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adb push deodexerant /data/local
adb shell chmod +x /data/local/deodexerant
adb shell /data/local/deodexerant > inline.txt
deodexerant is a binary that runs on a device and dumps out dalvik's inline
method table.
This can be used in cases where a particular built of dalvik has a non-standard
inline method table for whatever reason. The output from this tool is intended
to be used with the -T option for baksmali
deodexerant is intended to be build within the AOSP build system. Assuming
you have $MYDROID set to the root of the AOSP source tree, and $SMALI
set to the root of the smali source tree,
1. mkdir -p $MYDROID/external/deodexerant
2. cp -r $SMALI/deodexerant $MYDROID/dalvik/deodexerant
3. cd $MYDROID
3. source build/
4. lunch generic-eng
5. make deodexerant
If all goes well, you should now have a deodexerant binary at: