Skia Buildbot Scripts

The scripts in this directory are ported from Skia's buildbot recipes and are intended to run as standalone Python scripts either locally or via Swarming.

How to Run

The scripts can be run by hand, eg:

$ cd infra/bots $ python Build-Ubuntu-GCC-x86_64-Debug ../../out

Or, you can run the scripts via Swarming:

$ isolate archive --isolate-server -i infra/bots/compile_skia.isolate -s ../compile-skia.isolated --verbose --config-variable BUILDER_NAME=Build-Ubuntu-GCC-x86_64-Debug $ run --swarming --isolate-server --dimension os Ubuntu --dimension pool Skia --task-name compile-skia --io-timeout=3600 --hard-timeout=3600 ../compile-skia.isolated