test cases: preserve type definition in array/simple_array test case

This test case no longer requires passing `-fstandalone-debug` to Clang.

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Symbol-Type Graph (STG)

The STG (symbol-type graph) is an ABI representation and this project contains tools for the creation and comparison of such representations.

The ABI extraction tool, stg, emits a native ABI format. Parsers exist for libabigail's XML format, BTF and ELF / DWARF.

The ABI diff tool, stgdiff, supports multiple reporting options.

STG has a versioned native file format. Older formats can be read and rewritten as the latest.

NOTE: STG is under active developement. Tool arguments and behaviour are subject to change.

Getting STG


We intend to package STG for major distributions. Currently we have packages as follows:

Arch Linux (AUR)stg-git

Source Code

This source code is available at https://android.googlesource.com/platform/external/stg/.

Building from Source

Instructions are included for local and Docker builds.


STG is written in C++20. It is known to compile with GCC 11, Clang 14 or later versions.

ELF, BTFlibelf-develfutils-devel
native formatlibprotobuf-devprotobuf-devel
native formatprotobuf-compilerprotobuf-compiler

[^1]: jemalloc is optional, but will likely improve performance. [^2]: catch2 is optional, but required to build the test suite.

Local Build

Build STG using CMake as follows:

$ mkdir build && cd build
$ cmake ..
$ cmake --build . --parallel

Run the STG unit test suite:

$ ctest

Docker Build

A Dockerfile is provided to build a container with the STG tools:

$ docker build -t stg .

And then enter the container:

$ docker run -it stg

Note that the Dockerfile provides only a production image. To use Docker as a development environment, you can comment out everything after the line # second stage.

After that you may bind your development code to the container:

$ docker run -it $PWD:/src -it stg

The source code is added to /src, so when your code is bound you can edit on your host and re-compile in the container.


See CONTRIBUTING.md for details.

Contact Information

Please send feedback, questions and bug reports to kernel-team@android.com.