DEBUG to 1 to do exactly like Visual Studio
/LDd, /MDd or /MTd compiler options.
2017-08-25: wsfulton
Issue #1059. Add support for C++11 ref-qualifiers on non-static member functions.
Members with lvalue ref-qualifiers such as:
struct RQ {
void m1(int x) &;
void m2(int x) const &;
are wrapped like any other member function. Member functions with rvalue ref-qualifiers
are ignored by default, such as:
struct RQ {
void m3(int x) &&;
void m4(int x) const &&;
example.i:7: Warning 405: Method with rvalue ref-qualifier m3(int) && ignored.
example.i:8: Warning 405: Method with rvalue ref-qualifier m4(int) const && ignored.
These can be unignored and exposed to the target language, see further documentation in
2017-08-16: wsfulton
Fix #1063. Add using declarations to templates into typedef table.
Using declarations to templates were missing in SWIG's internal typedef tables.
This led to a few problems, such as, templates that did not instantiate and generated
C++ code that did not compile as SWIG did not know what scope the template was
in. This happened mostly when a using declaration was used on a template type in a
completely unrelated namespace.
2017-08-16: wsfulton
Fix type lookup in the presence of using directives and using declarations.
Fix some cases of type lookup failure via a combination of both using directives and
using declarations resulting in C++ code that did not compile as the generated type was
not fully qualified for use in the global namespace. Example below:
namespace Space5 {
namespace SubSpace5 {
namespace SubSubSpace5 {
struct F {};
using namespace SubSpace5;
using SubSubSpace5::F;
void func(SubSubSpace5::F f);
2017-08-16: wsfulton
Issue #1051. %template scope enforcement and class definition fixes.
The scoping rules around %template have been specified and enforced.
The %template directive for a class template is the equivalent to an
explicit instantiation of a C++ class template. The scope for a valid
%template instantiation is now the same as the scope required for a
valid explicit instantiation of a C++ template. A definition of the
template for the explicit instantiation must be in scope where the
instantiation is declared and must not be enclosed within a different
For example, a few %template and C++ explicit instantiations of std::vector
are shown below:
// valid
namespace std {
%template(vin) vector<int>;
template class vector<int>;
// valid
using namespace std;
%template(vin) vector<int>;
template class vector<int>;
// valid
using std::vector;
%template(vin) vector<int>;
template class vector<int>;
// ill-formed
namespace unrelated {
using std::vector;
%template(vin) vector<int>;
template class vector<int>;
// ill-formed
namespace unrelated {
using namespace std;
%template(vin) vector<int>;
template class vector<int>;
// ill-formed
namespace unrelated {
namespace std {
%template(vin) vector<int>;
template class vector<int>;
// ill-formed
namespace unrelated {
%template(vin) std::vector<int>;
template class std::vector<int>;
When the scope is incorrect, an error now occurs such as:
cpp_template_scope.i:34: Error: 'vector' resolves to 'std::vector' and
was incorrectly instantiated in scope 'unrelated' instead of within scope 'std'.
Previously SWIG accepted the ill-formed examples above but this led to
numerous subtle template scope problems especially in the presence of
using declarations and using directives as well as with %feature and %typemap.
Actually, a valid instantiation is one which conforms to the C++03
standard as C++11 made a change to disallow using declarations and
using directives to find a template.
// valid C++03, ill-formed C++11
using std::vector;
template class vector<int>;
Similar fixes for defining classes using forward class references have
also been put in place. For example:
namespace Space1 {
struct A;
namespace Space2 {
struct Space1::A {
void x();
will now error out with:
cpp_class_definition.i:5: Error: 'Space1::A' resolves to 'Space1::A' and
was incorrectly instantiated in scope 'Space2' instead of within scope 'Space1'.
Previously some symbols would have been instantiated in the wrong scope and led
to lots of scope problems involving SWIG typemaps, features, renames etc.
You will need to correct the scope used in other SWIG directives which do not
support 'using declarations' and 'using directives'. For example, if you previously had:
%rename(Zap) vector<int>::clear;
using namespace std;
%template(VectorInt) vector<int>;
Prior versions of SWIG incorrectly instantiated vector<int> in the global namespace
and so the %rename matched. Now the template is instantiated in the correct namespace,
so is fully qualified as std::vector<int>. The other SWIG directives need correcting as
they do not follow 'using declarations' and 'using directives'. Change it to:
%rename(Zap) std::vector<int>::clear;
using namespace std;
%template(vin) vector<int>;
2017-08-16: wsfulton
Fix scope lookup for template parameters containing unary scope operators.
Fixes cases like:
namespace Alloc {
template<typename T> struct Rebind {
typedef int Integer;
%template(RebindBucket) Alloc::Rebind< Bucket >;
%template(RebindBucket) Alloc::Rebind< ::Bucket >;
Alloc::Rebind< Bucket >::Integer Bucket1();
Alloc::Rebind< ::Bucket >::Integer Bucket2();
Alloc::Rebind<::template TemplateBucket<double>>::Integer Bucket3();
2017-08-16: wsfulton
For templates only, the template parameters are fully resolved when
handling typemaps. Without this, it is too hard to have decent rules
to apply typemaps when parameter types are typedef'd and template
parameters have default values.
Fixes %clear for typedefs in templates, eg:
%typemap("in") XXX<int>::Long "..."
template typename<T> struct XXX {
typedef long Long;
%clear XXX<int>::Long;
as the typemap was previously incorrectly stored as a typemap for long
instead of XXX<int>::Long.
2017-08-05: olly
[C++11] Allow static_assert at the top level (and disallow it right
after template<T>). Fixes issue 1031 reported by Artem V L.
2017-08-02: wsfulton
Fix incorrectly shown warning when an empty template instantiation was used on a
class used as a base class and that base class was explicitly ignored with %ignore.
Example of the warning which will no longer appear:
Warning 401: Base class 'Functor< int,int >' has no name as it is an empty
template instantiated with '%template()'. Ignored.
2017-07-17: fflexo
[Java] #674 Add std_list.i to add support for std::list containers. The Java proxy
extends java.util.AbstractSequentialList and makes the C++ std::list container look
and feel much like a java.util.LinkedList from Java.
2017-07-07: wsfulton
[Python] Fix display of documented template types when using the autodoc
feature. For example when wrapping:
template<typename X> struct T {};
%template(TInteger) T<int>;
the generated documentation contains:
"""Proxy of C++ T< int > class."""
instead of:
"""Proxy of C++ T<(int)> class."""
"""__init__(TInteger self) -> TInteger"""
instead of
"""__init__(T<(int)> self) -> TInteger"""
2017-06-27: nihaln
[PHP] Update the OUTPUT Typemap to add return statement to the
PHP Wrapper.
2017-06-27: nihaln
[PHP] Update the enum and value examples to use the OO wrappers
rather than the flat functions produced with -noproxy. There's
not been a good reason to use -noproxy for since PHP5 OO wrapping
was fixed back in 2005.
2017-06-23: m7thon
[Python] fix and improve default argument handling:
1. Fix negative octals. Currently not handled correctly by `-py3`
(unusual case, but incorrect).
2. Fix arguments of type "octal + something" (e.g. `0640 | 04`).
Currently drops everything after the first octal. Nasty!
3. Fix bool arguments "0 + something" (e.g. `0 | 1`) are always
"False" (unusual case, but incorrect).
4. Remove special handling of "TRUE" and "FALSE" from
`convertValue` since there's no reason these have to match
"true" and "false".
5. Remove the Python 2 vs. Python 3 distinction based on the
`-py3` flag. Now the same python code is produced for default
arguments for Python 2 and Python 3. For this, octal default
arguments, e.g. 0644, are now wrapped as `int('644', 8)`. This
is required, as Python 2 and Python 3 have incompatible syntax
for octal literals.
Fixes #707
2017-06-21: futatuki
#1004 - Fix ccache-swig executable name to respect configure's --program-prefix and
--program-suffix values if used.
2017-06-21: tamuratak
[Ruby] #911 - Add std::wstring support.
2017-06-19: wsfulton
[Python] Fix handling of rich comparisons when wrapping overloaded operators:
operator< operator<= operator> operator>= operator== operator!=
Previously a TypeError was always thrown if the type was not correct. NotImplemented
is now returned from these wrapped functions if the type being compared with is
not correct. The subsequent behaviour varies between different versions of Python
and the comparison function being used, but is now consistent with normal Python
behaviour. For example, for the first 4 operator overloads above, a TypeError
'unorderable types' is thrown in Python 3, but Python 2 will return True or False.
NotImplemented should be returned when the comparison cannot be done, see PEP 207 and
Note that the bug was only present when overloaded operators did not also have a
function overload.
Fixes SF bug #1208 (3441262) and SF patch #303.
2017-06-17: fabrice102
[Go] Fix Go callback example. Fixes github #600, #955, #1000.
2017-06-16: wsfulton
Make sure warning and error messages are not split up by other processes writing to
stdout at the same time.
2017-06-16: wsfulton
[R] Fix wrapping function pointers containing rvalue and lvalue reference parameters.
2017-06-13: olly
[Perl] Fix testsuite to work without . in @INC - it was removed in
Perl 5.26 for security reasons, and has also been removed from
older versions in some distros. Fixes #997 reported by lfam.
2017-06-03: wsfulton
Fix %import on a file containing a file scope %fragment forced inclusion to not
generate the fragment contents as %import should not result in code being generated.
The behaviour is now the same as importing code insertion blocks.
Wrapping FileC.i in the following example will result in no generated code, whereas
previously "#include <limits.h>" was generated:
// FileA.i
%fragment("<limits.h>", "header") %{
#include <limits.h>
#include <stdio.h>
// FileC.i
%import "FileA.i"
2017-05-26: Volker Diels-Grabsch, vadz
[Java] #842 Extend from java.util.AbstractList<> and implement java.util.RandomAccess for
std::vector wrappers. This notably allows to iterate over wrapped vectors in a natural way.
Note that boxed types are now used in the Java layer when wrapping vector of C primitive
types, for example. This may introduce some subtle incompatibilities due to some
differences in how Java converts boxed types and unboxed types. For example,
int i=0;
double d1 = i; // ok
Double d2 = i; // error: incompatible types: int cannot be converted to Double
This can be a problem when calling the add and set functions. A suggested backwards
compatible workaround is to use something like (shown for std::vector<double>:
#if defined(SWIGJAVA)
// Add in old api that uses non-boxed types
%extend std::vector<double> {
%proxycode %{
public void add(double x) {
public void set(int i, double val) {
set(i, Double.valueOf(val));
%include "std_vector.i"
%template(VectorDouble) std::vector<double>;
2017-05-30: davidcl
[Scilab] #994 Undefined symbol error when loading in Scilab 6
2017-05-25: asibross
[Java] #370 #417 Missing smart pointer handling in Java director extra methods
swigReleaseOwnership() and swigTakeOwnership().
2017-05-23: wsfulton
[Java] #230 #759 Fix Java shared_ptr and directors for derived classes java compilation
For shared_ptr proxy proxy classes, add a protected method swigSetCMemOwn for modifying
the swigCMemOwn and swigCMemOwnDerived member variables which are used by various other
methods for controlling memory ownership.
2017-05-21: Sghirate
[Java, C#, D] #449 Remove unnecessary use of dynamic_cast in directors to enable
non-RTTI compilation.
2017-05-21: wsfulton
[Python] #993 Fix handling of default -ve unsigned values, such as:
void f(unsigned = -1U);
2017-05-20: jschueller
[Python] #991 Fix E731 PEP8 warning: do not assign a lambda expression
2017-05-16: nihal95
[PHP] Add %pragma version directive to allow the version of the
extension to be set. Patch #970, fixes #360.
2017-05-13: yag00
Patch #975 - Add support for noexcept on director methods.
2017-04-27: redbrain
Issue #974, Patch #976 - Fix preprocessor handling of macros with commas in a comment.
2017-04-25: jleveque
[Lua] #959 - Fix Visual Studio C4244 conversion warnings in Lua wrappers.
2017-04-21: tamuratak
[Ruby] #964 - Add shared_ptr director typemaps.
2017-04-20: wsfulton
[Ruby] #586, #935 Add assert for invalid NULL type parameter when calling SWIG_Ruby_NewPointerObj.
2017-04-20: tamuratak
[Ruby] #930, #937 - Fix containers of std::shared_ptr.
Upcasting, const types (eg vector<shared_ptr<const T>>) and NULL/nullptr support added.
2017-04-12: smarchetto
[Scilab] New parameter targetversion to specify the Scilab target version (5, 6, ..) for code generation
With Scilab 6 target specified, identifier names truncation is disabled (no longer necessary)
2017-03-24: tamuratak
[Ruby] Fix #939 - Wrapping std::vector<bool> fix due to incorrect null checks
on VALUE obj.
