RESTRICT AUTOMERGE: Fix uninitialized errors in SkPngCodec

Bug: 117838472
Test: Iae4d7f393c892111b12282c5eae31d79912721f9

- Initialize rowsDecoded in SkSampledCodec. Otherwise,
fillIncompleteImage may be called with an uninitialized
value. This change was originally uploaded to AOSP as
- If SkPngCodec hits an error, still transform from the
interlace buffer (if needed) and set rowsDecoded properly.
- Do not copy uninitialized memory from the interlace buffer.
- Make BRD treat kErrorInInput like kIncompleteInput. The two errors
are different for the purposes of incremental decode. For a direct
decode, they're essentially the same - part was decoded, but then
the decode was interrupted. This allows testing images with
errors on the bots without reporting a failure.

Originally uploaded as

- Also includes SkPngCodec SafetyNet logging from

Change-Id: Ie170abf65393feb4edba60aa941f2783fe18cd8b
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