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* Copyright 2015 Google Inc.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef GrContextOptions_DEFINED
#define GrContextOptions_DEFINED
#include "SkTypes.h"
struct GrContextOptions {
: fDrawPathToCompressedTexture(false)
, fSuppressPrints(false)
, fMaxTextureSizeOverride(SK_MaxS32)
, fMaxTileSizeOverride(0)
, fSuppressDualSourceBlending(false)
, fGeometryBufferMapThreshold(-1)
, fUseDrawInsteadOfPartialRenderTargetWrite(false)
, fImmediateMode(false)
, fClipBatchToBounds(false)
, fDrawBatchBounds(false)
, fMaxBatchLookback(-1)
, fUseShaderSwizzling(false) {}
// May be removed in the future, or may become standard depending
// on the outcomes of a variety of internal tests.
bool fDrawPathToCompressedTexture;
// Suppress prints for the GrContext.
bool fSuppressPrints;
/** Overrides: These options override feature detection using backend API queries. These
overrides can only reduce the feature set or limits, never increase them beyond the
detected values. */
int fMaxTextureSizeOverride;
/** If non-zero, overrides the maximum size of a tile for sw-backed images and bitmaps rendered
by SkGpuDevice. */
int fMaxTileSizeOverride;
bool fSuppressDualSourceBlending;
/** the threshold in bytes above which we will use a buffer mapping API to map vertex and index
buffers to CPU memory in order to update them. A value of -1 means the GrContext should
deduce the optimal value for this platform. */
int fGeometryBufferMapThreshold;
/** some gpus have problems with partial writes of the rendertarget */
bool fUseDrawInsteadOfPartialRenderTargetWrite;
/** The GrContext operates in immediate mode. It will issue all draws to the backend API
immediately. Intended to ease debugging. */
bool fImmediateMode;
/** For debugging purposes turn each GrBatch's bounds into a clip rect. This is used to
verify that the clip bounds are conservative. */
bool fClipBatchToBounds;
/** For debugging purposes draw a wireframe device bounds rect for each GrBatch. The wire
frame rect is draw before the GrBatch in order to visualize batches that draw outside
of their dev bounds. */
bool fDrawBatchBounds;
/** For debugging, override the default maximum look-back window for GrBatch combining. */
int fMaxBatchLookback;
/** Force us to do all swizzling manually in the shader and don't rely on extensions to do
swizzling. */
bool fUseShaderSwizzling;