2017-03-17: vadz
[C#] #947 Add support for std::complex<T>
2017-03-17: wsfulton
[Go] Fix handling of typedef'd function pointers and typedef'd member function pointers
such as:
typedef int (*FnPtr_td)(int, int);
int do_op(int x, int y, FnPtr_td op);
2017-03-16: wsfulton
Add support for member const function pointers such as:
int fn(short (Funcs::* parm)(bool)) const;
Also fix parsing of references/pointers and qualifiers to member
pointers such as:
int fn(short (Funcs::* const parm)(bool));
int fn(short (Funcs::* & parm)(bool));
2017-03-10: wsfulton
Extend C++11 alternate function syntax parsing to support const and noexcept, such as:
auto sum1(int x, int y) const -> int { return x + y; }
auto sum2(int x, int y) noexcept -> int { return x + y; }
2017-02-29: tamuratak
[Ruby] #917 - Add Enumerable module to all container class wrappers. It was missing
for std::list, std::multiset, std::unordered_multiset and std::unordered_map.
2017-02-27: assambar
[C++11] Extend parser to support throw specifier in combination
with override and/or final.
2017-02-10: tamuratak
[Ruby] #883 - Add support for C++11 hash tables:
2017-02-08: jcsharp
[C#] #887 Improve std::vector<T> wrapper constructors -
Replace constructor taking ICollection with IEnumerable and also add IEnumerable<T>
constructor to avoid the boxing and unboxing overhead of the original constructor,
when the type parameter is a value type.
Version 3.0.12 (27 Jan 2017)
2017-01-27: wsfulton
[C#] #882 Fix missing filename in error messages when there is a problem
writing out C# files.
2017-01-27: briancaine
[Guile] #744 Fix compilation errors in Guile wrappers - regression
introduced in swig-3.0.11.
2017-01-24: andrey-starodubtsev
[Java] Apply #704 - director typemap improvements.
Memory leak fixes, add support for "directorargout" typemap and
add director support to typemaps.i.
2017-01-24: wsfulton
Enhance %extend to extend a class with template constructors, eg:
struct Foo {
%extend {
template<typename T>
Foo(int a, T b) {
%template(Foo) Foo::Foo<double>;
2017-01-22: wsfulton
Issue #876 Enhance %extend to extend a class with template methods, eg:
struct Foo {
%extend {
template<typename T>
void do_stuff(int a, T b) {
%template(do_stuff_inst) Foo::do_stuff<double>;
Similarly for static template methods.
2017-01-22: kwwette
[Octave] add support for version 4.2
- The Octave API now uses some C++11 features. It is recommended to use
the mkoctfile program supplied by Octave to compile the SWIG-generated
wrapper code, as mkoctfile will ensure the correct C++ compiler/options
are used. Otherwise, the value of `mkoctfile -p CXX` should be parsed
for any -std=* flags which might be present.
- Octave has dropped support for << and >> operators, so SWIG now
ignores them.
- The Octave error() function now raises C++ exceptions to propagate
Octave errors, so %exception directives may need to be modified.
For convenience the SWIG_RETHROW_OCTAVE_EXCEPTIONS macro can be used
to rethrow any Octave exceptions for Octave itself to handle, e.g.:
try {
$action // may call error()
SWIG_RETHROW_OCTAVE_EXCEPTIONS // error() exceptions are rethrown
catch(...) {
... // all other exceptions
2017-01-16: wkalinin
[C#] Fix #733 regression introduced in swig-3.0.9.
Missing virtual function override in C# layer when using %import.
2017-01-16: fschlimb
Fix #813 template symbol name lookup bug when typedef names are the same but in different
2017-01-15: wsfulton
[C# D Java]
The SWIG library no longer uses the javatype, dtype or cstype typemaps, thereby
completely freeing them up for users to use without having to replicate the library
code that they previously added. The code previously generated by these typemaps
has been replaced by the new %proxycode directive. Their use in the library code
was fairly minimal:
C# cstype: std_array.i std_map.i std_vector.i
D dtype: std_vector.i
Java javatype: arrays_java.i
2017-01-14: wsfulton
The %extend directive can now optionally support one of the 'class', 'struct' or 'union'
keywords before the identifier name, for example:
struct X { ... };
%extend struct X { ... }
Previously this had to specified as:
struct X { ... };
%extend X { ... }
2017-01-13: wsfulton
[C# D Java] Add new %proxycode directive which is a macro for %insert("proxycode").
This is a way of adding pure C#/D/Java code into the appropriate proxy class, eg:
%extend Proxy2 {
%proxycode %{
public int proxycode2(int i) {
return i+2;
%inline %{
struct Proxy2 {};
There will then be a pure Java/C#/D method called proxycode2 in the Proxy2 class.
2016-12-31: ajrheading1
Issue #860 - Remove use of std::unary_function and std::binary_function
which is deprecated in C++11.
2016-12-30: olly
[PHP7] Register internal 'swig_runtime_data_type_pointer' constant
as "CONST_PERSISTENT" to avoid segmentation fault on module unload.
Fixes #859 reported by Timotheus Pokorra. Thanks also to Javier Torres
for a minimal reproducer.
Version 3.0.11 (29 Dec 2016)
2016-12-24: wsfulton
[C#] Add %feature("csdirectordelegatemodifiers") to enable customization
of the delegate access modifiers generated in director classes.
Fixes issue #748.
2016-12-23: wsfulton
[Python] Fix builtin "python:slot" feature failing for tp_hash when using
hashfunc closure with a "Wrong type for hash function" for Python 2.
Issue #843.
2016-12-21: joequamt
Changed generation of functions so that only functions
that end in _set generate accessor functions rather than
looking for "set".
Change generation of operators to not have underscores
to start in R. Users need to provide custom names for these operator overloads.
2016-12-21: olly
Fix isfinite() checks to work with all C++11 compilers.
Fixes issues #615, #788 and #849.
2016-12-20: wsfulton
%namewarn unnecessarily caused keyword warnings for non-instantiated template classes
and duplicate warnings for instantiated template classes when keywords were used.
Issue #845.
2016-12-18: ezralanglois
[Python, Ruby, Octave] Memory leak fix on error in std::pair wrappers.
Issue #851.
2016-12-18: wsfulton
Zero initialize arrays when using %array_class and %array_functions.
2016-12-18: t-ikegami
[Python] Fix #446
Python %array_class of carrays.i failed with -builtin option.
2016-12-16: briancaine
[Guile] Patch #744 Added support for Guile's native pointer functionality
2016-12-01: wsfulton
[Python] Issue #769.
Add optional moduleimport attribute to %module so that the
default module import code can be overridden. See the "Searching for the wrapper module"
documentation in Python.html. Example:
%module(moduleimport="import _foo") foo
$module also expands to the low-level C/C++ module name, so the following is the
same as above
%module(moduleimport="import $module") foo
2016-11-30: olly
[PHP] Add support for PHP7. PHP5's C extension API has changed
substantially so you need to use -php7 to specify you want PHP7
compatible wrappers. The default extension for generated wrappers
is now .cxx (to match SWIG's default for every other language - to
generate foo_wrap.cpp you can run SWIG with -cppext cpp). Fixes
issue #571.
As part of this change, the language subdirectory for PHP5 has
changed from "php" to "php5" - if you are making use of the search
path feature where the language subdirectory of each directory
is also searched, you'll need to update your bindings. A simple
fix which works for older and newer SWIG is to add a symlink:
ln -s php php5
2016-11-30: olly
[PHP] Only emit one copy of each distinct arginfo. Previously we
emitted a separate one for every wrapped function, but typically
many functions have the same number of parameters and combinations
of parameters passed by reference or not.
This change significantly reduces both the size of the generated
wrapper, and of the compiled PHP extension module (e.g. by ~6% for
the stripped extension module for Xapian's PHP7 bindings).
2016-11-28: wsfulton
Fix %rename override of wildcard %rename for templates. For example:
%rename(GlobalIntOperator) *::operator bool; // wildcard %rename
%rename(XIntOperator) X::operator bool; // fix now overrides first %rename above
%rename(XIntOperator) X<int>::operator bool; // fix now overrides first %rename above
template<typename T> struct X {
operator bool();
%template(Xint) X<int>;
This also fixes %rename override of global %rename for templates. For example:
// Global rename to make all functions start with a lower case letter
%rename("%(firstlowercase)s", %$isfunction ) "";
%rename(woohoo) W::Woo; // fix now overrides above %rename
template<typename T> struct W {
W Woo();
%template(Wint) W<int>;
The above also introduces a possibly unexpected change. Many of the STL containers
provided by SWIG use %rename to rename some methods, eg in std::vector, push_back
is renamed to add in Java. Previously this intended rename did not happen when using
using global %rename rules and the method would remain as push_back, but is now
renamed to add. Some more info in issue #856.
2016-11-26: m7thon
[Python] Issue #709 - improved wrapping of division operators
'from __future__ import division' now works in Python 2 whether or not the
-py3 flag is used.
2016-11-12: joequant
[R] Issue #697 - fix comma issue with overload methods
2016-11-12: joequant
[R] Issue #555 - R runtime needs stdio.h
2016-11-02: wsfulton
[Python] Issue #816 - fix compilation error when using -extranative and -builtin.
2016-11-02: liorgold
Patch #741 - Add support for C++11 alias templates, see updated CPlusPlus11.html
2016-10-30: myd7349
[C#] Patch #740 Add std_array.i for C# for wrapping std::array.
Patch also enhances std::vector<std::wstring> C# wrappers with additional functions
(Contains, IndexOf, LastIndexOf and Remove).
2016-10-30: tobilau
[Java] Fix wrappers for wstring parameters in director methods to cleanup local
ref after director callback has finished.
2016-10-23: wsfulton
[C#] Add missing csdirectorin VOID_INT_PTR and csdirectorout VOID_INT_PTR typemaps.
2016-10-23: jiulongw
Patch #781 - Fix wrapping of C compound expressions containing char constants
in quotes such as:
#define H_SUPPRESS_SCALING_MAGIC (('s'<<24) | ('u'<<16) | ('p'<<8) | 'p')
enum DifferentTypes {
typecharcompound2='B' << 2
2016-10-13: wsfulton
[Python] Issue #808 - fix Python pickling and metaclass for builtin wrappers.
The metaclass (SwigPyObjectType) for SWIG objects was not defined in
a way that let importlib successfully import the Python wrappers.
The pickle module previously failed to pickle objects because it couldn't
determine what module the SWIG wrapped objects were in.
2016-09-29: wsfulton
[Allegrocl, CFFI, GO, Javascript, Ocaml, R, Scilab]
Add missing support for the "ret" typemap in a few target languages.
The documentation also now has info on the "ret" typemap.
2016-09-27: ahmed-usman
[xml] Handle template parameters correctly.
2016-09-27: dontpanic92
[Go] Fix argument names in inherited functions taking more than 8
parameters. Fixes #795.
2016-09-26: smarchetto
[Scilab] mlists that map pointers can be given a custom type name.
2016-09-25: wsfulton
Patch #793 from q-p to expand exception handling to include std::bad_cast
in std_except.i.
2016-09-24: olly
[PHP] Fix code generated for feature("director:except") -
previously the return value of call_user_function() was ignored and
we checked an uninitialised value instead. Fixes #627. Based on
patch from Sergey Seroshtan.
2016-09-22: wsfulton
[Python] More flexible python builtin slots for overloaded C++ function.
The closure names used for builtin slots are mangled with their functype so
that overloaded C++ method names can be used for multiple slots.
For example:
%feature("python:slot", "mp_subscript", functype="binaryfunc") SimpleArray::__getitem__;
%feature("python:slot", "sq_item", functype="ssizeargfunc") SimpleArray::__getitem__(Py_ssize_t n);
will generate closures:
SWIGPY_SSIZEARGFUNC_CLOSURE(_wrap_SimpleArray___getitem__) /* defines _wrap_SimpleArray___getitem___ssizeargfunc_closure */
SWIGPY_BINARYFUNC_CLOSURE(_wrap_SimpleArray___getitem__) /* defines _wrap_SimpleArray___getitem___binaryfunc_closure */
Previously only one name was defined: _wrap_SimpleArray___getitem___closure.
Hence the overloaded __getitem__ method can be used to support both mp_subscript and sq_item slots.
2016-09-17: wsfulton
[Python] Fix iterators for containers of NULL pointers (or Python None) when using
-builtin. Previously iteration would stop at the first element that was NULL.
2016-09-16: olly
[Javascript] Fix SWIG_exception() macro to return from the current
function. Fixes #789, reported by Julien Dutriaux.
2016-09-16: olly
[PHP] Fix SWIG_exception() macro to return from the current function.
Fixes #240, reported by Sergey Seroshtan.
2016-09-12: xypron
[C#] Patch #786 Keyword rename to be CLS compliant by adding an underscore
suffix instead of an underscore prefix to the C symbol name. Please use an explicit
%rename to rename the symbol with a _ prefix if you want the old symbol name.
2016-09-09: olly
[Python] Fix import handling for Python 2.6 to work in a frozen
application. Fixes #145, reported by Thomas Kluyver.
2016-09-02: smarchetto
[Scilab] Pointers are mapped to mlist instead of tlist
(mlist better for scilab overloading)
2016-09-02: olly
[PHP] Fix "out" typemap for member function pointers and "in"
typemap for char INPUT[ANY].
2016-09-01: wsfulton
[Python] More efficient Python slicing.
Call reserve for container types that support it to avoid repeated
memory reallocations for new slices or slices that grow in size.
2016-09-01: wsfulton
[Python] #771 - Make builtin types hashable by default.
Default hash is the underlying C/C++ pointer. This matches up with testing for
equivalence (Py_EQ in SwigPyObject_richcompare) which compares the pointers.
2016-08-22: wsfulton
[Python] The following builtin slots can be customized like other slots via the
"python:<x>" and "python:slot" features where <x> is the appropriate slot name:
A few documentation improvements for slot customization.
2016-08-09: joequant
[R] Patch #765 Fix extern "C" header includes for C++ code.
2016-08-05: olly
[xml] Fix how the output filename is built to avoid problems when
it contains the embedded strings ".c", ".cpp" or ".cxx".
Fixes #540 reported by djack42.
2016-07-01: wsfulton
Fix corner case of wrapping std::vector of T pointers where a pointer to a pointer of T
also exists in the wrapped code. SF Bug 2359417 (967).
2016-06-26: wkalinin
[Java, C#] Patch #681 Fix seg fault when ignoring nested classes.
2016-06-25: mromberg
[Python] #711 Fix -castmode and conversion of signed and unsigned integer types.
See 2015-12-23 CHANGES entry for details of these improvements when they were
implemented for the default options (ie not using -castmode).
2016-06-25: ahnolds
Patch #730 - Fix %implicitconv for overloaded functions when using
-castmode or -fastdispatch options.
The result is that in all overload cases where there are multiple possibilities
with the same number of arguments, the dispatch function will first check for
exact (aka non implicit) matches, and then subsequently check for implicit
casting matches. This was already happening in the normal dispatch situation,
and in the -fastdispatch case two passes through the candidates were happening,
just with SWIG_POINTER_IMPLICIT_CONV always set. After this patch, it is not set
on the first pass, and then set on the second pass.
2016-06-25: liorgold
Patch #727 - Add support for C++11 type aliasing.
Version 3.0.10 (12 Jun 2016)
2016-06-06: mromberg
[Python] Patch #698. Add support for -relativeimport for python 2.7, so -py3 is no
longer also required for relative import support.
2016-06-05: mromberg
[Python] Patch #694 - Fix package import regressions introduced in swig-3.0.9.
1) The code in 3.0.9 did not fall back to 'import _foo' if 'import bar._foo' failed
(assuming was the main module). Every place _foo is imported now first tries
it from the package where foo was found and if that fails tries _foo as a global module.
2) The separate block of Python code that injected code to pull in the attributes
from _foo when -builtin is used made use of the -py3 switch to either do
'from ._foo import *' or "from _foo import *". This block of code no longer does this
and instead checks the Python version at runtime to switch between the two syntaxes.
In summary, swig-3.0.10 has been modified to ease the creation of wrapper modules
that can be fully made part of a Python package. SWIG no longer
assumes the dynamically linked C module is a global module.
The dynamic module can now be placed into either the same package as the pure Python
module or as a global module. Both locations are used by the Python wrapper to
locate the C module.
However, this could cause a backwards incompatibility with some code
that was relying on the ability of "from package import _module" to
pull attributes out of the package directly. If your code populates a
module (which is also a package) with attributes that are SWIG
generated modules which were not loaded in a conventional way,
swig-3.0.8 and earlier may have worked due to 'from package import
_module' bypassing a real import and pulling your module in as an
attribute. This will no longer work. Since this is not a common (or
even recommended) practice, most folk should not be affected.
2016-05-31: wsfulton
Fix #690 - Smart pointer to %ignored class doesn't expose inherited methods.
Regression introduced in swig-3.0.9.
Version 3.0.9 (29 May 2016)
2016-05-24: mromberg
[Python] Patch #612 - Add support for Python's implicit namespace packages.
2016-05-23: wsfulton
[Ruby] Fix #602 - Error handling regression of opaque pointers introduced
in swig-3.0.8 when C functions explicitly reset a pointer using 'DATA_PTR(self) = 0'.
An ObjectPreviouslyDeleted error was incorrectly thrown when the pointer was used
as a parameter.
2016-05-17: tamuratak
[Ruby] Patch #651 - Correct overloaded function error message when function is
using %newobject.
2016-05-17: aurelj
[Ruby] Patch #582 - add support for docstring option in %module()
2016-05-14: wsfulton
Fix #434 - Passing classes by value as parameters in director methods did not create
a copy of the argument leading to invalid memory accesses if the object was used
after the upcall into the target language. Passing arguments by value shouldn't give
rise to these sorts of memory problems and so the objects are now copied and ownership
of their lifetime is controlled by the target language.
2016-05-07: wsfulton
Fix #611. Fix assertion handling defaultargs when using %extend for a template
class and the extended methods contain default arguments.
2016-05-05: ejulian
[Python] Patch #617. Fix operator/ wrappers.
2016-05-02: wsfulton
Fix #669. Don't issue warning about ignoring base classes when the derived class is
itself ignored.
2016-04-18: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Fix use of goout typemap when calling base method by
forcing the "type" attribute to the value we need.
2016-04-17: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Fixes for Go 1.6: avoid returning Go pointers from
directors that return string values; add a trailing 0 byte
when treating Go string as C char*.
2016-04-06: smarchetto
[Scilab] #552 Make Scilab runtime keep track of pointer types
Instead of a Scilab pointer which has no type, SWIG Scilab maps a
pointer to a structure tlist containing the pointer adress and its type.
2016-04-02: ahnolds
[Python] Apply #598. Fix misleading error message when attempting to read a non-existent
attribute. The previous cryptic error message:
AttributeError: type object 'object' has no attribute '__getattr__'
is now replaced with one mentioning the attribute name, eg:
AttributeError: 'Foo' object has no attribute 'bar'
2016-04-02: derkuci
[Python] Patch #610 to fix #607.
Fix single arguments when using python -builtin -O with %feature("compactdefaultargs")
2016-03-31: wsfulton
Fixes #594. Fix assertion for some languages when wrapping a C++11 enum class that
is private in a class.
Also don't wrap private enums for a few languages that attempted to do so.
2016-03-31: wsfulton
[Java] unsigned long long marshalling improvements when a negative number
is passed from Java to C. A cast to signed long long in the C layer will now
result in the expected value. No change for positive numbers passed to C.
Fixes #623.
2016-03-22: alexwarg
[Lua] #398 Fix lua __getitem + inheritance
The new handling of classes in Lua (not merging methods into the derived classes)
breaks for classes that provide a __getitem function. The __getitem function
prevents method calls to any method defined in a base class. This fix calls
__getitem only if the member is not found using recursive lookup.
2016-03-18: ptomulik
[Python] #563 Stop generating unnecessary _swigconstant helpers.
2016-03-16: richardbeare
[R] #636 Add extra std::vector numeric types
2016-03-14: wsfulton
[Java] Add std_array.i for C++11 std::array support.
2016-03-12: wsfulton
[Java, C#, D] Fix static const char member variables wrappers with %javaconst(1)
%csconst(1) or %dmanifestconst.
This fixes the case when an integer is used as the initializer, such as:
struct W { static const char w = 100; };
Fix generated code parsing enum values using char escape sequences
when these values appear in the Java code (usually when using %javaconst(1))
such as:
enum X { x1 = '\n', x2 = '\1' };
Similarly for static const member char variables such as:
struct Y { static const char y = '\n'; }
Likewise for D and %dmanifestconstant. For C# and %csconst(1), char
values in C# are now hex escaped as C# doesn't support C octal escaping.
2016-03-11: wsfulton
[Java C#] Add support for treating C++ base classes as Java interfaces
instead of Java proxy classes. This enable some sort of support for
multiple inheritance. The implementation is in swiginterface.i and
provides additional macros (see Java.html for full documentation):
%interface_custom("PROXY", "INTERFACE", CTYPE)
2016-03-01: wsfulton
Add rstrip encoder for use in %rename. This is like the strip encoder but
strips the symbol's suffix instead of the prefix. The example below
will rename SomeThingCls to SomeThing and AnotherThingCls to AnotherThing:
%rename("%(rstrip:[Cls])s") "";
class SomeThingCls {};
struct AnotherThingCls {};
2016-03-01: olly
Fix isfinite() check to work with GCC6. Fixes
issue #615 reported by jplesnik.
2016-02-17: olly
[Python] Add missing keywords 'as' and 'with' to pythonkw.swg.
2016-02-07: kwwette
[Octave] recognise various unary functions
* Use __float__() for numeric conversions, e.g. when calling double()
* Map various unary functions, e.g. abs() to __abs__(), see full list
in section 32.3.10 of manual; only available in Octave 3.8.0 or later
2016-02-07: kwwette
[Octave] export function swig_octave_prereq() for testing Octave version
2016-02-06: pjohangustavsson
[C#] Fix duplicate symbol problems when linking the source generated
from multiple SWIG modules into one shared library for the -namespace
option. The namespace is now mangled into the global PInvoke function
2016-01-27: ahnolds
[Python] Added support for differentiating between Python Bytes
and Unicode objects using by defining SWIG_PYTHON_STRICT_BYTE_CHAR
2016-01-27: steeve
[Go] Ensure structs are properly packed between gc and GCC/clang.
2016-01-25: ahnolds
[Python] Support the full Python test suite in -classic mode
* Convert long/unsigned long/long long/unsigned long long to PyInt
rather than PyLong when possible. Certain python functions like
len() require a PyInt when operating on old-style classes.
* Add support for static methods in classic mode, including support
for pythonappend, pythonprepend, and docstrings.
* Removing the use of __swig_getmethods__ for static member methods
since they will always be found by the standard argument lookup
* Fix a bug where the wrong type of exception was caught when
checking for new-style class support
2016-01-23: ahnolds
[Go] Enable support for the Go test-suite on OSX:
* The linker on OSX requires that all symbols (even weak symbols)
are defined at link time. Because the function _cgo_topofstack is
only defined starting in Go version 1.4, we explicitly mark it as
undefined for older versions of Go on OSX.
* Avoid writing empty swigargs structs, since empty structs are not
allowed in extern "C" blocks.
2016-01-12: olly
[Javascript] Look for "nodejs" as well as "node", as it's packaged
as the former on Debian.
2016-01-12: olly
[Javascript] For v8 >= 4.3.0, use V8_MAJOR_VERSION.
Fixes issue 561.
2016-01-10: ahnolds
Improved size_t and ptrdiff_t typemaps to support large values
on platforms where sizeof(size_t) > sizeof(unsigned long) and
sizeof(ptrdiff_t) > sizeof(long).
Version 3.0.8 (31 Dec 2015)
2015-12-30: wsfulton
The pdf documentation is now generated by wkhtmltopdf and has colour
for the code snippets just like the html documentation!
2015-12-23: ahnolds
[Python] Fixes for conversion of signed and unsigned integer types:
No longer check for PyInt objects in Python3. Because PyInt_Check
and friends are #defined to the corresponding PyLong methods, this
had caused errors in Python3 where values greater than what could be
stored in a long were incorrectly interpreted as the value -1 with
the Python error indicator set to OverflowError. This applies to
both the conversions PyLong->long and PyLong->double.
Conversion from PyLong to long, unsigned long, long long, and
unsigned long long now raise OverflowError instead of TypeError in
both Python2 and Python3 for PyLong values outside the range
expressible by the corresponding C type. This matches the existing
behavior for other integral types (signed and unsigned ints, shorts,
and chars), as well as the conversion for PyInt to all numeric
types. This also indirectly applies to the size_t and ptrdiff_t
types, which depend on the conversions for unsigned long and long.
2015-12-19: wsfulton
[Python] Python 2 Unicode UTF-8 strings can be used as inputs to char * or
std::string types if the generated C/C++ code has SWIG_PYTHON_2_UNICODE defined.
2015-12-17: wsfulton
Issues #286, #128
Remove ccache-swig.1 man page - please use the CCache.html docs instead.
The yodl2man and yodl2html tools are no longer used and so SWIG no
longer has a dependency on these packages which were required when
building from git.
2015-12-16: zturner/coleb
[Python] Fix Python3.5 interpreter assertions when objects are being
deleted due to an existing exception. Most notably in generators
which terminate using a StopIteration exception. Fixes #559 #560 #573.
If a further exception is raised during an object destruction,
PyErr_WriteUnraisable is used on this second exception and the
original exception bubbles through.
2015-12-14: ahnolds/wsfulton
[Python] Add in missing initializers for tp_finalize,
nb_matrix_multiply, nb_inplace_matrix_multiply, ht_qualname
ht_cached_keys and tp_prev.
