Apply security patch to sqlite 3.22

This patch fixes CVE-2019-9936,CVE-2019-5018,CVE-2019-8457
in b/140181188 b/140180629 and b/140182003 respectively

Download from
Get the Tarball or ZIP Archive, unzip it on linux machine then run:
mkdir bld; cd bld; ../configure; make sqlite3.c

Copy sqlite3.c, sqlite3.h, sqlite3ext.h, shell.c from bld directory
to dist/orig.

dist contains a copy of dist/orig, but with the Android.patch
file applied.

Test: select sqlite_version() - returns 3.22.0
Test: atest cts/SQLiteDatabaseTest all passed.

Bug: 140181188
Bug: 140180629
Bug: 140182003

Merged-In: Idf38a3adace9f4bd4feab4012c9cc4de3a1c501c
Change-Id: I9ff4875099ae9a215fcba5b19d46845c461467cc
5 files changed