Android 8.1.0 release 78

RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Fix bug decoding JCS_RGB jpeg files

Bug: 118372692
Test: I6364b836db6bee98572ed0864e3dde6d2ca2d1b2
Merged-In: I1f1a8a6c84db4640d6a964dc9402faa9f3425361

Remove conflicting changes in infra. Resolved conflicts in:
- src/codec/SkHeifCodec.cpp
- src/codec/SkJpegCodec.cpp
- src/codec/SkSwizzler.cpp

Use old version of SkEncodedInfo::Make
Remove references to SkEncodedInfo::kXAlpha_Color and ::k565_Color
which are unused by Android.

Also include SafetyNet logging from

Original message follows:

Bug: chromium:897031
Bug: chromium:896776

Prior to this fix, we would treat the output from such a JPEG
as if it were a 16 bit per component RGB PNG. We hit an assert
in debug, but in release mode we do the wrong thing.

Split up SkSwizzler::CreateSwizzler into two public factories
(and a private one) based on whether format conversion is desired.
Without format conversion, we may have already converted (as is
the case with this JPEG), so the SkEncodedInfo::Color is not relevant.
That flavor of the factory just needs to know the bytes per pixel,
so provide that info instead.

Add a test file to Google Storage: apron.jpg, from Chromium's
benchmark files.

Change-Id: Ic8deab8f3639b65b3f6d35e8fe3cb68fd78f04e5
Merged-In: I1f1a8a6c84db4640d6a964dc9402faa9f3425361

Add SafetNet Logging for JCS_RGB jpegs

Bug: 118372692
(cherry picked from commit 41220b678b22b1b4da3603985c1fb03a61dc5fe2)
11 files changed