2015-12-12: wsfulton
Fix STL wrappers to not generate <: digraphs.
For example std::vector<::X::Y> was sometimes generated, now
corrected to std::vector< ::X::Y >.
2015-11-25: wsfulton
[Ruby] STL ranges and slices fixes.
Ruby STL container setting slices fixes:
Setting an STL container wrapper slice better matches the way Ruby
arrays work. The behaviour is now the same as Ruby arrays. The only
exception is the default value used when expanding a container
cannot be nil as this is not a valid type/value for C++ container
Obtaining a Ruby STL container ranges and slices fixes:
Access via ranges and slices now behave identically to Ruby arrays.
The fixes are mostly for out of range indices and lengths.
- Zero length slice requests return an empty container instead of nil.
- Slices which request a length greater than the size of the container
no longer chop off the last element.
- Ranges which used to return nil now return an empty array when the
the start element is a valid index.
Ruby STL container negative indexing support improved.
Using negative indexes to set values works the same as Ruby arrays, eg
%template(IntVector) std::vector<int>;
iv =[1,2,3,4])
iv[-4] = 9 # => [1,2,3,9]
iv[-5] = 9 # => IndexError
2015-11-21: wsfulton
[Ruby, Python] Add std::array container wrappers.
These work much like any of the other STL containers except Python/Ruby slicing
is somewhat limited because the array is a fixed size. Only slices of
the full size are supported.
2015-10-10: wsfulton
[Python] #539 - Support Python 3.5 and -builtin. PyAsyncMethods is a new
member in PyHeapTypeObject.
2015-10-06: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Don't emit a constructor function for a director
class with an abstract method, since the function will
always panic.
2015-10-01: wsfulton
Fix %shared_ptr support for private and protected inheritance.
- Remove unnecessary Warning 520: Derived class 'Derived' of 'Base'
is not similarly marked as a smart pointer
- Do not generate code that attempts to cast up the inheritance chain in the
type system runtime in such cases as it doesn't compile and can't be used.
Remove unnecessary warning 520 for %shared_ptr when the base class is ignored.
2015-10-01: vkalinin
Fix #508: Fix segfault parsing anonymous typedef nested classes.
2015-09-26: wsfulton
[Ruby] Add shared_ptr support
2015-09-13: kkaempf
[Ruby] Resolve tracking bug - issue #225.
The bug is that the tracking code uses a ruby hash and thus may
allocate objects (Bignum) while running the GC. This was tolerated in
1.8 but is invalid (raises an exception) in 1.9.
The patch uses a C hash (also used by ruby) instead.
2015-09-09: lyze
[CFFI] Extend the "export" feature in the CFFI module to support
exporting to a specified package.
2015-09-04: olly
[Python] Fix docstrings for %callback functions.
2015-09-03: demi-rluddy
[Go] Removed golang stringing for signed/unsigned char
Changed default handling of signed char* and unsigned char* to be
opaque pointers rather than strings, similarly to how other
languages work.
Any existing code relying on treating signed char* or unsigned
char* as a string can restore the old behavior with typemaps.i by
using %apply to copy the [unchanged] char* behavior.
2015-08-07: talby
[Perl] tidy -Wtautological-constant-out-of-range-compare warnings when building generated code under clang
2015-08-07: xantares
[Python] pep257 & numpydoc conforming docstrings:
- Mono-line module docsstring
- Rewrite autodoc parameters section in numpydoc style:
- One line summary should end with "."
- Adds a blank line after class docstring
2015-08-05: vadz
[Java] Make (char* STRING, size_t LENGTH) typemaps usable for
strings of other types, e.g. "unsigned char*".
Version 3.0.7 (3 Aug 2015)
2015-08-02: wsfulton
[Java] Fix potential security exploit in generated Java classes.
The swigCPtr and swigCMemOwn member variables in the generated Java
classes are now declared 'transient' by default. Further details of the exploit
in Android is being published in an academic paper as part of USENIX WOOT '15:
In the unlikely event that you are relying on these members being serializable,
then you will need to override the default javabody and javabody_derived typemaps
to generate the old generated code. The relevant typemaps are in the Lib directory
in the java.swg, boost_shared_ptr.i and boost_intrusive_ptr.i files. Copy the
relevant default typemaps into your interface file and remove the 'transient' keyword.
2015-08-01: vadz
Make configure --without-alllang option more useful: it can now be overridden by the following
--with-xxx options, allowing to easily enable just one or two languages.
2015-07-30: wsfulton
Fix #440 - Initialise all newly created arrays when using %array_functions and %array_class
in the carrays.i library - bug is only relevant when using C++.
2015-07-29: wsfulton
[Python] Improve indentation warning and error messages for code in the following directives:
Old error example:
Error: Line indented less than expected (line 3 of pythoncode)
New error example:
Error: Line indented less than expected (line 3 of %pythoncode or %insert("python") block)
as no line should be indented less than the indentation in line 1
Old warning example:
Warning 740: Whitespace prefix doesn't match (line 2 of %pythoncode or %insert("python") block)
New warning example:
Warning 740: Whitespace indentation is inconsistent compared to earlier lines (line 3 of
%pythoncode or %insert("python") block)
2015-07-28: wsfulton
[Python] Fix #475. Improve docstring indentation handling.
SWIG-3.0.5 and earlier sometimes truncated text provided in the docstring feature.
This occurred when the indentation (whitespace) in the docstring was less in the
second or later lines when compared to the first line.
SWIG-3.0.6 gave a 'Line indented less than expected' error instead of truncating
the docstring text.
Now the indentation for the 'docstring' feature is smarter and is appropriately
adjusted so that no truncation occurs.
2015-07-22: wsfulton
Support for special variable expansion in typemap attributes. Example usage expansion
in the 'out' attribute (C# specific):
%typemap(ctype, out="$*1_ltype") unsigned int& "$*1_ltype"
is equivalent to the following as $*1_ltype expands to 'unsigned int':
%typemap(ctype, out="unsigned int") unsigned int& "unsigned int"
Special variables can be used within special variable macros too. Example usage expansion:
%typemap(cstype) unsigned int "uint"
%typemap(cstype, out="$typemap(cstype, $*1_ltype)") unsigned int& "$typemap(cstype, $*1_ltype)"
Special variables are expanded first and hence the above is equivalent to:
%typemap(cstype, out="$typemap(cstype, unsigned int)") unsigned int& "$typemap(cstype, unsigned int)"
which then expands to:
%typemap(cstype, out="uint") unsigned int& "uint"
2015-07-22: lindleyf
Apply patch #439 - support for $typemap() (aka embedded typemaps or special variable
macros) in typemap attributes. A simple example where $typemap() is expanded in the
'out' attribute (C# specific):
%typemap(cstype) unsigned int "uint"
%typemap(cstype, out="$typemap(cstype, unsigned int)") unsigned int& "$typemap(cstype, unsigned int)"
is equivalent to:
%typemap(cstype, out="uint") unsigned int& "uint"
2015-07-18: m7thon
[Python] Docstrings provided via %feature("docstring") are now quoted and added to
the tp_doc slot when using python builtin classes (-builtin). When no docstring is
provided, the tp_doc slot is set to the fully qualified C/C++ class name.
Github issues #445 and #461.
2015-07-17: kwwette
[octave] Support Octave version 4.0.0 (thanks to patches from Orion Poplawski).
2015-07-07: wsfulton
SWIG no longer generates a wrapper for a class' constructor if that class has
any base class with a private destructor. This is because your compiler should
not allow a class to be instantiated if a base has a private destructor. Some
compilers do, so if you need the old behaviour, use the "notabstract" feature, eg:
%feature("notabstract") Derived;
class Base {
~Base() {}
struct Derived : Base {};
Version 3.0.6 (5 Jul 2015)
2015-07-02: wsfulton
Fix syntax error when the template keyword is used in types, eg:
std::template vector<int> v;
2015-07-02: ngladitz
[Lua] Push characters as unformatted 1-character strings to avoid
unprintable characters such as (char)127 being converted to
"<\127>" with Lua 5.3 and later. (github PR #452)
2015-06-29: olly
[Python] Improve handling of whitespace in %pythoncode.
Previously SWIG looked at the indentation of the first line and
removed that many characters from each subsequent line, regardless
of what those characters were. This was made worse because SWIG's
preprocessor removes any whitespace before a '#'. Fixes github
issue #379, reported by Joe Orton.
2015-06-12: wsfulton
[R] Fix #430 - call to SWIG_createNewRef in copyToC was incorrectly named.
2015-06-11: sghirate
[C#] Patch #427 adds in new command line option -outfile to combine all the
generated C# code into a single file.
2015-06-09: wsfulton
Fix seg fault processing C++11 type aliasing. Issue #424.
2015-05-28: wsfulton
[Python] Add new feature "python:cdefaultargs" to control default argument
code generation. By default, SWIG attempts to convert C/C++ default argument values
into Python values and generates code into the Python layer with these values.
Recent versions of SWIG are able to convert more of these values, however, the
new behaviour can be circumvented if desired via this new feature, such that
the default argument values are obtained from the C layer and not the Python layer.
For example:
struct CDA {
int fff(int a = 1, bool b = false);
The default code generation in the Python layer is:
class CDA(_object):
def fff(self, a=1, b=False):
return _default_args.CDA_fff(self, a, b)
Adding the feature:
%feature("python:cdefaultargs") CDA::fff;
Results in:
class CDA(_object):
def fff(self, *args):
return _default_args.CDA_fff(self, *args)
Some code generation modes, eg -builtin and -fastproxy, are unaffected by this as
the default values are always obtained from the C layer.
2015-05-27: wsfulton
[Python] Deal with an integer as the default value of a typedef to bool
parameter in the C++ prototype. See #327. Regression from 3.0.0 onwards.
2015-05-19: olly
[Python] Fix warning when compiling generated code with MSVC.
(Fixes reported by
Mateusz Szyma¿ski).
2015-05-14: wsfulton
Fix seg fault wrapping shared_ptr of classes with private constructors and destructors.
This also fixes the "unref" feature when used on classes with private destructors.
2015-05-10: wsfulton
[Java] Fix multi-argument typemaps (char *STRING, size_t LENGTH)
so that they can be applied to a wider range of types. Fixes #385.
2015-05-07: olly
[Python] Deal with an integer as the default value of a bool
parameter in the C++ prototype. Fixes github #327, reported by
Greg Allen.
2015-05-07: LindleyF
[Java] Allow feature("director") and feature("ref") to be used
together. Github PR#403.
2015-05-05: olly
Suppress warning 325 "Nested class not currently supported (Foo
ignored)" when Foo has already been explicitly ignored with "%ignore".
2015-05-04: wsfulton
Add support for friend templates, including operator overloading - fixes #196. Considering
the example below, previously the operator gave a syntax error and friendfunc incorrectly
warned with:
"Warning 503: Can't wrap 'friendfunc<(Type)>' unless renamed to a valid identifier."
template <class Type> class MyClass {
friend int friendfunc <Type>(double is, MyClass <Type> & x);
friend int operator<< <Type>(double un, const MyClass <Type> &x);
The following also previously incorrectly warned with:
"Warning 302: Identifier 'template_friend' redefined (ignored),"
template<typename T> T template_friend(T);
struct MyTemplate {
template<typename T> friend T template_friend(T);
2015-05-01: wsfulton
Fix handling of conversion operators where the operator is split over multiple
lines or has comments within the operator type. Fixes #401.
Also fix similar problem with normal operators which gave a syntax error if split over
multiple lines or had a comment within the operator declaration.
2015-04-30: olly
Ignore unknown preprocessor directives which are inside an inactive
conditional (github issue #394, reported by Dan Wilcox).
Regression introduced in 3.0.3.
2015-04-27: vadz
[Python] Fix "default" typemap used after an argument with "numinputs=0" (#377).
2015-04-24: wsfulton
[Python] Fix #256. Code generated with '-builtin -modernargs' segfaults for any
method taking zero arguments.
Also fixes: "SystemError: error return without exception set" during error checking
when using just -builtin and the incorrect number of arguments is passed to a class
method expecting zero arguments.
2015-04-23: wsfulton
[Java] Bug #386 - Memory leak fix in (char *STRING, size_t LENGTH) typemaps.
2015-04-23: vadz
[Python] Make "default" typemap work again (#330, #377).
2015-04-23: vadz
[Python] Fix the use of default values for the pointer types (#365, #376).
2015-04-23: wsfulton
Fix 'make check-ccache' which is part of 'make check' when one of the CCACHE_
environment variables, for example CCACHE_DISABLE, is set.
2015-04-14: wsfulton
Clearer warning message for badly constructed typecheck typemaps. For example, was:
example.i:3: Warning 467: Overloaded foo(int) not supported (no type checking
rule for 'int').
example.i:3: Warning 467: Overloaded foo(int) not supported (incomplete type checking
rule - no precedence level in typecheck typemap for 'int').
