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# Check decoding of address information (inode[->peer][,path])
# associated with unix domain socket descriptors.
. "${srcdir=.}/"
# strace -yy is implemented using /proc/self/fd
[ -d /proc/self/fd/ ] ||
framework_skip_ '/proc/self/fd/ is not available'
check_prog sed
run_prog ./netlink_unix_diag
run_prog ./net-accept-connect $addr
run_strace_merge -yy -eclose,network $args
child="$(sed -rn '/SIGCHLD/ s/^.*, si_pid=([1-9][0-9]*), .*/\1/p' "$LOG")"
[ -n "$child" ] ||
dump_log_and_fail_with 'failed to find pid of child process'
rm -f "$LOG"-*
sed -rn "/^$child"' /!d; / socket\(/,$ s/^[0-9]+ +[^ ]+ (.+)/\1/p' "$LOG" > "$LOG"-connect &&
sed -rn "/^$child"' /d; /SIGCHLD/d; / socket\(/,$ s/^[0-9]+ +[^ ]+ (.+)/\1/p' "$LOG" > "$LOG"-accept ||
dump_log_and_fail_with 'failed to separate logs'
match_awk "$LOG-connect" "$srcdir"/unix-yy-connect.awk "$STRACE $args connect output mismatch" -v addr=$addr
match_awk "$LOG-accept" "$srcdir"/unix-yy-accept.awk "$STRACE $args accept output mismatch" -v addr=$addr
exit 0