sqlite: Upgrade to SQLite 3.19.3 [batch-atomic-write] [NO PARTIAL RERUN]

Downloaded from https://sqlite.org/src/tarball/SQLite-def55027.tar.gz
$ shasum SQLite-def55027.tar.gz
5872660422a1ef8211f57f96f7c8507279a376f7  SQLite-def55027.tar.gz

Unpack and run
"./configure; make sqlite3.c" to generate the "sqlite3.c",
"sqlite3.h", "shell.c", and "sqlite3ext.h" source files

dist/orig contains the stock sqlite3 code, as generated from the
tar.gz file above.

dist contains a copy of dist/orig, but with the Android.patch
file applied.
Please see Android.patch for a list of differences between stock
and Android.

Experimental changes from batch-atomic-write-3.19 branch

With this enhancement, SQLite automatically omits the rollback journal
and uses the atomic write capabilities of F2FS when it can.

When F2FS atomic write is used, we find that transactions are about 3x
faster compared with an ext4 filesystem on the same SSD device.

Test: manual + SQLiteDatabaseTest CTS test
Bug: 64149514
Change-Id: I920f435748fa1d773be161f3264626d33b11edfd
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