2015-04-11: wsfulton
[Java] Fix #353 - Linker multiple definition of 'ExceptionMatches' when
using directors and multiple modules.
2015-04-11: wsfulton
Merge #320 - Make __dict__ accessible for Python builtin classes.
2015-04-07: wsfulton
Fix #375 - parsing of extern "C" and typedef for example:
extern "C" typedef void (*Hook2_t)(int, const char *);
extern "C" typedef int Integer;
2015-03-12: olly
-DSWIG_DIRECTOR_STATIC is now supported for all languages with
director support, not only Python and PHP.
2015-03-02: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Add -cgo option, required for Go versions 1.5 and
2015-02-26: olly
Fix segmentation fault when top==NULL, introduced by nested class
handling (reported in issue#346 by Pawe¿ Tomulik).
2015-02-09: wsfulton
[Guile] Fix generated code for static const char member variables when
defined and declared inline.
2015-02-09: mishas
[Go] Fix %import of files in sub directories.
2015-02-05: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Ignore Go specific type maps (goin, goout, etc.) if they are empty.
2015-02-05: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Generated Go code no longer calls _swig_goallocate or
_swig_makegostring, as they will no longer work as of Go 1.5.
Version 3.0.5 (31 Jan 2015)
2015-01-30: wsfulton
[Python] Fix Python -classic and property setting. Setting properties on classic classes
was broken in swig-3.0.3 by attempting to use __setattr__. This regression is fixed now
by using __dict__ again when using -classic.
Fixes patch #232.
2015-01-27: smarchetto
[Scilab] Support for the Scilab language has been added
2015-01-23: olly
[PHP] When wrapping a returned resource as an object, check if all
cases wrap it in the same class, and if so eliminate the pointless
switch statement wrapper we previously generated.
2015-01-22: wsfulton
[Octave] Merge patch #297 for SF bug #1277 - Octave shared_ptr support
2015-01-15: wsfulton
[Python] Merge patch #250 - Fixes for using %constant and objects (non-primitive types)
2015-01-15: wsfulton
[C# Go] Merge patch #308 and fix #307 - C++11 strongly typed enum support
in directors
2015-01-15: wsfulton
[Python] Second fix for #294 #296 - Regression introduced in SWIG-3.0.3 when
wrapping functions with default arguments, this time when using kwargs.
Version 3.0.4 (14 Jan 2015)
2015-01-12: olly
[PHP] Fix segfault in director upcall check when using PHP built with
ZTS enabled. Fixes #155, reported by Pierre Labastie.
2015-01-12: vadz
[Python] Fix #294 #296 - Regression introduced in SWIG-3.0.3 when
wrapping functions with default arguments. Invalid or missing default
arguments were sometimes being generated into the python layer.
2015-01-08: olly
Allow C++11 "explicit constexpr". Fixes github issue #284 reported
by Pawel Tomulik. Also handle "constexpr explicit" and "constexpr
2015-01-08: olly
When reporting an error for a construct which hasn't been
terminated when the end of the file is reached, report it at the
start line rather than "EOF" as then tools like editors and IDEs
will take you to a generally more useful place for fixing the
2015-01-08: olly
Improve error messages for a few cases which previously gave the
one of the cryptic catch-all errors "Syntax error in input".
2015-01-08: olly
Provide -cppext as a general command line option for setting the
extension used for generated C++ files (previously it was specific
to the PHP backend). Deprecate the equivalent -suffix option
provided by the Ocaml backend, but continue to support that for
Version 3.0.3 (30 Dec 2014)
2014-12-27: wsfulton
Fix #280 - abort using all default template parameters within other template
2014-12-27: talby
[Perl] Issue #282 perl5 archlib vs archlibexp
[Perl] tidy "warning: duplicate 'extern' declaration specifier" when building generated code
under clang
2014-12-18: wsfulton
Add support for %constant and structs/classes - issue #272
2014-12-09: wsfulton
Fix #245 - regression (since swig-3.0.0) in templated constructors.
Templated constructors could not be instantiated - they were incorrectly ignored with a warning 504:
"Function: xyz must have a return type. Ignored."
2014-12-07: wsfulton
Add support for C++11 strongly typed enumerations.
2014-11-21: wsfulton
[Java C#] Fix multiply defined error when using %rename of enum items when using the "simple enum"
2014-10-28: vadz
[Python] Patch #201 The generated .py file no longer uses *args for all Python parameters.
Instead, the parameters are named using the C++ parameter names.
"compactdefaultargs" feature can be enabled to restore the old behaviour.
2014-10-24: timotheecour
[D] Patch #204 Use core.atomic.atomicOp to mutate shared variables
2014-10-21: wsfulton
Fix issue #242 - Use of the "kwargs" feature no longer automatically turns on the
"compactdefaultargs" feature if the target language does not support kwargs.
This change affects all languages except Python and Ruby.
2014-10-10: diorcety
[Python] Patch #232 Fix property access using directors
2014-10-06: wsfulton
[Python] Fixes when using -builtin and std::vector/std::list wrappers to allow deletion
of single elements, such as 'del vec[0]'.
2014-09-30: oliverb
[Javascript] Merge patch #216 by Richie765 - Added support for many versions of v8 javascript.
2014-09-30: oliverb
[Javascript] Merge patch #195 by zittix - Fixed JSClassRef declaration not using the static one.
2014-09-30: ianlancetaylor
[Go] In configure script, require Go 1.1 or later.
2014-09-30: wsfulton
[Python] Patch #207 - Fix No module error with -relativeimport when using single
header file import.
2014-09-27: wsfulton
Patch #208 - Initialise newly created array when using array_functions in the
carrays.i library (C++ usage).
2014-09-27: wsfulton
[Ruby] Patch #187 - Fix crash on shutdown of the Ruby interpreter if more than one
module was loaded at a time when data is being shared between modules.
2014-09-27: wsfulton
[Java] Patch #168 - Fix leak in Java director string handling after the Java
upcall when called from a native thread.
2014-09-25: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Adjust generated code to work with upcoming Go 1.4
2014-09-23: wsfulton
[Python] Add patch from Thomas Maslach to fix crash in wrappers when using -threads in
the STL iterators (SwigPyIterator destructor).
2014-09-17: wsfulton
[C#] Merge patch #229 from contre - Add bool array types to arrays_csharp.i
2014-09-12: olly
[PHP] Add support for specifying any PHP interfaces a wrapped class
implements, e.g.: %typemap("phpinterfaces") MyIterator "Iterator";
2014-09-11: olly
[PHP] Fix throwing a PHP exception through C++ from a subclassed
director method - PHP NULL gets returned by the subclassed method
in this case, so the directorout typemap needs to allow that (at
least if an exception is active).
2014-09-09: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Add goargout typemap.
2014-09-09: olly
[PHP] Fix segmentation faults with directors in PHP >= 5.4, and
reenable runme tests for director_basic testcase. Fix from
pavel-charvat in issue#164.
2014-09-05: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Add imtype, goin, goout, godirectorin, and
godirectorout typemaps, to support writing Go code to
convert between types.
2014-09-02: olly
[Python] Fix regression in indentation of python code produced with
-modern, introduced by changes in #188. Reported by fabiencastan
in #218.
2014-09-01: olly
Issue an error for unknown SWIG preprocessor directives, rather
than quietly ignoring them. Reported by jrhelsey in issue#217.
2014-08-15: talby
[Perl] Include guard fix for nested modules from Anthony Heading (SF Patch #350).
2014-08-04: wsfulton
[C#] Merge patch #200 from gpetrou - Changed CSharp license header to include auto-generated
tag so that StyleCop ignores the files.
2014-08-04: wsfulton
[Java] Merge patch #198 from Yuval Kashtan - Support for java.nio.ByteBuffer mapping to
unsigned char * in various.i in NIOBUFFER typemaps.
2014-07-14: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Change struct definition to use void *, not uint8, so
that the type is recorded as possibly containing
pointers. This ensures that the 1.3 garbage collector
does not collect pointers passed to C++ code.
2014-07-01: wsfulton
Fix SF Bug #1375 - Expansion of the $parentclassname special variable incorrectly contains
brackets in the expanded name.
Version 3.0.2 (4 Jun 2014)
2014-06-02: v-for-vandal
[Lua] Pull request #176:
If class has no __eq implemented, then default __eq is generated.
Default __eq compares actual pointers stored inside Lua userdata.
2014-06-02: vkalinin
Fix #183 - %extend and unnamed nested structs
2014-05-28: kwwette
Fix install failure when using an 'out of source' build using the shipped
tarball - regression introduced in swig-3.0.1.
2014-05-24: kwwette
[Octave] Remove deprecated -global/-noglobal command-line arguments
Version 3.0.1 (27 May 2014)
2014-05-25: hfalcic
[Python] Python 3 byte string output: use errors="surrogateescape"
if available on the version of Python that's in use. This allows
obtaining the original byte string (and potentially trying a fallback
encoding) if the bytes can't be decoded as UTF-8.
Previously, a UnicodeDecodeError would be raised with no way to treat
the data as bytes or try another codec.
2014-05-18: vkalinin
Bug #175 - Restore %extend to work for unnamed nested structures by using a C
symbol comprising the outer structure name and unnamed variable instance name.
2014-05-15: kwwette
Add #166 - 'make check' now works out of source. This required the examples to build
out of source. The main languages have been tested - C#, Go, Guile, Java, Javascript,
Lua, Octave, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Tcl.
2014-05-01: Oliver Buchtala
Javascript support added, see Javascript chapter in the documentation.
2014-05-01: olly
[PHP] The generated __isset() method now returns true for read-only properties.
2014-04-24: kwwette
[Go] Fix go ./configure parsing of gccgo --version, and
goruntime.swg typo in __GNUC_PATCHLEVEL__ (SF Bug #1298)
2014-04-24: kwwette
Fix {python|perl5|ruby|tcl}/java examples
In Lib/gcj/cni.i, for compatibility with newer gcj versions:
- remove JvAllocObject() which gcj no longer defines, from gcj Changelog:
2004-04-16 Bryce McKinlay <>
* gcj/cni.h (JvAllocObject): Remove these obsolete,
undocumented CNI calls.
- change JvCreateJavaVM() argument from void* to JvVMInitArgs*, from gcj Changelog:
2005-02-23 Thomas Fitzsimmons <>
PR libgcj/16923
(JvCreateJavaVM): Declare vm_args as JvVMInitArgs* rather than void*.
2014-04-08: wsfulton
SF Bug #1366 - Remove duplicate declarations of strtoimax and strtoumax in inttypes.i
2014-04-08: wsfulton
[Java C#] Enums which have been ignored via %ignore and are subsequently
used are handled slightly differently. Type wrapper classes are now generated
which are effectively a wrapper of an empty enum. Previously in Java uncompilable
code was generated and in C# an int was used.
2014-04-04: wsfulton
Fix regression in 3.0.0 where legal code following an operator<< definition might
give a syntax error. SF Bug #1365.
2014-04-03: olly
[PHP] Fix wrapping director constructors with default parameters
with a ZTS-enabled build of PHP.
2014-04-02: olly
[PHP] Pass the ZTS context we already have to avoid needing to
call TSRMLS_FETCH, which is relatively expensive.
2014-04-02: olly
[PHP] Pass ZTS context through to t_output_helper() so it works
with a ZTS-enabled build of PHP. Reported by Pierre Labastie in
github PR#155.
2014-03-28: wsfulton
[Java C# D Go] Fixes for C enums used in an API and the definition of the enum
has not been parsed. For D, this fixes a segfault in SWIG. The other languages
now produce code that compiles, although the definition of the enum is needed
in order to use the enum properly from the target language.
2014-03-23: v-for-vandal
[Lua] Fix for usage of snprintf in Lua runtime which Visual Studio does not have.
Version 3.0.0 (16 Mar 2014)
2014-03-16: wsfulton
C++11 support initially developed as C++0x support by Matevz Jekovec as a Google Summer of Code
project has been further extended. The C++11 support is comprehensive, but by no means complete
or without limitations. Full details for each new feature in C++11 is covered in the
CPlusPlus11.html chapter in the documentation which is included in SWIG and also available
online at
2014-03-14: v-for-vandal
[Lua] Numerous Lua improvements:
1. %nspace support has been added. Namespaces are mapped to tables in the module, with the same
name as the C++ namespace.
2. Inheritance is now handled differently. Each class metatable keeps a list of class bases instead
of merging all members of all bases into the derived class.
3. The new metatables result in differences in accessing class members. For example:
%module example
struct Test {
enum { TEST1 = 10, TEST2 = 20 };
static const int ICONST = 12;
Now this can be used as follows:
The old way was:
4. The special class metatable member ".constructor" was removed. Now SWIG generates the proxy
function by itself and assigns it directly to the class table "__call" method.
5. eLua should also now support inheritance.
6. 'const' subtable in eLua is considered deprecated.
Changes in behaviour:
a. You can no longer assign to non-existing class members in classes without a __setitem__ method.
It will cause a Lua error.
b. You can no longer iterate over a module table and copy everything into the global namespace.
Actually, this was never the case, but it is now explicitly prohibited.
c. Now changing a base class will immediately affect all derived classes.
d. There might be some issues with inheritance. Although the bases iteration scheme is the same
as was used for merging base classes into derived one, some unknown issues may arise.
The old metatable behaviour can be restored by using the -no-old-metatable-bindings option.
2014-03-06: wsfulton
[Python] Change in default behaviour wrapping C++ bool. Only a Python True or False
will now work for C++ bool parameters. This fixes overloading bool with other types.
Python 2.3 minimum is now required for wrapping bool.
When wrapping:
const char* overloaded(bool value) { return "bool"; }
const char* overloaded(int value) { return "int"; }
Previous behaviour:
>>> overloaded(False)
>>> overloaded(True)
>>> overloaded(0)
Now we get the expected behaviour:
>>> overloaded(False)
>>> overloaded(0)
The consequence is when wrapping bool in non-overloaded functions:
const char* boolfunction(bool value) { return value ? "true" : "false"; }
The previous behaviour was very Pythonic:
>>> boolfunction("")
>>> boolfunction("hi")
>>> boolfunction(12.34)
>>> boolfunction(0)
>>> boolfunction(1)
Now the new behaviour more along the lines of C++ due to stricter type checking. The
above calls result in an exception and need to be explicitly converted into a bool as
>>> boolfunction(0)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
TypeError: in method 'boolfunction', argument 1 of type 'bool'
>>> boolfunction(bool(0))
The old behaviour can be resurrected by passing the -DSWIG_PYTHON_LEGACY_BOOL command line
parameter when executing SWIG. Typemaps can of course be written to customise the behaviour
for specific parameters.
2014-03-06: wsfulton
Fix SF Bug #1363 - Problem with method overloading when some methods are added by %extend
and others are real methods and using template default parameters with smart pointers.
This is noticeable as a regression since 2.0.12 when using the default smart pointer
handling for some languages when the smart pointer wraps std::map and other STL containers.
2014-03-02: wsfulton
[Python] SF Patch #346 from Jens Krueger. Correct exception thrown attempting to
access a non-existent C/C++ global variable on the 'cvar' object. The exception thrown
used to be a NameError. However, as this access is via a primary, an AttributeError
is more correct and so the exception thrown now is an AttributeError. Reference:
2014-03-01: wsfulton
[Python] Patch #143 Fix type shown when using type() to include the module and package
name when using -builtin.
2014-03-01: wsfulton
[Python] SF patch #347 Fix missing argument count checking with -modern.
Fixes regression introduced when builtin changes were introduced in SWIG-2.0.3.
2014-02-21: wsfulton
[PHP] Fix warning suppression using %warnfilter for PHP reserved class names.
2014-02-19: olly
[Lua] Add keyword warnings for Lua keywords and Basic Functions.
2014-02-19: olly
-Wallkw now includes keywords for all languages with keyword
warnings (previously Go and R were missing).
2014-02-19: olly
[PHP] Update the lists of PHP keywords with new ones from PHP 5.4
and newer (and some missing ones from 5.3). Reserved PHP constants
names are now checked against enum values and constants, instead
of against function and method names. Built-in PHP function names
no longer match methods added by %extend. Functions and methods
named '__sleep', '__wakeup', 'not', 'parent', or 'virtual' are no
longer needlessly renamed.
2014-02-15: wsfulton
Fix the %$ismember %rename predicates to also apply to members added via %extend.
Add %$isextendmember for %rename of members added via %extend. This can be used to
distinguish between normal class/struct members and %extend members. For example
'%$ismember, %$not %$isextendmember' will now identify just class/struct members.
2014-02-16: hfalcic
[Python] Patch #137 - fix crashes/exceptions in exception handling in Python 3.3
2014-02-15: wsfulton
[Java] Add support for the cdata library.
2014-02-08: vkalinin
Nested class support added. This primarily allows SWIG to properly parse nested
classes and keep the nested class information in the parse tree. Java and C#
have utilised this information wrapping the C++ nested classes as Java/C#
nested classes. The remaining target languages ignore nested classes as in
previous versions. Help is needed by users of these remaining languages to
design how C++ nested classes can be best wrapped. Please talk to us on the
swig-devel mailing list if you think you can help.
Previously, there was limited nested class support. Nested classes were treated
as opaque pointers. However, the "nestedworkaround" feature provided a way to
wrap a nested class as if it was a global class. This feature no longer exists
and is replaced by the new "flatnested" feature. This effectively does the same
thing with less manual code to be written. Please see the 'Nested classes'
section in the documentation in SWIGPlus.html if you were previously using this
SWIG now parses the contents of nested classes where previously it did not. You
may find that you will need to make adjustments to your interface file as
effectively extra code is being wrapped.
2014-02-06: gjanssens
[Guile] Patch #133. Make scm to string conversion work with non-ascii strings.
Guile 2 has a completely rewritten string implementation. SWIG made some assumptions
that are no longer valid as to the internals of guile's string representation.
2014-01-30: wsfulton
[C#] Add new swigtype_inout.i library containing SWIGTYPE *& OUTPUT typemaps.
Example usage wrapping:
void f(XXX *& x) { x = new XXX(111); }
would be:
XXX x = null;
f(out x);
// use x
x.Dispose(); // manually clear memory or otherwise leave out and leave it to the garbage collector
2014-01-21: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Add %go_import directive.
2014-01-21: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Add support for Go 1.3, not yet released.
2014-01-20: wsfulton
Director exceptions (Swig::DirectorException) now derive from std::exception
and hence provide the what() method. In Python and Ruby, this replaces the now
deprecated DirectorException::getMessage() method.
2014-01-14: diorcety
Patch #112 - Fix symbol resolution involving scopes that have multiple levels
of typedefs - fixes some template resolutions as well as some typemap searches.
2014-01-11: wsfulton
Fix and document the naturalvar feature override behaviour - the naturalvar
feature attached to a variable name has precedence over the naturalvar
feature attached to the variable's type. The overriding was not working
when turning the feature off on the variable's name.
Fix so that any use of the naturalvar feature will override the global
setting. Previously when set globally by -naturalvar or %module(naturalvar=1),
use of the naturalvar feature was not always honoured.
2014-01-06: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Fix bug that broke using directors from a thread not
created by Go.
2013-12-24: ptomulik
[Python] SF Bug #1297
Resolve several issues related to python imports.
For example, it's now possible to import modules having the same module
names, but belonging in different packages.
From the user's viewpoint, this patch gives a little bit more control on
import statements generated by SWIG. The user may choose to use relative
or absolute imports.
Some details:
- we (still) generate import statements in the form 'import a.b.c' which
corresponds to absolute imports in python3 and (the only available)
ambiguous one in python2.
- added -relativeimport option to use explicit relative import syntax
The "Python Packages" section in the documentation discusses how to work
with importing packages including the new -relativeimport command line option.
2013-12-23: vadz
[Octave, Perl, Python, R, Ruby, Tcl] Change the length of strings created from fixed-size char
buffers in C code.
This is a potential backwards compatibility break: a "char buf[5]" containing "ho\0la" was
returned as a string of length 5 before, but is returned as a string of length 2 now. Also,
it was possible to assign a (non-NUL-terminated) string "hello" to such a buffer before but
now this fails and only "helo" can fit.
Apply "char FIXSIZE[ANY]" typemaps to explicitly choose the old behaviour.
2013-12-23: talby
[Perl] Add support for directors.
2013-12-18: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Don't require that Go environment variables be set
when running examples or testsuite when using Go 1 or
2013-12-17: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Remove -longsize option (for backward compatibility,
ignore it if seen).
2013-12-17: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Add -go-pkgpath option.
2013-12-16: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Update for Go 1.2 release. Add support for linking
SWIG code directly into executable, rather than using a
shared library.
2013-12-13: ianlancetaylor
[Go] Add SWIG source file name as comments in generated
files. This can be used by Go documentation tools.
2013-12-12: jleveque
[Lua] Fix typo (wchar instead of wchar_t) which made wchar.i
for Lua useless.
2013-12-12: vmiklos
[PHP] PHP's peculiar call-time pass-by-reference feature was
deprecated in PHP 5.3 and removed in PHP 5.4, so update the REF
typemaps in phppointers.i to specify pass-by-reference in the
function definition. Examples/php/pointer has been updated
2013-12-12: olly
[PHP] The usage of $input in PHP directorout typemaps has been
changed to be consistent with other languages. The typemaps
provided by SWIG have been updated accordingly, but if you
have written your own directorout typemaps, you'll need to
update $input to &$input (or make equivalent changes).
2013-11-27: vadz
[C#, Java, Python] Add std_auto_ptr.i defining typemaps for returning std::auto_ptr<>.
2013-11-09: wsfulton
[C#] Apply patch #79 from Brant Kyser
- Remove using directives from the generated C# code and fully qualify the use of all .NET
framework types in order to minimize potential name collisions from input files defining
types, namespace, etc with the same name as .NET framework members.
- Globally qualify the use of .NET framework types in the System namespace
- Remove .NET 1.1 support, .NET 2 is the minimum for the C# module
This is a potential backwards compatibility break if code has been added relying on these using
statements that used to be generated:
using System;
using System.Runtime.InteropServices;
The quick fix to add these back in is to add the -DSWIG2_CSHARP command line option when
executing SWIG. See CSharp.html documentation for more info.
2013-11-05: wsfulton
[Java] Fix some corner cases for the $packagepath/$javaclassname special variable substitution.
2013-11-05: wsfulton
[Java] Apply patch #91 from Marvin Greenberg - Add director:except feature for improved
exception handling in director methods for Java.
2013-10-15: vadz
Allow using \l, \L, \u, \U and \E in the substitution part of %(regex:/pattern/subst/)
inside %rename to change the case of the text being replaced.
2013-10-12: wsfulton
[CFFI] Apply #96 - superclass not lispify
2013-10-12: wsfulton
Merge in C++11 support from the gsoc2009-matevz branch where Matevz Jekovec first
started the C++0x additions. Documentation of the C++11 features supported is in a
new Chapter of the documentation, "SWIG and C++11" in Doc/Manual/CPlusPlus11.html.
2013-10-04: wsfulton
Fix %naturalvar not having any affect on templated classes instantiated with an
enum as the template parameter type. Problem reported by Vadim Zeitlin.
2013-09-20: wsfulton
[Java] Fix a memory leak for the java char **STRING_ARRAY typemaps.
Version 2.0.12 (9 Feb 2014)
2014-01-16: wsfulton
[PHP] Fix compilation error in ZTS mode (64 bit windows) due to incorrect placement
of TSRMLS_FETCH() in SWIG_Php_GetModule() as reported by Mark Dawson-Butterworth.
2014-01-13: kwwette
[Octave] update support to Octave version 3.8.0
- Octave 3.8.0 no longer defines OCTAVE_API_VERSION_NUMBER, but 3.8.1
will define OCTAVE_{MAJOR,MINOR,PATCH}_VERSION instead: see
So we now use a new macro SWIG_OCTAVE_PREREQ(major,minor,patch) to
enable features requiring Octave version major.minor.patch or later.
For Octave versions prior to 3.8.1, we reconstruct values for
extracted from Octave's ChangeLogs. An additional hack is needed to
distinguish between Octave <= 3.2.x and 3.8.0, neither of which define
- Octave 3.8.0 deprecates symbol_table::varref(), so remove its use
for this and future versions of Octave.
- Octave 3.8.0 removes octave_value::is_real_nd_array(), used in
octave_swig_type::dims(). Its use is not required here, so remove it.
- Retested against Octave versions 3.0.5, 3.2.4, 3.4.3, 3.6.4, and 3.8.0.
- Updated Octave documentation with tested Octave versions, and added a
warning against using versions <= 3.x.x, which are no longer tested.
2013-12-22: wsfulton
C++11 support for new versions of erase and insert in the STL containers.
The erase and insert methods in the containers use const_iterator instead
of iterator in C++11. There are times when the methods wrapped must match
the parameters exactly. Specifically when full type information for
template types is missing or SWIG fails to look up the type correctly,
for example:
%include <std_vector.i>
typedef float Real;
%template(RealVector) std::vector<Real>;
SWIG does not find std::vector<Real>::iterator because %template using
typedefs does not always work and so SWIG doesn't know if the type is
copyable and so uses SwigValueWrapper<iterator> which does
not support conversion to another type (const_iterator). This resulted
in compilation errors when using the C++11 version of the containers.
Closes #73
2013-10-17: wsfulton
[R] Fix SF #1340 - Visual Studio compile error in C++ wrappers due to #include <exception>
within extern "C" block.
2013-10-17: wsfulton
[Python] Fix SF #1345 - Missing #include <stddef.h> for offsetof when using -builtin.
2013-10-12: wsfulton
[Lua] Apply #92 - missing return statements for SWIG_Lua_add_namespace_details()
and SWIG_Lua_namespace_register().
Version 2.0.11 (15 Sep 2013)
2013-09-15: wsfulton
[R] Fix attempt to free a non-heap object in OUTPUT typemaps for:
unsigned short *OUTPUT
unsigned long *OUTPUT
signed long long *OUTPUT
char *OUTPUT
signed char*OUTPUT
unsigned char*OUTPUT
2013-09-12: wsfulton
[Lua] Pull Git patch #62.
1) Static members and static functions inside class can be accessed as
ModuleName.ClassName.FunctionName (MemberName respectively). Old way such as
ModuleName.ClassName_FunctionName still works.
2) Same goes for enums inside classes: ModuleName.ClassName.EnumValue1 etc.
2013-09-12: wsfulton
[UTL] Infinity is now by default an acceptable value for type 'float'. This fix makes
the handling of type 'float' and 'double' the same. The implementation requires the
C99 isfinite() macro, or otherwise some platform dependent equivalents, to be available.
Users requiring the old behaviour of not accepting infinity, can define a 'check' typemap
wherever a float is used, such as:
%typemap(check,fragment="<float.h>") float, const float & %{
if ($1 < -FLT_MAX || $1 > FLT_MAX) {
SWIG_exception_fail(SWIG_TypeError, "Overflow in type float");
2013-08-30: wsfulton
[Lua] Pull Git patch #81: Include Lua error locus in SWIG error messages.
This is standard information in Lua error messages, and makes it much
easier to find bugs.
2013-08-29: wsfulton
Pull Git patch #75: Handle UTF-8 files with BOM at beginning of file. Was giving an
'Illegal token' syntax error.
2013-08-29: wsfulton
[C#] Pull Git patch #77: Allow exporting std::map using non-default comparison function.
2013-08-28: wsfulton
[Python] %implicitconv is improved for overloaded functions. Like in C++, the methods
with the actual types are considered before trying implicit conversions. Example:
%implicitconv A;
struct A {
A(int i);
class CCC {
int xx(int i) { return 11; }
int xx(const A& i) { return 22; }
The following python code:
will now return 11 instead of 22 - the implicit conversion is not done.
2013-08-23: olly
[Python] Fix clang++ warning in generated wrapper code.
2013-08-16: wsfulton
[Python] %implicitconv will now accept None where the implicit conversion takes a C/C++ pointer.
Problem highlighted by Bo Peng. Closes SF patch #230.
2013-08-07: wsfulton
[Python] SF Patch #326 from Kris Thielemans - Remove SwigPyObject_print and SwigPyObject_str and
make the generated wrapper use the default python implementations, which will fall back to repr
(for -builtin option).
- it avoids the swig user having to jump through hoops to get print to work as expected when
redefining repr/str slots.
- typing the name of a variable on the python prompt now prints the result of a (possibly redefined)
repr, without the swig user having to do any extra work.
- when redefining repr, the swig user doesn't necessarily have to redefine str as it will call the
redefined repr
- the behaviour is exactly the same as without the -builtin option while requiring no extra work
by the user (aside from adding the %feature("python:slot...) statements of course)
- default str() will give different (but clearer?) output on swigged classes
2013-07-30: wsfulton
[Python, Ruby] Fix #64 #65: Missing code in std::multimap wrappers. Previously an instantiation
of a std::map was erroneously required in addition to an instantiation of std::multimap with the
same template parameters to prevent compilation errors for the wrappers of a std::multimap.
2013-07-14: joequant
[R] Change types file to allow for SEXP return values
2013-07-05: wsfulton
[Python] Add %pythonbegin directive which works like %pythoncode, except the specified code is
added at the beginning of the generated .py file. This is primarily needed for importing from
__future__ statements required to be at the very beginning of the file. Example:
%pythonbegin %{
from __future__ import print_function
print("Loading", "Whizz", "Bang", sep=' ... ')
2013-07-01: wsfulton
[Python] Apply SF patch #340 - Uninitialized variable fix in SWIG_Python_NonDynamicSetAttr
when using -builtin.
2013-07-01: wsfulton
[Python, Ruby, Ocaml] Apply SF patch #341 - fix a const_cast in generated code that was generating
a <:: digraph when using the unary scope operator (::) (global scope) in a template type.
2013-07-01: wsfulton
[Python] Add SF patch #342 from Christian Delbaere to fix some director classes crashing on
object deletion when using -builtin. Fixes SF bug #1301.
2013-06-11: wsfulton
[Python] Add SWIG_PYTHON_INTERPRETER_NO_DEBUG macro which can be defined to use the Release version
of the Python interpreter in Debug builds of the wrappers. The Visual Studio .dsp example
files have been modified to use this so that Debug builds will now work without having
to install or build a Debug build of the interpreter.
2013-06-07: wsfulton
[Ruby] Git issue #52. Fix regression with missing rb_complex_new function for Ruby
versions prior to 1.9 using std::complex wrappers if just using std::complex as an output type.
Also fix the Complex helper functions external visibility (to static by default).
2013-06-04: olly
[PHP] Fix SWIG_ZTS_ConvertResourcePtr() not to dereference NULL
if the type lookup fails.
Version 2.0.10 (27 May 2013)
2013-05-25: wsfulton
[Python] Fix Python 3 inconsistency when negative numbers are passed
where a parameter expects an unsigned C type. An OverFlow error is
now consistently thrown instead of a TypeError.
2013-05-25: Artem Serebriyskiy
SVN Patch ticket #338 - fixes to %attribute macros for template usage
with %arg.
2013-05-19: wsfulton
Fix ccache-swig internal error bug due to premature file cleanup.
Fixes SF bug 1319 which shows up as a failure in the ccache tests on
Debian 64 bit Wheezy, possibly because ENABLE_ZLIB is defined.
This is a corner case which will be hit when the maximum number of files
in the cache is set to be quite low (-F option), resulting in a cache miss.
2013-05-09: kwwette
[Octave] Fix bugs in Octave module loading:
- fix a memory leak in setting of global variables
- install functions only once, to speed up module loads
2013-04-28: gjanssens
[Guile] Updates in guile module:
- Add support for guile 2.0
- Drop support for guile 1.6
- Drop support for generating wrappers using guile's gh interface.
All generated wrappers will use the scm interface from now on.
- Deprecate -gh and -scm options. They are no longer needed.
A warning will be issued when these options are still used.
- Fix all tests and examples to have a successful travis test
2013-04-18: wsfulton
Apply Patch #36 from Jesus Lopez to add support for $descriptor() special variable macro expansion
in fragments. For example:
%fragment("nameDescriptor", "header")
static const char *nameDescriptor = "$descriptor(Name)";
which will generate into the wrapper if the fragment is used:
static const char *nameDescriptor = "SWIGTYPE_Name";
2013-04-18: wsfulton
Fix SF Bug #428 - Syntax error when preprocessor macros are defined inside of enum lists, such as:
typedef enum {
eZero = 0
#define ONE 1
} EFoo;
The macros are silently ignored.
2013-04-17: wsfulton
[C#] Pull patch #34 from BrantKyser to fix smart pointers in conjunction with directors.
2013-04-15: kwwette
[Octave] Fix bugs in output of cleanup code.
- Cleanup code is now written also after the "fail:" label, so it will be called if
a SWIG_exception is raised by the wrapping function, consistent with other modules.
- Octave module now also recognises the "$cleanup" special variable, if needed.
2013-04-08: kwwette
Add -MP option to SWIG for generating phony targets for all dependencies.
- Prevents make from complaining if header files have been deleted before
the dependency file has been updated.
- Modelled on similar option in GCC.
2013-04-09: olly
[PHP] Add missing directorin typemap for char* and char[] which
fixes director_string testcase failure.
2013-04-05: wsfulton
[Ruby] SF Bug #1292 - Runtime fixes for Proc changes in ruby-1.9 when using STL
wrappers that override the default predicate, such as:
%template(Map) std::map<swig::LANGUAGE_OBJ, swig::LANGUAGE_OBJ, swig::BinaryPredicate<> >;
2013-04-05: wsfulton
[Ruby] SF Bug #1159 - Correctly check rb_respond_to call return values to fix some
further 1.9 problems with functors and use of Complex wrappers.
2013-04-02: wsfulton
[Ruby] Runtime fixes for std::complex wrappers for ruby-1.9 - new native Ruby complex numbers are used.
2013-03-30: wsfulton
[Ruby] Fix seg fault when using STL containers of generic Ruby types, GC_VALUE or LANGUAGE_OBJECT,
on exit of the Ruby interpreter. More frequently observed in ruby-1.9.
2013-03-29: wsfulton
[Ruby] Fix delete_if (reject!) for the STL container wrappers which previously would
sometimes seg fault or not work.
2013-03-25: wsfulton
[Python] Fix some undefined behaviour deleting slices in the STL containers.
2013-03-19: wsfulton
[C#, Java, D] Fix seg fault in SWIG using directors when class and virtual method names are
the same except being in different namespaces when the %nspace feature is not being used.
2013-02-19: kwwette
Fix bug in SWIG's handling of qualified (e.g. const) variables of array type. Given the typedef
a(7).q(volatile).double myarray // typedef volatile double[7] myarray;
the type
q(const).myarray // const myarray
a(7).q(const volatile).double // const volatile double[7]
Previously, SwigType_typedef_resolve() produces the type
q(const).a(7).q(volatile).double // non-sensical type
which would never match %typemap declarations, whose types were parsed correctly.
Add typemap_array_qualifiers.i to the test suite which checks for the correct behaviour.
2013-02-18: wsfulton
Deprecate typedef names used as constructor and destructor names in %extend. The real
class/struct name should be used.
typedef struct tagEStruct {
int ivar;
} EStruct;
%extend tagEStruct {
EStruct() // illegal name, should be tagEStruct()
EStruct *s = new EStruct();
s->ivar = ivar0;
return s;
~EStruct() // illegal name, should be ~tagEStruct()
delete $self;
For now these trigger a warning:
extend_constructor_destructor.i:107: Warning 522: Use of an illegal constructor name 'EStruct' in
%extend is deprecated, the constructor name should be 'tagEStruct'.
extend_constructor_destructor.i:111: Warning 523: Use of an illegal destructor name 'EStruct' in
%extend is deprecated, the destructor name should be 'tagEStruct'.
These %extend destructor and constructor names were valid up to swig-2.0.4, however swig-2.0.5 ignored
them altogether for C code as reported in SF bug #1306. The old behaviour of using them has been
restored for now, but is officially deprecated. This does not apply to anonymously defined typedef
classes/structs such as:
typedef struct {...} X;
2013-02-17: kwwette
When generating functions provided by %extend, use "(void)" for no-argument functions
instead of "()". This prevents warnings when compiling with "gcc -Wstrict-prototypes".
2013-02-17: kwwette
[Octave] Minor fix to autodoc generation: get the right type for functions returning structs.
2013-02-15: wsfulton
Deprecate typedef names used in %extend that are not the real class/struct name. For example:
typedef struct StructBName {
int myint;
} StructB;
%extend StructB {
void method() {}
will now trigger a warning:
swig_extend.i:19: Warning 326: Deprecated %extend name used - the struct name StructBName
should be used instead of the typedef name StructB.
This is only partially working anyway (the %extend only worked if placed after the class
2013-02-09: wsfulton
[CFFI] Apply patch #22 - Fix missing package before &body
2013-01-29: wsfulton
[Java] Ensure 'javapackage' typemap is used as it stopped working from version 2.0.5.
2013-01-28: wsfulton
[Python] Apply patch SF #334 - Fix default value conversions "TRUE"->True, "FALSE"->False.
2013-01-28: wsfulton
[Java] Apply patch SF #335 - Truly ignore constructors in directors with %ignore.
2013-01-18: Brant Kyser
[Java] Patch #15 - Allow the use of the nspace feature without the -package commandline option.
This works as long and the new jniclasspackage pragma is used to place the JNI intermediate class
into a package and the nspace feature is used to place all exposed types into a package.
2013-01-15: wsfulton
Fix Visual Studio examples to work when SWIG is unzipped into a directory containing spaces.
2013-01-15: wsfulton
[C#] Fix cstype typemap lookup for member variables so that a fully qualified variable name
matches. For example:
%typemap(cstype) bool MVar::mvar "MyBool"
struct MVar {
bool mvar;
2013-01-11: Brant Kyser
[Java, C#, D] SF Bug #1299 - Fix generated names for when %nspace is used on
classes with the same name in two different namespaces.
2013-01-11: Vladimir Kalinin
[C#] Add support for csdirectorin 'pre', 'post' and 'terminator' attributes.
2013-01-08: olly
[PHP] Fix to work with a ZTS build of PHP (broken in 2.0.7).
2013-01-07: olly
Fix bashism in configure, introduced in 2.0.9.
2013-01-06: wsfulton
Pull patch #4 from ptomulik to fix SF Bug #1296 - Fix incorrect warning for virtual destructors
in templates, such as:
Warning 521: Illegal destructor name B< A >::~B(). Ignored.
2013-01-05: wsfulton
[Python] Pull patch #3 from ptomulik to fix SF Bug #1295 - standard exceptions as
classes using the SWIG_STD_EXCEPTIONS_AS_CLASSES macro.
2013-01-04: wsfulton
[Java] Pull patch #2 from BrantKyser to fix SF Bug #1283 - fix smart pointers in conjuction
with directors.
2013-01-03: wsfulton
[Java] Pull patch #1 from BrantKyser to fix SF Bug #1278 - fix directors and nspace feature when
multilevel namespaces are used.
Version 2.0.9 (16 December 2012)
2012-12-16: wsfulton
Fix garbage line number / empty file name reporting for some missing
'}' or ')' error messages.
2012-12-15: kkaempf
[Ruby] Apply patch 3530444, Class#methods and Class#constants returns array of
symbols in Ruby 1.9+
2012-12-14: kkaempf
[Ruby] Apply patch 3530439 and finally replace all occurrences of the STR2CSTR() macro
with StringValuePtr(). STR2CSTR was deprecated since years and got removed in Ruby 1.9
2012-12-14: kkaempf
[Ruby] Applied patches #3530442 and 3530443 to adapt compile and runtime include
paths to match Ruby 1.9+
2012-12-14: wsfulton
[CFFI] Fix #3161614 - Some string constants are incorrect
2012-12-13: wsfulton
[CFFI] Fix #3529690 - Fix incorrect constant names.
2012-12-12: drjoe
[R] add fix to finalizer that was missed earlier
2012-12-11: wsfulton
[Python] Apply patch #3590522 - fully qualified package paths for Python 3 even if a module is in the
same package.
2012-12-08: wsfulton
[Python] Bug #3563647 - PyInt_FromSize_t unavailable prior to Python 2.5 for unsigned int types.
2012-12-08: wsfulton
[Perl] Fix bug #3571361 - C++ comment in C wrappers.
2012-12-07: wsfulton
[C#] Apply patch #3571029 which adds missing director support for const unsigned long long &.
2012-11-28: kwwette
[Octave] Simplified module loading: now just the syntax
$ example;
is accepted, which loads functions globally but constants and variables relative to the current scope.
This make module loading behaviour reliably consistent, and reduces problems when loading modules which
depend on other modules which may not have been previously loaded.
2012-11-27: wsfulton
[cffi] Fix junk output when wrapping single character literal constants.
2012-11-17: wsfulton
[Tcl, Modula3] Add missing support for -outdir.
2012-11-17: wsfulton
Fix segfaults when using filename paths greater than 1024 characters in length.
2012-11-14: wsfulton
[ccache-swig] Apply patch #3586392 from Frederik Deweerdt to fix some error cases - incorrectly using
memory after it has been deleted.
2012-11-09: vzeitlin
[Python] Fix overflow when passing values greater than LONG_MAX from Python 3 for parameters with unsigned long C type.
2012-11-09: wsfulton
Fix some feature matching issues for implicit destructors and implicit constructors and implicit
copy constructors added with %copyctor. Previously a feature for these had to be fully qualified
in order to match. Now the following will also match:
%feature("xyz") ~XXX();
struct XXX {};
2012-11-09: wsfulton
Further consistency in named output typemap lookups for implicit constructors and destructors and
implicit copy constructors added with %copyctor. Previously only the fully qualified name was being
used, now the unqualified name will also be used. For example, previously:
example.i:38: Searching for a suitable 'out' typemap for: void Space::More::~More
Looking for: void Space::More::~More
Looking for: void
Now the unqualified name is also used:
example.i:38: Searching for a suitable 'out' typemap for: void Space::More::~More
Looking for: void Space::More::~More
Looking for: void ~More
Looking for: void
2012-11-02: wsfulton
Fix some subtle named output typemap lookup misses, the fully qualified name was not always being
used for variables, for example:
struct Glob {
int MyVar;
Previously the search rules (as shown by -debug-tmsearch) for the getter wrapper were:
example.i:44: Searching for a suitable 'out' typemap for: int MyVar
Looking for: int MyVar
Looking for: int
Now the scope is named correctly:
example.i:44: Searching for a suitable 'out' typemap for: int Glob::MyVar
Looking for: int Glob::MyVar
Looking for: int MyVar
Looking for: int
2012-10-26: wsfulton
Fix director typemap searching so that a typemap specified with a name will be correctly matched. Previously
the name was ignored during the typemap search. Applies to the following list of typemaps:
directorout, csdirectorout, cstype, imtype, ctype, ddirectorout, dtype, gotype, jtype, jni, javadirectorout.
2012-10-11: wsfulton
Most of the special variables available for use in %exception are now also available for expansion in
%extend blocks. These are: $name $symname $overname $decl $fulldecl $parentclassname $parentclasssymname, see docs
on "Class extension" in SWIGPlus.html. Patch based on submission from Kris Thielemans.
2012-10-10: wsfulton
Additional new special variables in %exception are expanded as follows:
$parentclassname - The parent class name (if any) for a method.
$parentclasssymname - The target language parent class name (if any) for a method.
2012-10-08: iant
[Go] Generating Go code now requires using the -intgosize option to
indicate the size of the 'int' type in Go. This is because the
size of the type is changing from Go 1.0 to Go 1.1 for x86_64.
2012-09-14: wsfulton
Add new warning if the empty template instantiation is used as a base class, for example:
template <typename T> class Base {};
%template() Base<int>;
class Derived : public Base<int> {};
gives the following warning instead of silently ignoring the base:
cpp_inherit.i:52: Warning 401: Base class 'Base< int >' has no name as it is an empty template instantiated with '%template()'. Ignored.
cpp_inherit.i:51: Warning 401: The %template directive must be written before 'Base< int >' is used as a base class and be declared with a name.
2012-09-11: wsfulton
[Java] Fix #3535304 - Direct use of a weak global reference in directors
sometimes causing seg faults especially on Android.
2012-09-06: wsfulton
[Java] Fix (char *STRING, size_t LENGTH) typemaps to accept NULL string.
2012-08-26: drjoe
[R] make ExternalReference slot ref to contain reference
2012-08-26: drjoe
[R] fix Examples/Makefile to use C in $(CC) rather than $(CXX)
Version 2.0.8 (20 August 2012)
2012-08-15: wsfulton
[Perl] Add size_type, value_type, const_reference to the STL containers.
2012-08-15: wsfulton
[Python] Add discard and add methods to std::set wrappers so that pyabc.i can be used ensuring
MutableSet is a valid abstract base class for std::set. As reported by Alexey Sokolov.
Similarly for std::multiset.
2012-08-15: wsfulton
[Python] Fix #3541744 - Missing PyInt_FromSize_t calls for Python 3.
2012-08-13: wsfulton
[Java] Patch from David Baum to add the assumeoverride feature for Java directors to
improve performance when all overridden methods can be assumed to be overridden.
2012-08-05: wsfulton
[Python] #3530021 Fix unused variable warning.
2012-08-05: wsfulton
[C#] Fix #3536360 - Invalid code sometimes being generated for director methods
with many arguments.
2012-08-05: wsfulton
[Perl] #3545877 - Don't undefine bool if defined by C99 stdbool.h - problem using
Perl 5.16 and later.
2012-08-04: wsfulton
Remove incorrect warning (314) about target language keywords which were triggered
by using declarations and using directives. For example 'string' is a keyword in C#:
namespace std { class string; }
using std::string;
2012-07-21: wsfulton
Fix display of pointers in various places on 64 bit systems - only 32 bits were being shown.
2012-07-21: wsfulton
Fix gdb debugger functions 'swigprint' and 'locswigprint' to display to the gdb output window
rather than stdout. This fixes display problems in gdbtui and the ensures the output
appears where expected in other gdb based debuggers such as Eclipse CDT.
2012-07-20: kwwette
[Octave] segfault-on-exit prevention hack now preserves exit status, and uses C99 _Exit().
2012-07-02: wsfulton
Fix Debian bug, typemap copy failure - regression introduced
in swig-2.0.5:
using std::pair;
%template(StrPair) pair<std::string, std::string>;
2012-07-02: wsfulton
Fix using declarations combined with using directives with forward class declarations so that
types are correctly found in scope for templates. Example:
namespace Outer2 {
namespace Space2 {
template<typename T> class Thing2;
using namespace Outer2;
using Space2::Thing2;
template<typename T> class Thing2 {};
// STILL BROKEN void useit2(Thing2<int> t) {}
void useit2a(Outer2::Space2::Thing2<int> t) {}
void useit2b(::Outer2::Space2::Thing2<int> t) {}
void useit2c(Space2::Thing2<int> t) {}
namespace Outer2 {
void useit2d(Space2::Thing2<int> t) {}
%template(Thing2Int) Thing2<int>;
2012-06-30: wsfulton
Fix template namespace problems for symbols declared with a forward class declarations, such as:
namespace Space1 {
namespace Space2 {
template<typename T> struct YYY;
template<typename T> struct Space2::YYY {
T yyy(T h) {
return h;
void testYYY1(Space1::Space2::YYY<int> yy) {}
void testYYY2(Space2::YYY<int> yy) {}
void testYYY3(::Space1::Space2::YYY<int> yy) {}
%template(YYYInt) Space1::Space2::YYY<int>;
2012-06-30: wsfulton
Fix namespace problems for symbols declared with a forward class declarations, such as:
namespace Space1 {
namespace Space2 {
struct XXX;
struct YYY;
struct Space2::YYY {};
struct Space1::Space2::XXX {};
void testXXX2(Space2::XXX xx) {}
void testYYY2(Space2::YYY yy) {}
where xx and yy were not recognised as the proxy classes XXX and YYY.
2012-06-30: wsfulton
Fix using declarations combined with using directives with forward class declarations so that
types are correctly found in scope.
namespace Outer2 {
namespace Space2 {
class Thing2;
using namespace Outer2;
using Space2::Thing2;
class Thing2 {};
// None of the methods below correctly used the Thing2 proxy class
void useit2(Thing2 t) {}
void useit2a(Outer2::Space2::Thing2 t) {}
void useit2b(::Outer2::Space2::Thing2 t) {}
void useit2c(Space2::Thing2 t) {}
namespace Outer2 {
void useit2d(Space2::Thing2 t) {}
2012-06-25: wsfulton
Fix using declarations combined with using directives so that types are correctly found in scope.
namespace Outer2 {
namespace Space2 {
class Thing2 {};
using namespace Outer2; // using directive
using Space2::Thing2; // using declaration
void useit2(Thing2 t) {}
Similarly for templated classes.
2012-05-29: wsfulton
Fix #3529601 - seg fault when a protected method has the "director"
feature but the parent class does not. Also fix similar problems with
the allprotected feature.
2012-05-28: wsfulton
Fix seg fault when attempting to warn about an illegal destructor - #3530055, 3530078 and #3530118.
Version 2.0.7 (26 May 2012)
2012-05-26: wsfulton
std::string typemap modifications so they can be used with %apply for other string
2012-05-25: wsfulton
[Lua] Fixes for -external-runtime to work again.
2012-05-22: szager
[python] Disambiguate SWIG_From_unsigned_SS_int and SWIG_From_unsigned_SS_long.
2012-05-18: olly
[PHP] Fix getters for template members. (SF#3428833, SF#3528035)
2012-05-14: wsfulton
Fix some language's std::map wrappers to recognise difference_type, size_type, key_type
and mapped_type.
2012-05-14: kwwette (signed off by xavier98)
[Octave] Prevent Octave from seg-faulting at exit when SWIG
modules are loaded, due to bugs in Octave's cleanup code:
* Wrapping functions now declared with Octave DEFUN_DLD macro,
and loaded through Octave's dynamic module loader
* Global variables of swigref type are now assigned a new()
copy of the swigref class, to prevent double-free errors
* SWIG module at-exit cleanup function now created in Octave
through eval(), so not dependent on loaded .oct library
* For Octave versions 3.1.* to 3.3.*, register C-level at-exit
function which terminates Octave immediately (with correct
status code) without performing memory cleanup. This function
can be controlled with macros in Lib/octave/octruntime.swg
[Octave] New syntax for determing whether SWIG module should be
loaded globally or non-globally. To load module "example" globally,
type the module name
$ example;
as before; to load module non-globally, assign it to a variable:
$ example = example;
$ ex = example;
for a shorter (local) module name. -global/-noglobal command-line
options and module command line are deprecated. Added usage info
to module, so typing
$ help example
or incorrect usage should display proper usage, with examples.
2012-05-12: olly
[PHP] Fix memory leak in code generated for a callback. Patch from
SF bug #3510806.